Triplets And Gaining No Weight

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natsaha - April 1

Im 18 years old, i just found out at my first ultra sound that im 9 weeks pregnant with triplets. When i first found out i was pregnant, i weighed 103, when i had my ultra sound i weighed 102, how come im not gaining any weight. has this happened to anyone else???


TripletMom - April 1

As with even a singleton pregnancy weight gain varies. I wouldn't expect you to gain that much weight in the first few weeks. I didn't gain much weight until I was about 16 weeks pregnant and from that point on I gained 40ish lbs.


yetanothertripletmom - April 2

I had severe hyperemesis (morning sickness) and didn't gain any weight. I weighed the exact same the night before I gave birth as I did right before I got pregnant. I don't reccomend that though. Eat as much as you possibly can. Ask your doctor for suggestions on how to gain more weight. Good luck.


Corona - April 2

Not gaining weight is not abnormal. However if you're not gaining weight because you have extreem morning sickness (or like in my case...all day sickness!), you could ask your doctor about diclectin or some other anti-nausia medication that could help reduce it. If you not getting sick as much, you will keep more down & maybe gain some weight in the process! Don't worry too much, your babies will take what they need form you!


onetwothree - April 2

I wouldn't worry about it now. It is very commong not only to not gain but also lose weight in the first trimester. Trust me, soon enough you will wonder when the weight gain will ever end.


natsaha - April 2

thank you all for your advice!!! i havent gotten ANY SICKNES AT ALL THANK GOD.... but ya im probly just not gaining yet cuz its still early, i knew that was normal but with 3 in there i figured i would be gaining like crazy,, i havent checked again yet, but my stomache has grown alot within like a weeek! so i guess thats a good sign. thank you everybody! and good luck.



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