Triplets Or Twins And I M The Only One Who Knows

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KimMcCloud - March 8

Little help from the ladies that have had several single pregnancies, then have had a multiple birth. Here's my situatation. I am 4 months pregnant going on 5 soon. I had an Ultrasound done at what they say was 6 weeks. They saw one baby. As soon as she placed it near my pelvic bone.The Ultrasound was very quick, in the office, and she never moved the doppler (or whatever you call it) left or right. Well I'm sure that baby is there. Because I can feel it right in that location. But I also feel fetus much higher then that. I never wanted to be pregnant let alone with multiples. I have read a lot of the threads about can it be twins?? and most of the questions are based on symtoms, or just a feeling. But here's my plight! I down right, no ifs, ands, buts, or supposes...Fell 3 separate bodies inside of me. They all move at different times and they all have differnt sleep patterns. When one moves it pushes the other out the way. Or makes the other jump. They all feel different too, one flutters, one is a roller, and the other a pusher. I have also been feeling movement since I was about 6 weeks. Too much squishing, bumping, and the feeling of several placenta, or an over amount of fluid. Then to top it off, my uterus is huge (wide and long). I can feel fetal movement from the very bottom of my pelvis all the way to the top, under my br___t, and to the very sides of my stomach. And sometimes the movement is in all directions in every area at every time. So I guess I'm not complaining about symtoms or over sick, but I'm complaining about the reality of what I feel opposed to the one baby the saw sitting in the base of my pelvic area. Also during an Ultrasound I had in Dec. They saw NO baby but reported that I had sevral large folicles in both ovaries and would ovulated from both any minute. But the reality was that I had already ovulated because I was pregnant in Dec. So I'm just hoping someone can give me something before I go nuts before my next ultrasound which they have scheduled 6 weeks from now. Which I will be 22+ weeks. Dummies! Oh and I already have 5 children (single births)


DownbutnotOUT - March 9

I could have sworn i was having twins with my daughter it felt to early for swishing movement and everything but no just one. It could be one even two but also one active baby can make it feel like there is two or three inside. All I can say is good luck at your u/s and I hope it turns out to be the # of babies you want :)


KimMcCloud - March 10

Well thanks for the response. But I wish I could just believe that it is one active baby. It's entirely different then that. I suppose I really can't explain it. I have had 5 pregnancies and 5 births and it's not the same. Although all my pregnancies were different (not 1 alike). This is beyond different. It does not fall into a normal single pregnancy with just an active baby or early movement. And as far as the number of babies I want...well I didn't want any. So I suppose when it's time..all will be revealed. Maybe some people aren't really sensitive or in tune with their bodies. Like a friend of mine said she could never tell when she was pregnant. It took a test to tell her so. And I don't need a test to tell me I'm pregnant, because I can always feel it. I guess I just get discouraged because the only person that ever knows anything about me is me. Just like the doctors told me I was not pregnant with this pregnancy during the first 2 months. And I kept telling them I didn't care "what" their test said, I am pregnant!


Heather F - March 14

good luck, keep us posted! You know, you could go to the emergency room and claim your having stopmach pain and tell them your pregnant and they will do an ultrasound just to be sure.


KimMcCloud - March 14

LOL! My niece did that.


Bahootie - March 14

How about your hcg levels? A lot of women have mentioned those numbers as indicators.


KimMcCloud - March 15

I don't believe I have had levels tested. I had plenty of blood work but I can't say either which way. My doctor is negligent.


carriebug - March 15

If i was you i would call my Doc office and ask if my hcg level was tested ??? if they say yes then you can get that # if not then ask for one... also ask for a u/s .... Always remember you are paying them to provide you a service if you feel like you need one tell them ... its like this, if you went into a resturant and said i would like some pie and they replyed with well i dont think you need it then you would go some place else.. right???? its the same thing with going to a Dr. they work for you ....


Our greatest gift - March 16

Trust how you feel! You know your body.... It really sounds like you are having multiples......


KimMcCloud - March 17

Well I am changing doctors (well office) for this months checkup. Also some fetal advanced medicine center called me..They said something about me being high risk and that my doctor wants me to have another ultrasound and some genitic testing. Probably amniocen. But I'm not doing it. I'll get the U/S though. I think this is because I'm 35. My other 5 children were all born by age 23. So it's been a long time for me.


Heather F - March 19

when is the ultrasound?


Melissa30 - March 19

WOW! You had 5 kids by 23. Were they all single births? I am not trying to nosey, just curious. How old are they now?


KimMcCloud - March 20

Nosey is OK...LOL they are 18, 15, 14, 13, 12. Really close..he he he The Ultrasound is April 11th. I'm sure they will be in for a surprise. They have me at 18 weeks by April 11th. I already look 7 months pregnant..let alone 15 weeks haha!


twins4us - March 21

Kim at 16 weeks the babies are too small for you to feel each one separately....they are 3-5 inches long. Moving at different times still could be one baby. Many moms of multiples may feel continual movement but most can't distinquish which twins/triplet is moving. How exactly are you feeling placentas? How was it that you were pg in Dec yet they saw no gestational sac in your uterus? u/s miss twins about 5% of the time in the first don't really have to move the transducer around as it give a clear pic of the entire uterus at this stage because the uterus is still small.


Lala - March 21

yes, the transducer works such that the whole uterus shows, with the sac inside it.


armywife4life - March 21

I have a question about your "story" you say at the beginning...Little help from the ladies that have had several single pregnancies, then have had a multiple birth. but at the end it says ...Oh and I already have 5 children (single births). This doesnt make sense. Also you state and I quote "I never wanted to be pregnant let alone with multiples." Well you know after 5 kids you should have figured out there is this little new concept called BIRTH CONTROL or having your tubes tied..or what ever...Im sorry but I just find your story hard to believe.


KimMcCloud - March 22

armywife4life - My Goodness. Let me clarify so you will get a better understanding. But you seem to be very judgemental and I thought we were suppose to be helping each other here. At 23 years old I had already had 5 children and getting my tubes tied was not allowed in the state I was in for my age. It could not be done after I had my last child. Also my husband had a vasectomy at the time I was with our 5th child. So I would not get pregnant anymore. We have divorced 2 years ago. I am now remarried and was on 2 types of birth control because I know how fertile I am as I have used Birth control in the past. But I thought with some of the newer ones my chances were better. I had a Depo Provera Shot and used a spermicide. After the 3rd time I had s_x I was pregnant. My husband went away for a month an a half. And I was pregnant by the time he came back from his trip. Now for twins4us..Your statements may be true for you. But how can you determine wether or not I can feel the seperate movement of my babies? Also I felt placenta with my 4th and 5th child. And my doctor said I was very right. I can feel the pumping of nutrients and blood. Aparently I am just very sensitive to the things going on inside of my body. And to be honest, I find it rediculous that I could not feel something 4-5 inches moving around in my body. Especially since my uterus has been stretched 5 previous times and I am more aware what fetal movement feels like. Damn! I was just trying to get some help here!



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