Twins High Hcg Level

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Lyra - August 30

My hcg levels were tested at 25 days past conception. The doctor said they expected them to be around 5,000. However they were at 20,000. They thought they seemed high and tend to think there are more than one. Does this seem high and what are the usual hcg scores for 25 DPC? My stomach is also huge right below my chest already, is this another indicator? My appt. is the end of the week but I'm going crazy wondering. Thanks for any thoughts!


H - June 7

I have heard that having higher HCG levels could possibly mean that you are pregnant with twins and gaining weight more quickly can be an indication also. Good Luck!


Tiffany - August 30

I have also heard that high HCG levels may mean twins (or more), but it could also mean other things, too. Most of those things are not positive situations either. Coincidentally, I am in a similiar situation as you, Lyra. Just last week at 25 days past conception, I also had a high HCG count like yours. My count was over 24,000. I am having an ultrasound at the end of the week and I am so anxious. If you are as curious as I am in finding out what is going on then I know that it is driving you a little crazy. Good luck to you! I hope everything turns out well for the both of us.


KIMBERLY - August 30

I had very high HCG levels also and I am now 18 weeks carrying twins I truly believe in the HCG levels also your weight gain mine was 12 pounds in 18 weeks but early on I lost 3 pounds so... My biggest clue was my uterus was reaching my belly b___ton way ahead of time lay on your back and rub your belly at 16 weeks the tip of my uterus was touching under my belly b___ton. good luck


Lyra - September 24

Thank you for your thoughts! I just thought that I'd come back to give an update. I was finally given an ulyrasound at 8 weeks. At that time two sacs were present, but only one embryo. I will always wonder what might have been. I had some trouble with spotting in the beginning - so my geuss is it was a case of the vanishing twin symdrome. The resemblence from my sonogram to that of twins was astonishing. However, at 18 weeks, my next sonogram showed only one beautiful baby girl. I hope all has worked out for all that answered!


Melanie - November 21

My hcg levels were tested at seven weeks and were 126,000. I have had some spotting going from brown to red to brown. I had an ultrasound that showed only one baby, should I be worried of a partial molar pregnancy?


kylie - December 9

does having a high uterus, mean im having twins, im 6 wks


Janelle - December 14

I did a test about a week ago and my HCG came out as 8 (high), does that mean that i'm pregant. I aslo took a home pregancy test which came back negative. please help. do you think that I'm really pregant.


to kylie - December 20

A high uterus doesn't necessarily mean you are having twins, no. I was showing before I even knew I was pregnant with my twins, as I recall. In a twin pregnancy your symptoms are generally "worse", like AM sickness, etc. I wasn't really sick but I was a nervous wreck for my first 2 months! Total emotional basket case.


JAMEE - February 1

Well, I am in the same boat as you. On day 28 after conception (day 42 LMP) I got an HCG reading of 38,879. My stomach is huge already and everyone thinks I am carrying twins. My first ultrasound appointment is tomorrow, but I cannot sleep. I am concerned for twins or molar pregnancy too. I'm just wishing for a healthy baby/babies. Is my chances of having twins stronger with these symptoms? The pain I have experienced with the stretching of my uterus has been crazy and uncomfortable. It's no cramps,. I know that. This is my 5th pregnancy and would be my 3rd live birth if everything is going well.


Brandy - February 1

I think u may be having twins or mabey even more, i think i am having twins but i have not found out yet so hope the best to you and your family.


christina - February 2

Jamee, please keep us informed. I had three blood tests in a row, and my ultrasound is due for next levels at 13 DPO were 44, then at 15DPO 78 and 19 DPO 567, which was quadrupled from from what it would have been two days ago. I have more aches in my abdomen and this would be my fifth pregnancy..third live birth hopefully. :)


gail - February 3

I had a 20 count on day 10 and on day 15 it was should double every 2 - 3 days....I am worried as well, I have ultrasound on Monday and just pray all is well.


Jennifer - February 4

Your levels only 25 days after conception are high and may be indicative of a mutliple pregnancy. I am pregnant and am 6-8 weeks and my levels are 9,958. Try to hang in there for a little while. Good Luck!


olli - February 5

hello iam from italie and iam pregnant with ivf and i did my hcg on day 14 it was 806 and now i did it yesterday day 18 and it is 5777 what do you think it will be a twin?????


Kristen - February 7

I don't have an answer, I need some help. On Tuesday Feb 1st my level was 224 and on Monday Feb. 7th it was 5000. The doc. was concerned, should I be? I already miscarried, so they did an ultrasound and saw nothing. It only showed me to be 4.6 weeks which is too early to see anything, but the doc thinks it may be a tubal preg.


Joan - February 8

My levels where very high at 30 days, and I have twins. Just be much more easy on your self than I was. My babies came at 21 weeks. The outlook is bleek. Good luck to you tho. Oh, and getting big is a sine, but not for sure. I was smaller than my friend who was not as far, and had only one on the way.



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