Twin Fetal Movement

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lisa - August 20

I started feeling movement @ 8 wks, Ife was less active than her sister Chahna.


michelle - August 21

I am almost 36 weeks pregnant with twin boys.This is my second pregnancy and i do not feel the twins as much as i did my first son, i also feel more movement on the right where baby B is. It also seems that the further along in my pregnancy i get the less i feel them and the more back pain i get.Oh and heart burn is the worst at this point i can't eat or drink anything without getting it and sleep well i get a few hours at a time....ha ha


sarah - August 22

hi all great to hear all the experiences. I feel the baby on the right more as well. haven't got to the heart burn stage yet! i'm sure i will all in good time, oh joy! x oh and michelle- you get ultra sounds every four weeks?? wow. I just had my 20 week scan ( i was 22 weeks today) and they said they wouldn't see me til the birth??!! I was a bit miffed because i thought they kept more of an eye on you, and surely to see how they are growing? How big have evryone's been at 20-22 weeks?? has there been much variation in size?? Thanks all.


julie - August 22

I'm 38 weeks pregnant, but still have movement at night, does this mean that I wont be going into labour anytime soon


Michelle - August 22

Sarah-Are your twins identical or fraternal? I'm surprised they aren't planning on any more ultrasounds for you. It is normal practice for twin pregnancies to have scans every 4 weeks at my doctor's office. The biggest reason is to monitor their growth. They have to make sure that they are both staying around the same size. I thought they also did ultrasounds more toward the end to determine if the either baby is breech or not (to help decide what kind of delivery). I asked the doctor today why I could feel the one on my right side more and he said it was simply their position. I'm also curious about belly size. The doctor told me that I'm measuring small for twins (he said my uterus is not much bigger than a singleton pregnancy). I asked him if this was a concern and he said no. My ultrasounds show that they are the proper size for my gestation. They haven't said anything about my weight gain. I guess I'm gaining enough. I forgot to ask today at my Dr.'s appoint. so does anyone know how much weight you are suppose to gain a week or month?


Marcy - August 23

I'm 22 weeks pregnant with twins and have been feeling them move for about a month this is my first pregnancy so i don't know when you feel others start to move. The doctor doesn't tell me about my weight or anything I'm in the process of finding a new doctor because I don't feel like they tell me anything important. I'm surprised u have utlrasounds every 4 weeks I think I would feel a lot better about things if they did them that often, I have only had 2 like a single pregnancy.


April - August 24

I have had one ultrasound at eleven weeks to determine due date and fetal heartbeat, when they discovered I was carrying twins. I too have had many concerns about this pregnancy. I will be 19weeks tomorrow, and cannot wait for my next ultrasound! Just to make sure that everything is ok. I have felt movement but it is not very regular. I cannot tell the difference between one baby or the other though. My movement is kind of all over. Is anyone elses like that? My last doctor appt. they heard two heartbeats though so that was comforting. I also opted to not do the triple screen test am I the only one?


dawnb - August 24

Hi, I read that some of you are getting ultrasounds very far and few between. I am 22 weeks and as of 20 wks my doctor is having me scanned every 3 weeks to monitor there growth. I dont see the midwife at my GP unless I choose to make an apointment. But I usually wait for my hospital appointments if i dont have any problems. How often is everyone getting scanned/


sarah - August 24

hello... my twins are fraternal. Maybe thats why i'm not having any more scans? I thought they checked later though as well, to see where they are positioned- at about 34 weeks. Mine were 18.9cm and 19cm at 21+3? so I guess thats ok...grrr who knows eh! Regarding the movement I feel kicks in the same place now. I don't think I can tell which is which, only I know one has big feet and one has small feet! Some thumps are big and squishy, the others delicate! i def feel more on my right lower side and right top side. Not much on the left at all. Marcy, I have only had 3 scans- v. much like a singleton, one was early as I have pcos so they weren't sure about my cycle. I can't believe they don't want to see me til the birth crumbs! what has everyone else been told? Michelle I don't know about how much weight you are supposed to put on. All in all i heard/ read it was between 25-45 llbs? I just know that eating fat is sometimes good and all the rules about watching the weight are out the window! Joy! I've always had a tummy so i don't know - but every woman is different! April what a triple screen test?


April - August 24

The triple screen test is when they draw blood to look for any birth defects. One thing I have read that is interesting is the fact most mothers have felt the most movement of the right side and mine seems to move the most on the left side. I do not get my next ultrasaound until I am 26 weeks and I would love to have one sooner!


dawnb - August 24

My twins are fraternal aswell, I guess each doctor works different. I have also opted out of the triple scan.


Claudie - August 30

Hi ladies, I am 18wks today with twins, The thing is a bought a tickect to a 9hour flying destination long b4 i knew it was twins... I have been will minor illnesses... but the twins themselves are always doing fine... i was told illnesses might be due to my body size... so i was wondering do you think by going on this trip i might be in danger or even my little ones... oh and i have the thing too the baby on the left is more active than the one on the right... but both are equal in size heart beats 160 each... so what do you think?


dawnb - August 30

claudie, I think your question will be one only your doctor should answer. From a personnal point of view, I would not fly with my own pregnancy. Have you spoke with your doctor yet?


Jo - September 6

Wow, it's so rea__suring reading all the responses. I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins and have felt no movement and feel I am quite "small" for twins. I am not really showing yet. With my first baby he was so active although I don't think I felt him move until 19 weeks. I thought I would be bigger with twins and also feel them move a lot earlier. Am definately more "anxious" and worried with this pregnancy ... just hang out for my doctor appt to make sure it's all okay. It's nice to know everyone else feels worried about stuff too. :)


APRIL - September 7

I am now a day short of 21 weeks and boy do I feel more movement than I did a couple of weeks ago! I just had a question about ultrasounds. I had one about 11 weeks when twins were discovered, and I will not get another one until I am about 26 weeks this seems like it's kind of late? Then I am not sure when I will get them after that. They said for this next one they may do a level 2 or 3 ultrasound which I guess is 3-D to get a better picture of there growth and development. Is anyone else having an ultrasound like that done?


sarah - September 7

Hi all, wow April 3d scan would be great! i had one at 10 weeks- when they were spotted, as it were but too small to measure so I had another one at 12 weeks and then one at 21 weeks. This whole scan thing confuses me. i think the 20 week scan is cla__sed between 20 and 25 weeks so maybe 26 isn't so unusual? I know it seems like a life time to wait. I had a 21 weeks scan and they told me they didn't want to see me til the birth- i found that v. odd! x



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