Twin Fetal Movement

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sarah - September 7

Hi all, wow April 3d scan would be great! i had one at 10 weeks- when they were spotted, as it were but too small to measure so I had another one at 12 weeks and then one at 21 weeks. This whole scan thing confuses me. i think the 20 week scan is cla__sed between 20 and 25 weeks so maybe 26 isn't so unusual? I know it seems like a life time to wait. I had a 21 weeks scan and they told me they didn't want to see me til the birth- i found that v. odd! x


APRIL - September 7

Well it eases my mind some that 26 weeks is not that far off. I have another doctor's appointment next week and maybe they will up the ultrasound date. Sarah I cannot believe they are not going to give you more ultrasounds, how many weeks are you now? Maybe it is a good sign though that they figure both are doing just fine and no more are needed! I still think you can't help but worry!


dawnb - September 7

Hello everyone, just though I would update you on my prego. I went for a scan on monday and they found less fluid in one sac then the other. Today I had another scan by a consultant and was advised that both babies are ok. There is a slight difference in the amount of fluid and they will keep an eye on it but everything is ok. U am scanned every 2 weeks until the 3rd trimester which will then be every week. I am also going for a 3d/4d scan Sept 22nd. cant wait!!!


sarah - September 8

Wow, dawn... do the nhs pay for the 3d/4d scan. I am off to the docs today so i will ask for more scans grrrrr- funny ole game this! x


APRIL - September 8

I was just reading over the things and I had a question. When you talk about feeling movement lets say in the 21-22 week time period how often. Like for a couple of hours and then all is quiet for a couple of hours? And at this stage what does anyone remember it feeling like an push or a jerk? I feel movement mostly down low. I wonder about how big length wise the babies are at this point in time?


dawnb - September 8

hiya, no NHS are not paying for the 3d/4d scan. I am going to innervision in Warrington. They are the cheapest and come highly reccommended. Check out there website! About the movements. At 20 weeks I was feeling flutters, like bubbles in my lower belly. They do come and go. Now I am 24 weeks and I have proper jerks and kicks. I feel then and see them. Sometimes I dont feel them move round for a couple of hours then they start again. If I get worried that I have not felt them I gently feel my belly and will get a response more often then not. But at the start it elt like gases but it was different.


sarah - September 8

I didn't feel anything that was totally definite til 21 weeks and then it was a bit like wind only under my ribs and bigger! Now I am 24 +3 and I feel jerks and thumps and a lovely turning over thing thats a bit like being on a funfair ride but in a specific area. but they def go quiet and then active but this is perfectly normal so I'm told! x i guess they rest and then jig around and at this stage it depends on where they are as to where we feel them. Theres still a lot of space for them to explore!


APRIL - September 8

Thanks so much for your responses on movements! It is comforting to know that I am normal! I also feel like my hormones are going crazy! Sometimes I love my husband and other times I hate him! I have just been terribly emotional. I hope it is not just me! I also seem very puffy with this pregancy my feet get pretty swollen and I am not sure if this is normal. Also, I feel tired quite a bit still and can fall asleep very early. Am I the only one?


dawnb - September 8

Hi April. Think yourself lucky if you can sleep. My sleeping patterns are all over the place. Dont worry your not a nutcase. I am a bit snappy with my partner too. Just remember men have no idea what we are going through and they never will. They couldnt cope with pregnancy, we have the upper hand on this one. haa haa.


sarah - September 9

hi april you are soooo totally normal. i have been feeling great and then today I'm mrs humpy and can't be bothered, tired and very grrrr. Just think we have TWO babies- that means double size and double hormones. This is a huge change we are going through so don't panic at all. Just ride the emotioal rollercoaster! Ho ho easier said than done I know! x


APRIL - September 9

Today I am still kind of crabby, but it's Friday, YEAH! I have felt a lot of movement today so far and I love it! I just wonder which one is making all the commotion in there! It is just so amazing to think that there are two. My due date is Jan 20th (40wks), but my doctor told me to plan around the middle of December. I just cannot wait to see what the ultrasound picture will look like next! My last one was at 11 weeks and my next one is at 26wks. Does anyone know if you can see them both at the same time? My doctor told me that it is very dificult to tell if they are fraternal or identical just by looking at the placenta, and since we do not want to find out the s_xes I just cannot wait until they are here safe and sound!!!!


dawnb - September 9

Hi April, on my 20 week scan I saw both of them at the same time, but only because one was using his brothers tummy as a pillow. I have since had another scan and only see one at a time. My twins are faternal so both have their own placentas.


claire - September 16

Thank you Sarah You eased my mind. I am 20 weeks and only feel the little flutters here and there. I've had a couple of kicks so far, but I do get that roller coaster ride feeling like one is turning over. It's great to know someone else has the same kind of feeling. Good luck


Angela - September 20

i have had a successfull twin pregnancy and yes it does feel as though 1 is moving more than the other but my midwife pointed out that they are so close together its hard to say if 1 is moving more than the other it does depend on how they are laying too my baby on the left seemed to move more but later on believe me you will definitly feel both! best of luck


APRIL - September 21

Hello everyone! I am now 22wk5d and I am getting huge. I am not a tiny person anyway, but my doctor (a male) is really on me about my weight. I have already gained 30 pounds! Does anyone have any suggestions on how you keep your weight in check?


to april - September 21

I gained 50 pounds by week 26 -- my doctors told me this was healthy. I ate as healthy as possible -- just lots of food....I think a weight gain is pretty much expected, especially with twins -- the babies need the good nutrition.



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