Twins All The Sypmtoms Of Twins

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mo - May 31

Hi, I just found out that i was preg the last wk of May. TWINS run all through my family, my dad was a faternal twin, my sister had faternal twins and my Aunt had faternal twins. When I took the preg test it showed up sooooo fast!! I then had to get it confirmed at the health dept and they said my hormone level was very high!! My sister who had twins said thats what they told her and her preg test came up soo fast too. I think it's twins because I have been a lot sicker to my previous 2 preg, and my impantation bleeding was worse than with my singeltons, I have a lot of cramping and i am already pooching but I will definitly find out Thursday!!?!!??!?! If you are preg with twins could you please tell me yourt symptoms?? I am going nuts here just wondering if it's two or one and I truly will be shocked if it's one!! thanks I would really appreciate your experiences or any advise... good-luck to all;


Erin - June 2

Hello Mo. Well, congrats on your pregnancy! I am almost at my 16 week mark. I was told at an emergency u/s at 7 weeks that I'm having twins. It, too, runs in both families. However, the past 10 weeks has been maddening for me. I don't go for another u/s until the 17th of this month and I am going crazy! As for symptoms, nothing has been really noticable. I have a three and a half year old daughter at home so I do have something to compare this to. I didn't have much for morning sickness with my daughter, but this time it has been a lot more. Every day. I have to pull over on the way to work...yuck. My b___st hurt, but nothing to make me wonder. Other than being really, really tired, there hans't been much difference. I truly wish you the best. Please reply on this post and let me know how things go for you. Erin


Erin - June 2

Correction: I go for my u/s on the 27th!!!


Q - June 3

Aaaaagh! I didn't even really think about having twins till I read your post!!! Twins run in the father's side of the family, and I have two sets in my side.....and I found out in my 3rd week from a hpt that I was pregnant. I have an ultrasound in a few weeks, so I'll know then -right?


jesse - June 9

Take normal prego symptoms and multiply by 10, then you are having twins.



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