TTC Twins Multiples W Clomid

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LindaS - March 2

Hi ladies! The other thread is getting extremely long now...going on 400 posts soon,lol! Anyway, no judging here. If you are TTC twins/multiples using clomid, then this is your spot to post. If you've succeeded in your journey, please do post here as well. It's hard to keep up around here, so let's help each other. BABY DUST TO ALL!!!


LindaS - March 2

Ok ladies. After our m/c of our twins, we are trying again. I just started a "regular" cycle yesterday after 4 days of brown spotting. This is NOT normal for me(brown spotting before period) but it turned red first thing yesterday morning. So, today is CD2. I am taking my clomid this time on CD2-6 at 100mg. The pathology report said our placentas with the twins were immature. So, I'm hoping that the higher dosage will help with that issue. I wont say clomid was the reason for our conceiving twins though, as this was not my first multiples pregnancy. I am also a frat twin myself, so this increases my chances too. On my mom's side, her grandpa was one of a set of triplets(spontaneous), as was another set of twins to his parents....also, my mom's cousins are twins,etc. So, who the heck knows,lol!! Fill me in ladies! What's going on with you? Where are you in your cycle? Who has conceived twins already and who's waiting to find out? Baby dust to all!!! ~~~~


Krissy68 - March 4

LindaS - I am keeping my fingers cross for you. Well I am still ttcing and I have been for over 20 months. I have went and seen the RE on Monday and of course he is pushing IVF which is out of the question because I can't afford it and I am not going to try and say that I can. I was wondering how did you get your clomid. The RE wouldn't even give me any and now I can't get my gyn to give me any as well. I was thinking about seeing if any of the ladies have any left over and I would buy from them or just order them but not sure of the website. As of right now I am currently on cd 12 and I am not doing anything this cycle. I am only taking my temp and that is it not using th opk and all that I will try and bd at least every other day. I will keep you updated and you do the same. Krissy68


LindaS - March 4

Hi Krissy. I'm so glad you're posting with me :) Thank you for crossing fingers for me, I of course am doing the same for you. I've followed a lot of your journey, and each time I see you've posted on something, I automatically think "this is it! It's her BFP!!". I just wanted you to know that I think about you daily and can't wait for you to share good news!! As for the clomid....I bought mine online. My doctor is way too conservative to RX it. He didn't want us to have s_x for months after my m/c...I'm not kidding's always, well, come back and see me in 3 weeks and we'll see what's happening but NO s_x at all until you see me. Then the next time I go, it's hmm, well, come back and see me in 3 weeks...and NO s_x...yadayada. You get the idea. I don't blame you at all for not getting involved in an expensive endeavor such as ivf if you already know you can not afford it. I would try to cut back/down on things that you are taking. For instance, I had been taking Vit C, B6, RRL capsules, baby aspirin and clomid the first month...nothing happened except some painful week-long ovulation pains that doubled me over. The second month, I dropped everything except the baby aspirin, clomid, and mucinex....I got pregnant that cycle with my twins. I've tried (prior to clomid) FUR, Vit C, B6, RRL capsules, baby aspirin, mucinex, had my DH on vitamins and L-Arginine etc...I think it boiled down to "too much was too much". I had to start dropping them from my daily regime, one at a time. We were on our 19th cycle (going on 20th) when we conceived our twins. Now, starting back where we left off again I suppose. I hope you have a BFP on a natural cycle this month Krissy. I am always thinking about all of you ladies here and hoping we can be a board full of pregnant women together :)


april28 - March 17

LindaS: Good luck this month, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Krissy: I purchased my clomid online. Its in an orange blister pack with clomiphene citrate on it. I have plenty left over if your interested. So here is my story.. My hubby and I decided to start ttc and we thought that twins would be a wonderful addition to our family. We married last november, he has one 6 year old daughter and I have one 4 year old daughter. So I purchased clomid online. I accidentally placed duplicate orders and received 60 50mg tabs in the mail. I took 100 mg cd 3-7 in february. I tried using opks but never got a positive. My husband and I continued to bd every day to every other day. I was getting impatient with the two week wait and started hcg testing early. Finally last week we got a faint BFP. I took three tests, all positive. So I had my first Dr appt today. I didnt tell the dr that I used clomid. He said everything looked fine and schedualed my for an US in three weeks. I am so excited and cannot wait to see how many lil beans I have. I will keep everyone up to date. Baby dust to all!!


jusdee - March 18

april28 that is wonderful!! im so happy for you! have a very happy and healthy pregnancy!!!!!!


ptlsmama - March 18

Did anyone get their pills and they came in blister packs and were orange scored tablets???They say clomifene citrate...


Gna - March 18

ptlsmama: I find it very interesting that you are posting this question. Considering that in another post you offered some of your "Orange Pills" to another poster, and I asked you if they were legit because the one's I ordered were Orange as well. Then you responded saying your Pharmacist checked them out and they were indeed Clomid pills. So, I'm wondering if you were lying. Obviously you are. And I can't for the life of me figure out why you would? Personally, that is just a very c___ppy thing for you to do. For the record. I took my Orange coated "Clomid" (if that's what they were) pills on CD5 - CD9. I O'd 5 days later. But I don't think I pg this month, because of other reasons. I did however, because I am distrustful of the Orange coated pills, order some more pills from a different company. These are the round white pills, and have a 50 on one side. They're generics, and say Fertomid-50, Clomifene Tablets BP, 50mg, Clomifene Citrate BP - 50mg on the blister pack. I feel a LITTLE more comfortable with these pills and will take them CD3 - CD7 of my next cycle. Does anyone (Besides the lying ptlsmama) have any experience with these pills?


april28 - March 18

My pills are not orange coated. They are white and small and look exactly like the google pic shows except mine are not stamped with anthing. Now the blister pack itself is orage with the words clomiphene citrate on it. I was a little worried but after doing a google search found a pic just like the ones that I have including the packaging/blister pack. I dont think I have ever seen orange colored clomid pics on my google searches. Of course, that doesnt mean that they are not out there.


april28 - March 18

jusdee- Thank you!! I'm hoping all goes well. For some reason I'm having that "oh c___p" feeling but I read in a book that this feeling is normal even when you planned for conception. I think that I will feel better once I have the sono and confirm that I dont have a litter. lol


HoPe - March 18

congrats to those who are pregnant and got there BFPs! thats awsome news, gives us all hope! i am on cd 2 today, will start clomid 50mg 2nd round on cd5 saturday the 21st, this time me and dh hav decided not to stress about it. thanks for all of you for keeping us all updated! hope


ptlsmama - March 18

I did take them to be checked and have also been taking them, I was only asking to see if anyone else got the same ones because I keep hearing only about the white ones....Just need to be ugly...


LindaS - March 18

Good luck to all of us this month! April~ I don't blame you for being nervous at all love! I'm nervous with using the 100mg this time too. Last time on 50mg I conceived twins, though I've naturally conceived twins several times already and had one where only one of the twins was born....she's almost 7 years old now :) Please keep us posted darlin'. I have been using OPK's for the first time ever. I received them through the mail on CD 11 and used one that afternoon and that evening. Each day I've used 2 and thankfully I did, as I got a not so close to matching the control line in the early afternoon and a BLAZING DARKER than the control line at 10:55 PM that night. This was CD is CD 18. So, I am 1 DPO today :) I hope we get pregnant with a healthy pregnancy this month! This is my wish for each of us *hugs*. How are you all doing today? I hope all is great. Gna ~ I ordered mine from mexmeds dot com and they are 50mg each, white, and came in a white box in blister packs. I think I ordered 30 of them for about 45.00 or so...something close to that anyway. It's been a while since I ordered them, so I could be off a little on the amount,lol! I wish you luck sister! I know ordering from out of country can make one suspicious of the product. However, before I ordered mine, I actually read from so many of the ladies on here about their orders and pregnancies that I was comfortable with buying and taking them. I've never seen orange ones in my search either, but that does not mean they don't exist...only that I did not see those where I searched. Baby dust to all~~~


jusdee - March 18

lol ya april i so remeber that feeling! please keep me updated!!


Krissy68 - March 19

april28 - we can talk privately if you want here is my email kris dot neely at march dot af dot mil. Krissy68


HoPe - March 21

ptlsmama: how are you? everyone, whats up, hows it going? i start my pill tonight, cd 5, clomid 50mg, 2nd round.


LindaS - March 22

Ooh, Hope, I am staying positive for you darlin' as my second round was the lucky one with clomid. I'm sending positive energy and baby dust your way!! *HUGE hugs*



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