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lizperez - March 23

I just found out on Friday that I was pregnant with twins. I was in shock and still are!!! I need a lot of information about twin pregnancy. I know they are fraternal. But I'm a little scared because at the begenning I almost had a miscarriage. I was bleeding and cramping. Did any one had this problems at the begenning of the pregnancy. I didn't have this complications with my other two pregnancies. HELP!!!!!


Twinmom2be - March 24

First congrats! I am 13 weeks pg with twins. How do you know they are fraternal? The only way to tell if they are idential/fraternal is that if they are boy/girl (fraternal) or DNA testing. Idential twins can be in separate sacks as well. Just some info I found out. I was also bleeding at the beginning of my pregnancy. I had ib for 9 days and one day it was even bright red with clots. Yes, I was freaked out as well. Now after many blood tests, 2 ultrasounds and hearing the heartbeats I feel a little better. I think you will always be nervous. Good luck.


Meg - March 27

I am 10 weeks pregnant with two distinct sacs, so that is nice and we have seen the heartbeats...still working through all of the emotions and logistics of having two come at once....have another appt. next week, can't wait to see the heartbeats again....mostly just extremely TIRED all the time....but surviving....good luck to all the others out there too!


Steph1 - March 28

To Twinmom2be- Fraternal is when they are in seperate sacs. Identical share the same sac. Identical twins are never in seperate sacs.


MelissaSLP - March 28

Identicals CAN be in seperate sacs. You never can tell if they are fraternal (before birth) by them being in a seperate sac unless they are determined to be boy/girl. It all depends on when the egg splits.


curious - April 3

I have 4 month fraternal twin girls ( naturally concieved) and I also bled for a few days because one of the placentas was too close to my cervix. I was told to stay in bed for a few days and it did go away. My advice would be take it easy especially after the 5th month because you will probably be big by then and you lose your breath very easily atleast I did. Oh and TAKE your prenats and folic acid everyday. Very important. Good Luck and Congrats to all.


andrea2 - April 4

Did anyone measure big and that is why they had a early ultrasound?


TripletMom - April 4

identical Twins can absolutely be in separate sacs.


kmgn23 - April 17

What is implantation like or did you have a period when you got pregnant with twins? What was the clolor like? How long did it last? Etc


MelissaSLP - April 17

I think it's really different for everybody. I had no implantation bleeding or bleeding of any kind with my twin pregnancy (or my singleton for that matter). The only time I bled was when I m/c a singleton about 6 weeks before the twins were concieved. Many women do spot on an off early in their pregnancy, especially with multiples.


kimkat - April 17

Congrats! I feel for you...I bled from week 5 through week 14 on and off...some heavy and some light days...awful really b/c I had 2 prev. m/c's in 2005 and I was terrified up until the bleeding really stopped. I also had a lot of cramping and then starting at week 16 lots of headaches, now they took me out of work at 27 weeks b/c of contractions/cramps however all in all I would do it all over again and again...Twin pregnancies are tougher mentally, physically and on your husband (s/o) however I still pray every night they come healthy in 8-10 wks. Keep positive and take it easy!!!!!


knorrde - April 29

I am 18 weeks pregnant with twins and I started spotting at 10 weeks. I was never so scared in my life, I thought I was miscarrying. I wasn't scheduled for an ultrasound until 16 weeks so my doctor sent me for one because I had the spotting and low and behold there were 2 sacs, 2 babies, 2 heartbeats! We were so overjoyed. I had some more spotting until I hit my 12th week, then it stopped. I was so relieved. I have had 2 ultrasounds since then and we just found out they are boys. Take it easy and best of luck to you and your babies!


Maureen - May 2

I am going for my first ultrasound tomorrow and I am expecting to find out that I am carrying twins as I am HUGE already! and only 10 weeks!! I do not know if twins run in my family, but do they have to run in someone's family to actually have twins?


TripletMom - May 2

I dont believe you necessarily have to have a family history to conceive multiples spontaneously. My doctor told me that women over 35 have an increased chance of concieving twins (or more) because they tend to drop more than one egg.


TripletMom - May 2

Also - beware, just because you maybe showing early is not an indicator that you are having more than 1. I had 3 and didn't show until I was about 16 - 20 weeks.


WannaBeAParent - May 9

She may know that they are fraternal if she did IVf and transferred 2 embyos in which case they are almost definitely fraternal.


twins4us - May 9

To Wannabe, actually that isn't necessarily true. Id twinning happens more in IVF procedures than in spontaneous id twinning. For whatever reason the egg seems to want to split during this procedure. My girls were part of a MZ twinning study and this is what they found: "Since the introduction of a__sisted reproductive technology (ART) twenty-five years ago, the incidence of dizygotic (DZ) twinning has greatly increased1. With the common practice of transferring embryos at the 5-day blastocyst stage, instead of the third day, the rate of monozygotic (MZ) twinning in IVF procedures in particular has also increased (up to 4.9%), for reasons yet to be explained 2-9. This is in contrast to the natural MZ twinning rate of 0.4%. "



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