Twin And Triplet Moms

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luvmytwins - December 16

I was wondering if you would share your hcg levels. I have twin boys from clomid who are 21 months old and my numbers were always off the charts with them. But these numbers are more than double the high end of the "normal range". At 6 weeks my numbers were 117,653. Normal range for 6 weeks is 1080-56,500. Could you please let me know how many babies you have also. I have an ultrasound in a few days, but I just wanted to compare my numbers with others and get some opinions on if anyone thinks I may be having more than twins this time. Thanks ladies!


sarah35 - December 16

1-2 months: 5,000-200,000 mIU/ml these numbers i found based on a singleton.... this sounds like where you are.... Was this pregnancy Clomid too??? I have two singleton..... trying for #3 or #3and 4:-) . clomid 150mg cd2-6.... waiting to O. have a happy and healthy 9 mos:-)


luvmytwins - December 16

Yes, this was Clomid also. 100mg days 1-5 with 1700mg Metformin. With my twins I did 100mg days 2-6 with 1700mg Metformin. The thing is there are normal ranges by week rather than 1-2 month, whcih can be a huge range like what you found.At 7 weeks the range can go up to 229,000.....with my boys I was at 289,000 at that point. I have checked other sites where people have posted their levels and my levels are right there with other twin and triplet moms. With my boys the levels were always off the charts but not more than double like these numbers are. I have done 150mg before and ended up with severe OHSS. Then my 6th Dr, finally recomended Metformin and dropped my dose to 100mg clomid. Good luck with this cycle. How long did it take you with number 1 and 2? My ultrasound is on Wed.


sphinx - December 17

I never even had my HCG measured throughout my entire twin pregnancy. Is that odd? I conceived twins naturally and we found out right away because they did a v____al ultrasound because of excessive cramping (and history of miscarriage) The twins are now 14months old.


luvmytwins - December 19

UPDATE>>>>>> It's Triplets!!! Saw the heartbeats and I am going in for a more detailed scan on the 28th to make sure there isn't more than 3.


montie75 - December 27

WOW, triplets!! Congrads!! I can't imagine the wave of emotion you are feeling. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with twins and starting to get nervous of their upcoming birth. I wish you nothing but the best for you and the triplets!!! Please keep us all posted, I would love to follow your story. God Bless.


yumymumy - December 27

WOW congrats your a twin and triplet mum thats so lucky


LittleLinda - December 28

WOW! Congrat's on your triplet pregnancy, that's amazing. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Please Keep us posted on your progress. Take care of yourself and them little belly beans. Linda xoxo


luvmytwins - February 2

Thank you. Hi everyone, it's been a while so I thought I would update you all on the pregnancy. I am 14 weeks 2 days and everything is going great. The babies are doing fine and are moving like crazy. I felt them a lot earlier than I did my boys. I am measuring 26 weeks. I have an appt this month and am hoping my Dr. will take a peek at the genders....we'll see! I had very minimal MS and wouldn't have believed that I am pregnant other than the fact that my uterus is growing very quickly. It's not at all what I thought carrying triplets would be like. I am seeing my Dr. once month until I hit 20 weeks then once every 2 weeks(unless anything comes up in between visits). I will be put on bedrest at 28 weeks and my Dr. is hoping to get me to 35 weeks. I have ultrasounds at every appt and big scans(3 hrs) at the hospital once a month, plus I see a Perinatologist at 24 weeks for fetal echos(since I have genetic structural heart problems).


Liz123 - February 5

Congrats with your triplets. I am a mom of triplets who are now almost 2 months old. If you every feel like talking let me know! Good luck with the pregnancy and enjoy it!


luvmytwins - February 5

Yes I would love to talk. But I don't know how to contact people personally on here, is it possible? Or a way to exchange emails?



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