Twin Fetal Poles 6w4d Only One Heartbeat

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PlasticOstrich - January 16

I had an ultrasound at 6w4d, and saw two fetal poles, one larger with good heartbeat and blood flow, the second with no heartbeat or blood flow. My OB said to expect the second twin to reabsorb by the next scan. I am grateful for one healthy baby, but I still hold some hope for the second baby. My healthy singleton daughter, now 18 months old, only showed a hb at 7 weeks. My next scan is in 5 weeks. Any comments?


PlasticOstrich - January 16

What I'd like to know is if anyone else had a similar situation, and did it resolve itself?


Tenk - January 16

I'm sorry about the twins that were to be, I am very happy for you and your wee babe tho. I've never been pregnant with twins so I can't comment on that, but I did want to ask you, can you tell me the day you did O on clomid? The first round I O'd on day 17 and got pregnant then miscarried, now it's day 18 already and I've not O'd yet. I'm worried that I haven't O'd yet and it's this late with clomid and all I thought it was supposed to force O earlier??? So can you tell me the day you O'd, I thought you said it was late in the cycle right?


PlasticOstrich - January 16

I ovulated very late. I had a progesterone test on day 22, and was told I did not ovulate. But, I did get pregnant that cycle. I must have ovulated after day 22? With my daughter, who was conceived naturally, I know I ovulated after day 20, so maybe its just my cycle.


Jand baby J - January 25

I am going through the same thing right now. I had bleeding though, in the 5th week, doctor did an ultrasound and it showed 1 yolk sac. Went back a week later and there were 2 yolk sacs 1 strong heartbeat and one fluttering just a bit. He said the other twin my be reabsorbed


PlasticOstrich - January 27

6 weeks is still early J&J. I'll hold thumbs for you. Good wishes for your pregnancy! I have an ultrasound appointment on Feb 28th, so I'll be just over 13 weeks. By then, they should she exactly what's happening.


samehere - January 27

I lost a twin to VTS at 11 weeks and my body did take care of it. If you are asking if it may be too early to call it VTS, it might be, so I believe it could go either way. Were the twins measuring the same?


PlasticOstrich - January 28

The one with a heartbeat was larger, but not by a huge margin.


PlasticOstrich - February 21

I just got back from the OB (got an earlier appointment), and there's definitely one baby in there! Very healthy, jumping everywhere. I thought I'd be disappointed, but I was actually very relieved. The doc seemed keen on trying VBAC, so that also has me excited.


Lcoots - March 27

I think anything is possible, since the one could just be a few days behind and not showing up yet. I cannot offer you any hope though, I lost my 3 yr old dd's twin at 6 weeks. Ther were 2 sacs, 2 fetal poles but only 1 baby. I had had a gush of red blood the day before the u/s. My body did reabsorb the twin. I do hope you get a miracle. WOW 5 weeks is a long time to make you wait..



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