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Barb - August 23

Hello .....My daughter is expecting her first child in October....Anyway the question is concerning twins.....My son in-law is a twin and some people are saying my daughter could have twins......I say no because he produces the sperm not the egg....I just want to set the record straight .....Thank You


maggie - March 26

I was told that it does not matter if twins run on the father side of the family only the mothers.


shenna - June 4

he does have sperms it depends how time he had s_x with during the prime of her cycle. If you and your husband had s_x more than once during your 13 ,14, or 15 day cycle it more chance of having more than one child.


iliana - June 6

twins are not determined by the father. but infact determined by the mother. the woman my release more the 1 egg during ovulation, causing ferternal twins. given the a__sumption that both eggs are fertilized.


lexy - August 23

i just beg to explain to me why a woman can have twins and there is no twins on her side of family at all but there are twins on the father side it could be a genetic deal....i am preg with twins and this is my sec pegnancy and my babies father is an identical twin so exsplain that if you will


brucen - August 23

Lexy there are other factors that increase the likelihood of twins. Such as age of mother. After women reach a certain age they may begin to release more than one egg at a time. In fact twins are more likely in a older woman becasue of this. However the likelihood of having identical twins remains constant no matter what age the woman is. Other factors in the likelihood of having fraternal twins are number of children the woman already has ( this is regardless of age), and bigger ( taller or fatter) women are also more likely to have twins. Personal genetic factors ( twinning running in the family, "racial" background) may also apply and exclude all of the others mentioned. There are of course other factors, but these should answer your question sufficiently.


Christina - September 23

Hi lexy. I too am expecting twins. This will actually be my second set and they don't run in the family so I have studied this thouroghly. First to answer Barb's question, the other's are right that say the father doesn't make the chances higher or even effect the chances at all. Fraternal twins are only genetic through the mother; again because of the way she ovulates. Sperm could in no way effect how the woman releases her eggs. Only her genetics can do that. Now Lexy, identical twins, as far as is known through research is not genetic at all. It is a complete fluke. Some studies have shown that possibly the genetics on that could have something to do with the father, but that is very unconclusive at this time. And the only reason it can do with the father is because identical babies are made with one egg and one sperm, and no one yet understands what makes them split from there. It very well could be the father's genes. No matter if twins run in the family or not, twins can happen (fraternal if two eggs are dropped and identical if the egg and sperm split into two babies). The twins always start somewhere in the family. In mine it has started with me, and with you, if your twins are fraternal, it has started with you. I hope this has helped you to understand everything a little bit better.


one of the smart ones - February 19

Lets use an a___logy. Say I take a seed(egg) and plant it in the ground(Preg women). I can put as much fertilizer(sperm) on the seed as I want. I can put fertilizer on it every day dury the growth stage. But, I will still only get ONE plant(baby). Even if that fertilzer has a history of growing more then one plant, it's only because another seed got in there.


Double Double - July 28

Hi, I'm female and I'm a twin. I am now carrying twins. I thought it skipped a generation but I was wrong. It all depends....they say other things can a play a part in's not always genetic.Like if you were on the pill stopped and got prego right off the bat. My mom had twins and they don't run in her family. Also, they say that the ratio was 1 out of 100 and has now increased to 1 out of 41. What do I know....I never thought I would have twins.


Anne - August 1

I'm pregnant with twins (don't know yet if they're identical or fraternal), but my sister has fraternal twins. My doctor told me fraternal runs on mom's side and identical are just random.



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