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Anne - July 5

I just found out that I'm having twins. Does anyone have and advice/experiences to share? As of Friday July 1st I was 9 weeks and my belly is already big! I'm worried about bed rest, one of the babies dying etc. There isn't alot of information on the net. Any good sites?


christina - July 5

congratulations!!! i had my first pregnancy 5 years ago with boy/girl twins, and i was put on bed rest at like 5 months. it was great though, no work. after like the 6th month most of the pains go away, for me it did. i didnt even gain weight until i was 4 months pregnant. but everyone is different. I was also monitiored every week. which makes you more calmer. I had them when i was 21 so i was a nervous wreck!! you should subscribe to the twin magazine, it has alot of helpful information. i am now 11 weeks pregnant and go tomorrow to the dr and i think i might be having twins again. but for some reason, i've had more symptoms than the first pregnancy. bad morning sickiness, extreme fatigue and really sharp pains. i hope they schedulue me for an ultrasound. good luck!


krystal - July 28

Hi Anne,i am 29 weeks pregnant with identical twin boys.It definitly has been a scary ride but i know it will be well worth it.I havent had any luck finding any good sites on twin pregnancy but i have read some really good books you can find some good ones at barnes&nobles.I can tell you i have and still have lots of fears about all that can go wrong.My twins share one placenta,but 2 amniotioc sacs (monocorionic twins).They share the same blood supply which sometimes leads to (twin to twin transfusion syndrome).I have been really lucky so far.I went to see my doc today one baby weighs 2lbs5oz&the other 2lbs15oz and there both breech but there doin great.I wish you all the luck and i hope you have 2 healthy babies!!!!!!


Anne - July 29

I am excited for you guys. Twins are a hard and scary pregnancy. I went to the doc again today and was rea__sured when i heard both their little heart beats. Good luck!


twinsmomnj - July 30

You have big questions.... your belly is only going to get bigger ( and bigger!). Don't worry about bed rest... if it will keep those babies in there you will do it! I wasn't on bedrest but I restricted my activities and travel etc... and about your babies dying... please find happy twin stories to read! My twins were born v____ally at 38 and a half weeks, no NICU. They are a joy! Enjoy your pregnancy and your babies. Make some connections with other moms of mutiples.... on this chat or for some person to person contact try a local National Organization of Mothers of Twins (NOMTC) clubs. Good luck!


Sara - August 4

I'm having the same problem and I feel like I am gettin no where.. I would like to know also... Thank you...



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