Twins High Hcg Level

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Carla - June 10

I have no idea how long I've been pregnant. My last period was 5/4, and my HCG level was 67,000 today. Seems extremely high...I worry about molar pregnancy, but I'm hoping it's just twins. I have an U/S on 6/14...does anyone know if they can tell a molar pregnancy within the first couple weeks?


Jessica - June 13

Carla, I am in the same boat as you. I was pregnant back in April, found out that I miscarried, had a D&C on April 20th. On May 17 I thought I was pregnant because I took a test and it was a very faint positive. Went for a blood test and the HCG level was under 5 which means no. Then last week I felt sick to my stomach and very tired, went for a blood test this past Wed. and my HCG level is 63,000. If I am pregnant, I have no idea when I became pregnant. It had to be between May 17 and June 9. So I know those levels are very high, I am very worred about Molar Pregnancies. I have an ultra sound this Wed, but don't know if they will be able to see anything yet to confirm anything.


Jessica - June 17

***UPDATE*** I had my ultra sound this past Wednesday. I am measuring 7 weeks and 4 days as of today. I only have 1 baby with a heartbeat. I found out that I did get pregnant back in the first week of May and that the test results on May 16th that showed I was not pregnant were wrong. Not sure what the lab did wrong, but at that time I was about a week along. They only showed my HCG levels at under 5, therefore not pregnant, but I was.


Jellybenaer - June 20

Lyra, I am soooo in the same freaked out boat as you! At 5 weeks since LMP (about 22 days post conception) my hcg was 15,171, That's off the charts high! My reading has told me could be twins or could be a molar pregnancy, which is much more scary. I had an ultrasound at 4 weeks, 4 days which just showed one very small (4mm) gestational sac. Waiting for my follow up ultrasound later this week. What does your doc say about your numbers? I'm going crazy too... please write back!


Carla - June 20

Hi Jessica, Since my last post, I have had an ultrasound ( on 6/14), and they measured me at 7 weeks. They are guessing I conceived around 5/10, but it didn't show up on my HPT on 5/17. My u/s last week looked great...we saw a heartbeat. The doctor did see another sac-like object (slightly smaller) and he's going to keep his eye on it. Otherwise, he told me not to worry about the high hcg levels. I have another u/s tomorrow (6/21). Sounds like we are due about the same time...I'll be at 8 weeks tomorrow. That's great news that you saw a heartbeat. I know with myself, sometimes I worry too much about nothing. I need to sit back and enjoy this pregnancy. :) When is your next u/s?


Carla - June 23

Glad to see that you responded!!! Why don't you give me your email address and we can talk via email....My next ultra sound is next Wednesday, June 29th. At my last ultra sound a week ago showed some existing ma__s next to the sac, which the doctor said it could be a vanishing twin, so I wonder if that is what you saw too! It would kind of explain the higher levels of HCG. The ultra sound did indicate my conception date of May 10th as well!! I have a due date of January 30th. I was just 8 weeks this past Monday. How was your recent ultra sound??????


Carla - June 23

Wow, my due date is January 30th too! The last u/s appeared to show more details...and the other looking ma__s was nothing but the cord. so, I only have one in there with a heartbeat of 174, which I thought was high. They told me as long as it's under 180 bpm. Here's my email address: [email protected] Would love to chat!


Angie - June 24

Hi. I am new to this site. I did IVF and 13 days post transfer my hcg is 18. I am having brownish red bleeding. Any insight?


Jessica - June 24

Angie, It could be a few things. It could be an implantation bleed (when the egg implants itself in your uterus), it could also be that some women get a bit of a period when they would be expecting a period, that would only last one day. Since it is brownish red, I wouldn't be too worried. But is shouldn't go on to the next day. Good Luck!


Nicole - June 24

I am in the same boat at 24 DPC i was at 17,837, but my doctors have not discussed with me the possibilty of twins yet.


Angie - June 24

Thanks Jessica - i have really bad period cramps and am still taking my progesterone. ?? Flow has not gone yet... time will tell??


Jessica - June 24

Angie, if you are having bad cramps, I would call your doctor immediately. You shouldn't be cramping. Sorry to hear this, good luck.


Angie - June 25

Hi All.. Jessica my period came full force - heavy bleeding and cramping so I guess my positive hcg of 18 is not so positive anymore. boo hoo. i cant get a hold of my doctor ....


Jessica - June 27

Angie, You probably were pregnant, but it didn't implant correctly or there was something wrong with the chromosomes not matching up correctly. I hope all goes well, let me know of an update...did you get ahold of your doc yet?


Anjolie - June 27

Hi Jess. Yes I got a hold of my doctor and I guess the hopes of a pregnancy are over. I am so sad. Our 2 transferred embryos looked so good (8 cell grade A). I cant believe it did not work?? I am nervous to try again for fear of a second IVF failure. I dont understand all of this when I try to rationalize. We came so close. Thanks so much for being here.


annmarie - June 27

I am 24 weeks pregnant measuring 30 weeks, thats 6 weeks ahead!!! i have not been sick but have felt very big and i look the same as i did at 42 weeks with my daughter (the day i delivered) had 2 ultrasonds, one at about 10 weeks and one at 19 weeks, but they only showed one. have another u/s scheduled. My pelvic bone has killed me this time, my back is not all that bad, but it seems like when i stand too long my stomach hurts and i have to lean over. My 2 year old daughter has been telling me that there are 2 babys from the start. One girl one boy, so i guess we will see. Any thoughts? Anyone ever measure 6 weeks ahead and it not be twins?



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