Twin Pregnancy And Lots Of Headaches

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tuckys - August 16

HI, I am currently 15 weeks pregnant with twins by IVF but I get a lot of headaches, anyone out there with the same symptoms? I saw my midwife today who recommended me to take up to 8 paracetamol a day... Not really what I want to do! Thanks


woebketwin - August 17

Hi tuckys-I am 11 weeks 2 days pregnant with twins by IVF also and yes, I do get a lot of headaches. In fact, a headache was my first pregnancy symptom. My headaches do come and go a lot and only once has it been bad enough that I had to stay home in bed all day. Are your headaches more on the migrane side? I have heard that headaches tend to subside the further along you get. Good luck! and congrats on the twins!


mrssolo - August 17

Hello ladies, I'm 22 weeks with twin boys, naturally. I have had headaches to whole time. My dr. said to have a caffeinated drink like soda or a small coffee and take some Tylenol. She said it is perfectly safe and it works. I usually have a cold coke and follow it with some cold water and I feel better. Congrats on the twins and good luck.


pinkrox87 - August 17

i had headaches with my twins but 95% of the time they were dehydration related. i found i got dehydrated very quickly while i was pregnant with my twins, i found as soon as i had more water the headaches were less frequent and i didnt need paracetamol very often.


tuckys - August 18

sorry for the delay. No , no migraine but I think it gets worth with the hot weather. Me too it comes and go. Congratulation to all of you on the twins.


melmar - October 7

hi i know that im 14 week s pregnant and i get really bad migrane head aches as well and my uterus is up to my belly b___ton is that a sign of having twins


mrssolo - October 7

melmar there are no true tell tale signs of a twin pregnancy the only way to know for sure is with an ultrasound. If your dr, suspected twins they would probably do one to check. good luck amd keep us posted.


tuckys - October 16

Hi all, now 24 weeks pregnant I have no heaadaches anymore but other symptomes like hip pain or carpal tunnel syndrome (swollen hands) but anyway everything is going well. I recommend adding another pillow for the headaches problems, it worked for me and lots of water. Also a pregnancy pillow is great and very confortable with a big bump!!! Hope all the best to you all. And Melmare, ask your doctor for an ultrasound if your big tummy worries you.


newlywed0915 - October 18

I have no clue if I am pregnant with twins, although its very possible, because my father is a twin. I just found out I'm pregnant, and I'm either 6 or 8 weeks along. But I have mild headaches that last throughout the day. My first and only dream so far about the baby is that at the u/s we saw twins. Then I woke up. So I don't know if my body is telling me something or what. I even dreamt of my two bfps before I had them! And they turned out pretty much how I dreamt them!!! So I guess my question is : " Did any of you experience headaches throughout the day with singles? Or are you just experiencing it with the twins?"


samehere - October 18

I had headaches only with my singleton and never with my twins.


twins4us - October 25

I had severe headaches with my singleton (migranes) and none with my twins



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