Trying For Twins MD Needs Help

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pthmd - April 21

Hi all, I'm writing to hopefully gain some insight. People on these forums are so knowledgable! I'm an MD, so you'd think i'd actually have the knowlege I need...but I think you guys know alot more than I ever will! So here's my situation. I am pretty much anovulatory, monday i'm going to a reproductive endocrinologist to hopefully be put on clomid (if she won't give it to me, i'm just going to prescribe it for myself!) I was on clomid about 1.5 yrs ago without success, BUT truth be told, my schedule was so crazy that we didn't actually BD on the right days. So, assuming I start provera to get my period and 50mg clomid on days 3-7, what else should I do to increase my chances for twins? Here's what I've gained from the boards so far... low dose aspirin daily mucinex daily pre-seed lubricant but i have questions about a few things i've read... 1) i've read something about epsom salt baths 3x week. what is this supposed to do? 2) my prenatal vitamin has 1000mcg of folic acid. i have a bottle of 400mcg folic acid as well, should i be using these? How much folic acid should I be taking to increase chances for twins? 3) will 100mg of clomid increase my chances vs. 50mg? 4) are there any other supplements i should take (b complex, etc?) Thanks so much for your help!


onetwothree - April 21

It is unethical for DR's to write themselves or their family members any type of prescription and can actually get their licenses revoked. I find it shameful that you are an MD and are asking a public forum about medical advice including questions about folic acid and prenatal vitamins and actually asking strangers what dosage to take. What are you, a vet? Ask your reproductive endocrinologist these questions and stop thinking that a public forum is a place to get expert advice. I hope to God you are no an MD but if you are, you just made a great argument for holistic medicine.


pthmd - April 21

wow. you guys are so helpful. obviously i am talking to the RE about all this...the prescribing myself comment was a joke since so many people seem to buy clomid online (which is their business). why on earth would i make an appt with the RE if not to ask advice? i'm not an ob. i have patients come to me all the time with stuff they've read online, stuff i've never heard of, and the truth is that this causes the me and my colleagues to do research. fact is, we can't know everything about everything. i value what my patients say, even if it's something they read on the internet. you on this forum seem very knowledgeable so I figured i'd see what you said then go to my RE with the info. For example, I've spoken to about 4 of my OB friends, NONE of them have ever heard of the baby aspirin thing. you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS discuss anything you're taking with your doctor.


b__terky - April 21

It amazes me how judgemental people on these boards are. I think it's cool that a doctor would be willing to keep an open mind about this stuff, verses all those doctors that learn what they learn in medical school, then refuse to learn anything else. the prescribing yourself comment was not really funny though, because so many of us on this board try to get our closed-minded doctors to prescribe us clomid and end up purchasing online. but i'm sure you didn't mean it to come out like that. so ANYWAY 1) supposedly epsom salt baths are supposed to stimulate the ovaries. 2) 1000mcg folic acid is what alot of us on these boards take 3) yes, i think 100mg will increase your chances of twins. baby dust!


pthmd - April 21

thanks. i apologize if the clomid joke was inappropriate. i'm not going to be checking this forum anymore, i'll direct my RE to some of the other forums on the net where people aren't so aggressive.


yetanothertripletmom - April 22

Really, the baby aspirin? Think about what it's traditionally prescribed for. Hint: My 75 year old father is on BA. It's not to concieve twins, but aid in another matter. What area of medicine do you practice?


onetwothree - April 22

Could you imagine if you went to an MD that was giving you advice that he/she learned off a public forum? OMG! I have no problem with MDs learning more. In fact I encourage it because God knows they need it. There are just ways to go about learning the truth and getting on a public forum where 80% of the advice is c___p is no place to be. People spread old wives tales as fact a poo poo the studies that show scientific evidence on places like this. You get people from all over the world on these things that still believe the Earth if flat. My DR goes to all the latest science and medical conferences and is up to speed on the newest things. I would fire her in a heart beat if she recommended I do something that she learned of a public forum that isn't followed by any study or regulations and is that could be risking the life of my baby and myself. Good God!


onetwothree - April 22

I also don't take the self prescribing clomid as a joke. There was nothing to indicate she was kidding and I know that doctors and all involved take this sort of thing very seriously. Nothing to joke about, consider or confess at all, especially on a public forum where others could interpret that as "well if an MD is taking it on her own, it should be fine for me". I have to agree with Anna on this about bypa__sing medical advice by stating she is an MD. You would think she would be embarra__sed about not knowing anything. No good MD would suggest such a thing as self prescribing on a pubic forum where they could be traced and caught. Actually, no good MD would even joke about it.


TripletMom - April 23

Clearly, this person is not an MD and just a random person looking to spark controversy, etc.


Corona - April 25

I hope to God she is not a real MD....I hope even more that she doesn't practice in my area!


TripletMom - April 25

Once again ladies - seems as though the teens are invading this forum. Ignore them and they will leave


onetwothree - April 25

Sorry tripletmom, we posted at the same time. You are completely right and actually read my thoughts. The first thing that popped into my mind was "bored little kid out for Spring Break" LOL! Any grownup would see the validity in the responses to the OP and not post such nonsense.


babyloves2play - April 25

pthmd did make one good point. Doctors can't know everything about everything that is why there is such a thing called specialization. Plus new discoveries are coming up every day in the medical field. Research is good but I don't think a forum is the place to get it and it does scare me that she knows nothing about vitamins and aspirin. I learned about that while I was in nursing school.


TripletMom - April 25

Hi onetwo3, I guess it provides a little humor to this forum. Too bad that someone might actually believe this person and take their advice - scary thing.



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