Trying To Get Pg With Twins Triplets Or More Is Insand

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concerned4yougirls - November 2

and just not responsible. You have no idea the complications you could be facing. A high risk pregnancy, bed rest, preterm delivery, problems with your children yes even death. Be happy with one baby. do not do this to your body if you do not have to. I am so lucky to be the mom of healthy triplets, however my close friends are not so lucky they have to explain every time someone says how cute twins that no actualy they are triplets, their brother is an angel. or a second set I know that one is blind, due to being so premature. Please look into what you are doing to yourself and your children. I was on clomid for three years, yes my dr was insane. i moved changed drs and was told that it was very dangerous to be on clomid and not be monitored, risky in fact. I was monitored but not as closely as I should have been. Now I have constant pain in my ovariers for them being overstimulated for so long. why are you doing this to yourself and do you have any idea the challanges you fase as a hom parent. I love my babies and would not trade them for anything. But had I had the option yes I would have had them one at a time and yes drug free. 20 weeks of bedrest, strict bedrest for me, four of which in the hospital (imagine that hospital bill) my babies spent 40 days in the NICU, they have pt come to the house once a week still and they are almost three years old. We can go no where from October to May because of risk of infection.


Insane is not the right word - November 2

insane does not even come close to what these women are. Stupid is more like it


mama-beans - November 2

I think more accurate description is obsessed.. These women don't want to hurt their babies, they just ignore the information available as to HOW they are potentially hurting their babies. They claim to be making an informed decision, but really, if they REALLY knew what they were asking for, knew what they were risking on behalf of their CHILDREN, no SANE person would continue down this road. I think many of them are so caught up in how "cool" it would be to be a multiples mom. Or they make up fake reasons why they can only have one more pregnancy, convincing themselves that that is a good enough reason for their decision.. when the truth of the matter is, if they DID have a REAL reason for wanting multiples, etc, their doctor would back them up, support them, and they could do this safely ( as far as possible, anyway) and legally.


Anne - November 8

Carrying twins is not easy either. It's one of the hardest things I've done.


TripletMom - November 8

"anne" - I dont think anyone said that carrying twins wasn't easy - but carrying triplets (in most cases) is harder, as would be the case w/quads, quints, etc. You must have had a difficult pregnancy - continued health to you! I had an amazing pregnancy w/my triplets - no problems at all, thank God - but I also dont complain a lot and have a high pain threshold.



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