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shay - February 5

is bryan and cecelia a good name for twin boy and girl


Kay - February 11

I LOVE the name Cecelia. Its cute and feminine. Bryan isnt one of my favorite names but I must agree that the two go along good together. How did you come up with those two names?


jackie - February 17



zutell007 - February 28

how about chloe and christian?


sarah - March 1

chloe - leigh and chelsea - louise


Lulu - March 2

I don't know. I'm just not sure they go together. I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I a__sume you want an honest opinion.


rion - March 2

I like the name Cecilia, but I'm not so sure about Bryan. Does it have any significance?


Michaela - March 2

My friend she recently gave birth to twins they were boy and girl she named them: Caleb and Kaelyn (notich the k sound at the beginning of their names)


kathy - March 3

I like your choices. Nice names, without the whole cute twin thing. Had a friend who named hers Taylor and Tyler - I'm sure that will get old quick. I think it's best to give them more individual names rather than naming them as a set. They are two seperate people, after all.


Taylor - March 13



nina - March 23

It is alright but it is kind of "old scool." But they are cute names.


Mary Lois - April 16

Its okay.. but I really like the names Logan and Victoria


LaRa - April 19

Shay, They're fine but I really think twins should take either names starting with the same letter or having the same amount of syllabusses, and yours don't. I don't know why, I think: if people are going to ask what's THEIR names as if they are one (which they aren't but that unsensitive people do not understand) and they are going to be together, they should match at least a bit (this in my opinion, I'm kind of a maniac with names). So, if you name the boy Bryan, then you can name the girl Bianca/Brook/Belinda... Or, if you'd rather name the girl Cecilia, you might name the boy Cullen/Colin/Christopher or even Lysander (has 3 syllabuses and sounds similar). Anyway, congratulations! You can contact me on: [email protected]


A - April 20

I am a twin and our names are Angela and Nathan. We like that our names didn't ryme or start with the same letter. You twins will like it better if they don't as well. Name them as 2 separate children, as if they were different pregnancies.


Misty - May 11

I just found out that i am carrying twins. This is my fourth pregnancy and a huge shock. I like your names alot and I'm sure that you struggled to come up with those as much as i struggled to come up with Savannah and Sawyer. Some people dont want the names to begin the same but maybe I'm a little old-fashioned. Your names you chose will be perfect for your bundles of joy


Angelina - May 17

I LOVE Cecilia, but Bryan is a popular name from the 80's that makes it seem very dated. Go with something that reflects upon something in your life, like where you're from or a place you've been or a flower you like or your family's nationalities. If I ever have a girl, we'll probalby have her middle name as Celeste, which was my husband's mother's name. My ancestors are Irish and Czech amongst other things, so I like names like Fiona, Niamh, Catriona,Sophia, etc..


Shanna - May 24

I like the name Bryan. I don't think it is dated.



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