Twin Fetal Movement

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laura - July 5

i am 15 weeks pregnant with twins and still don't feel movement . iam anxious to feel something soon.


rebecca - July 8

I am 23 weeks pregnant with twins and definitely feel more movement on the left than on the right. The ultrasound (at 19 weeks) and my checkups indicate that everything is OK but it always worries me. The twin on the left is the low lying one, and I wonder if the placenta is on the right side, blocking the feeling of movement?


sarah - July 27

I am nearly 19 weeks pregnant with twins. first time. Totally not sure about what is going on. I thought i felt something at 14 weeks, then its quiet then I think i feel something but I too had the concern of possibly feeling one more than the other but I wouldn;tw woory. It looks like everyone is feeling the same. Mine are quiet atthe mo and it makes me panic!!! xx


Jerilynn - July 28

I am now 28 weeks. 2 boys. I have a 14 yr old son and a 6 1/2 yr old daughter at home-- the twins don't move like the other two did when I was pregnant with them. I worry alot but when I see the ultrasounds or heart the heart beats it proves how much they actually are moving around and it relieves my mind.


sally - July 29

i am now 31 weeks pregnant with twins and i didnt feel mine move at all untill i was 22 weeks i wouldnt worry one off them may be abit smaller than the other give it time if you are really concerned then ask your midwife for an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok


dawnb - August 11

Hi, I am 20 weeks tomorrow with non identical twins. I am also worried about the movements of the babies. I have felt the baby on the right kick about 8 times, baby on left only 2 times. I think I feel flutters but unsure, yesterday it felt like building work was going on in my belly. I have my 20 week scan next week and am anxious to hear the doctors give the all clear, this time in my life is like a rollercoaster. I will not be happy until they are hear, even then I will find something to worry about!


sarah - August 13

me again. i am now 20 weeks/ 21 and i have the 20 week scan next week too. Still concerned about movememnt. I'm not even sure what I feel! I think I feel them move but its not a kick its more like a tweak or that fine line feeling of a st_tch but quickly. Is that them do you think? I have one move more than theother too (if they move) but thats because i know one likes to hang out right down at the bottom! crazy stuff. No rest is there! you think about them constantly! x good luck all.


dawnb - August 13

Hi Sarah. Well your not alone on the way your feeling. I can say that yesterday I felt alot of movement at the bottom of my belly. My partner even felt it (exciting). But the worry is still there. I too feel more movement from one then the other. Are you going to find out the s_x next week. Are these your first babies?


sarah - August 14

Hi Dawn! I now don't even think I have felt them! Maybe just recently little thuds but nothing definite! grrrr. Yep, these are my first! And you? Its all so great but I can't wait to feel the kicks. Thats brill about you and your partner both feeling it. I can't wait til mine does! Its just a whole lot of 'can't wait' isn't it! I'm not gonna find out the s_x. Its the only surprise left. The pregnancy was a surprise, then the twins, then we got engaged so we'll hang on to this surprise! Though I'm mightily tempted. What about you? Goodluck xx


dawnb - August 15

Hi sarah, Yes i am going to find out if the are boy/girl. I need to prepare way in advance. But I can understand why you wouldnt want to find out. Gives you a reason to push harder, to reveal the great surprise. Why dont you e-mail me directly and we can share each others experience's. my email is [email protected] When is your due date? Mine is Dec 30th. Spk to you soon


sarah - August 15

Hello dawn again! I'm at [email protected] n comparing notes would be great. I understand the urge to know. It'll be tough to withhold on thursday (scan date)!! I want to know more than my partner does - the same as you, preparation is key with two on the way! When is your scan date? My due date is december 26th so we're pretty close- but of course twins can be early escapees as it were!! spk soon x s


nitha - August 16

give me the answer for the above question


Monique - August 18

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and I think I feel the baby moving..I have and ultrasound tomorrow morning...


sarah - August 19

hello all...dawn i will email you. Just wanted to say i had my scan and the babies are moving lots! Both ok so far! i think I have felt them moving now. It's like little thumps, so maybe i did feel little sensations before but didn't trust it was them. So anyway, its like someone patting you inside and is so cute. Also felt like a turning over sensation. Just the once though. Good luck everyone with your scans. x


MIchelle - August 20

Hi Everyone! Thank you for starting this thread! I feel so much better after reading other people's experiences. I'm 20 (almost 21) weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins (due Jan. 2nd). I have just started feeling some movement the past couple days. I don't know when you can tell (if you ever can) which twin is moving. I have a 2 1/2 year old and I felt him move so much earlier and so much more frequently. I asked my doctor about this and he said that you would think that you would feel twins move earlier, but you typically don't. It's so hard waiting in between my appointments to make sure they are both okay. Luckily my doctor's office makes mother's expecting twins come in every two weeks and have ultrasounds every 4 weeks. Thank you all again so much for sharing your experiences. You have helped me relax a lot!!


lisa - August 20

I started feeling movement @ 8 wks, Ife was less active than her sister Chahna.



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