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Cyndi - July 21

I am 14 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and all the articles I've read say that my uterus should still be well below my belly button. I've been in Maternity clothes since 6 weeks and my uterus is right at mid-belly button. Does anyone know if this is large enough for concern of twins?


Kryss - July 21

I am wondering abou the same thing myself- 1s pregnancy -about 5 weeks, starting to show, Twins run in my family @ 4 wk 2 days (Since LP) HCG level was 1,554 this just seams to fast - been having morning sickness for a 2 /3 weeks, brests hurt & are already growing- does anyone think it could be twins?


melissa - July 21

Kryss, I am almost 30 weeks with twins. My HCG level at 4 wks, 1 day was 1450 and 4 wks, 3 days was 2880. Sounds like you could be carrying twins.


VICTORIA - July 21



Cheryl - July 22

I am in the same situation. My first ultrasound was at 7 w 5 d pregnant. I thought I saw 2 in same sac but doc said maybe but probably not. I was convinced though. Now I am 13 weeks and my uterus is measuring 20 weeks at last appt. He did an u/s but we only saw 1. The thing is, he only did the u/s on my left side where he found the heartbeat. He didn't even try to look for another. He did not give me any explanation on why I am so big either. I am not sure what to think. I go for the AFP test in 2 weeks. I believe he will be able to get my hcg levels with that. Hopefully he will give me some answers soon before I go insane! Is there any other explanation for measuring so big at 13 weeks? My due date is exact for sure and the 1 baby we saw measures up to my due date. My uterus is just way bigger than it's supposed to be. I am so confused. Please help if you can or share your opinions! Thanks!


Kryss - July 25

Thank you Melissa for your response, my 1st ultrasound is supposed to be in a week I will keep you all posted. Thank you for your help :) I hope it's twins.


nawal - September 24

how do you know when your having twins


Kryss - September 27

An ultrasound is the best way to confirm, or two heartbeats... But there are signs such as extreem exaustion, appet_te, or morning sickness. Also your HCG levels could be high (that can either mean twins or something entierly different, sometimes if the #'s are high it's not a good thing) some people have twins in the family, some do not - I guess the best thing I could tell you is get an ultrasound - it is how I confirmed my twins


To nawal - September 27

short of an sono there is NO way to know. high hcg, showing early, testing early can point to twins but it can just as easily be a singleton. Two hb also is no guarantee as the doppler gives off echos and you can pick up the umbilical cord or placenta. Get an sono.



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