Twins High Hcg Level

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mommy2two - February 28

Hi I am new to this and I am not sure if there is anyone out there still! But I am 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I had my hcg levels done at 6 weeks 3 days and 6 weeks 5 days. The first one was 37,936 and the second was 53,029..Are these high? they said that I could either be further along or have twins is that possible?


onetwothree - February 28

If you are 6 weeks 3 days, that would put you about 45 days LPM which you are in range of. Your DR makes it sound like it is one or the other. HCG levels are not a good indicator of a twin pregnancy. True, twin pregnancies usually have higher HCG levels but so do a lot of singleton pregnancies. Just know that your HCG levels look good and that shows that your pregnancy is progressing. Let us know when you have an u/s.


transposase - July 20

Jamee-- whatever happened to you. I am worried sick and am crying all the time. my last missed period was the 17th of June. this puts me at 5 weeks and my hcg levels were at 37,853 and then only went up to 39,000 in 48h. doc is worried and scheduled me with an OB tomorrow. also, my belly been big, like i were already showing since early on in the pregnancy. this seems like the same symptoms that some of you have had. but this is the problem- - the transabdominal ultrasound only came back with a small yolk sac, calling it 'early pregnancy'..while at 37,853 levels of Hcg, seems like i shd be further along...can anybody relate to this? pls help!


bonzai4evr - August 13

I had my levels tested last Wed. and it was 36.6. My doctor wanted me checked again because of a history of miscariages, so last Friday they checked again and it was 224. It went up 6 times! I have a feeling I'm carrying twins, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I'm supposed to get my levels checked again on Tuesday, and I'm so anxious to see where they are now!


libravt - February 8

I am a first time user and have been reading everyones amazing stories. I just found out I was pregnant after 1st round of IVF. at day 8 after embryo transfer I took a home test and was positive. I started Hyperstimulating the next day so I had early blood test taken at day 10 and the hcg was 210 and then again at day 12 and they were 560. My doctor said I was having twins but won't believe it until ultrasound in 3 weeks. I had another test done today, day 19 and the levels are 9020.? Any feedback from anyone. I did have 2 embryos 8/As transferred. never thought they would both take cause of fertility issues over 5 years..Thanks for any input, and I think this sight is great!


MommyExpecting - February 14

I have hopes that I am having twins. I do not go to the OB for 6 more weeks! My symptoms are much different from my first pregnancy. I have had severe fatigue, overly emotional and HORRID all day nausea. I did a home urine preg test 5 days before my expected period and got a positive result. i had my blood drawn to confirm. The HcG results were 630. indicating i was 4 weeks, that was accurate comapred to my LMP. 2 weeks later I have my levels checked again and it is 104,979, much higher than expected for 6 weeks. My mom had twins. My OB is out of town and I am not scheduled to see her until April 3 as she does not schedule appointments prior to 12 weeks. should i ask to be seen sooner? or find a new OB?


Jenny - February 26

I took a at home pregnancy test last week and found out that I was pregnant. I was so happy!! By the calculation of my last period I was 5 weeks along. I called and made a doctor appt and they dont want to see me til 7-8 weeks along, so I made my appt and was just going to wait, until a couple days later when I started spotting. I called the doctor back and they scheduled me for the following morning. I went in and took a pregnancy test that showed positive, I had a sonogram done which showed two bubbles but she said there was no sign of baby yet. SHe called those two bubbles "cysts". So she took blood to check the HCG levels to make sure there was not a baby in my falopian or somewhere else. HCG levels came back at 750. My first question is "IS THAT HIGH FOR 5 WEEKS?" and I went this morning for more blood to see what the HCG level is at and I am waiting for a call. However over the weekend I found out that my spouse's father's uncle are twins, and my mothers aunt is a set of twins. So we have them on both sides. I hope and pray that I am having twins- it would be a blessing. What do you think?


samehere - February 26

Here is the range for 5 weeks lmp. 5 weeks LMP: 18 - 7,340 mIU/ml As you can see, your levels are not high at all. Either way, it doesn't mean you are or are not having twins since I have seen very low numbers turn out to be triplets and very high numbers turn out to be singletons. As long as the numbers are doubling every 24-72 hours, that is a good sign.


mommy25 - February 27

Okay - on 2/23 my hcg level was 750 by 2/26 my hcg level was 4510 - I am clueless when it comes to the levels and what is good when you think about having twins and what is not good. I have an ultrasound appt for friday. But it is so hard to wait that long. I want to know already. My previous pregnancy I did not get large until half way through or even towards the end. I am 6 weeks now and I feel larger than I should be.


lcmom - March 16

i had a blood test 25 dpo and my hcg levels were 14,935 and my progesterone was 16.9. could I be pregnant with twins? I lost a baby at 12 weeks and 4 days on jan. 22. I did not have a period since the m/c. Maybe this is a molar pregnancy? Any ideas?


nancy_07 - March 30

HI monmy25. Could you give me an update on your situation. i have ivf and my level hcg on 03/23 is 365 and on 03/27 is 3,219. i really worry about my #. I will have ultrasound on 04/9. I can not wait.


Lcoots - March 31

i haven't read all the posts, but I can tell ya that hcg #'s really don't tell you much about how many babies you are carrying. Ive known several women with HIGH hcg and they are only carrying 1 baby, and I have several friends who had lower hcg and are carrying twins. I know my hcg levels weren't all that high cause I didnt get a BFP till 13dpo. But I am most definitely carrying 2 babies. GL to you. I hope you get your hearts desire.


nancy_07 - April 1

hi Lcoots. Thank you for replying. Actually, i am happy to have twin. My hcg is not actually high. I am concerned about the trength. According to my understanding, the hcg level should be double every 48 -72hrs. Mine is almost 10x. I don' t if there is something wrong. Thanks a lot


utopia8302 - April 5

Ok girls- I need your input! at 10DPO (!) my hcg was at 2,429!!!!!!!!!!!! i went in today 13dpo, and have yet to hear the results. this is way off the charts to everything i've seen! i mentioned to my doc i want an u/s to rule out molar, but he said no, not until 8 weeks, and molar pregnancies would be in the 100s of thousands. is this true?


Lcoots - April 5

Normally molar pg aren't diagnosed till the first u/s and you can't really see a whole lot till about 8 weeks so thats probably why he wants to wait. Is there a reason you suspect molar? When I was on FF there was 1 lady that ended up with a molar pg, i don't knwo what the % rate is, but since there is always a risk I can understand your concern. Is this a natural conception? Not ivf or iui or anything? IT could be possible that you have triplets or something. or perhaps your further along than you might think? were your charting? I know Im asking lots of questions, lol...I think if your still concerned around the 5-6 weeks mark you can go to the ER and they will give you one, or if you have a pg resource or crisis center in your town they normally will have an u/s machine. Or even planned parenthood might be able to help. GL and keep us posted


Lcoots - April 5

nancy I don't know what to tell ya. Did your dr say anythign about it being so high? How many eggs did you release during ivf? could it be possible there are more than 2 in there? Do you still have your u/s on Mon?



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