Twins High Hcg Level

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Lcoots - April 5

nancy I don't know what to tell ya. Did your dr say anythign about it being so high? How many eggs did you release during ivf? could it be possible there are more than 2 in there? Do you still have your u/s on Mon?


utopia8302 - April 6

hi- just a little update and more information: i was on clomid. i had a m/c jan 29th and my 1st period was march 13th. i ovulated the 24th, and found out the 1st that my hcg was 2,429. then, 4/5 (4 days later) my hcg was 4,150. so now im really confused! they didnt even double in 4 days. they are increasing, but they didnt even double. i dont know what to think!!! he will be doing an u/s next week, and i will only be 4 weeks! that is when i would be expecting my period! the levels are still extrememly high, but not doubling kind of concerns me. the only reason i found out about a molar pregnancy is a friend who's a resident told me that molars produces extremely high hcg levels. i guess we just have to play the waiting game!


nancy_07 - April 6

Hi Lcoots, i have 10 eggs total, but only 5 got fertilized. I will have ultrasound next Monday. Dr. didn't say anything about the level. Nuruse told it is a good level. that's it. i didn't ask anything because i didn't know it is supposed to be double at that time. I will update my info on Mon


nancy_07 - April 11

hi everybody, I had an ultrasound on mon 04/09. I am 7 wks now and i have only 1 baby. i still pray every day. good luck to everybody


Lilith - April 18

I got a similar problem. so on Friday April 13th I had a home preganancy test done and it showed positive, on Sunday April 15, 2007 I started bleeding (clots and really dark brownish looking) I went to the ER on Monday morning, they took my HGC levels and did ultrasound, my HGC levels were 350 (my last period was Feb 24th) which will put me at 6 weeks then and the doctors said I was about 2 because the ultrasound didn’t show anything and my HGC levels were low. Two days later I had another HGC and it went up to 750 which is pretty normal. On Monday Apr 16th (week later) I was feeling really sick and went back to the doctor my HGC levels were at 7000 and they said did another ultrasound they couldn’t see anything again (which the doctors said you should be able to see something atleast) I was told to come the very next day and for another test wich was done 19 hours later and my levels went up to 10045 and the doctor said my levels were for a 7-8 week pregnancy which last week they told me I was at 2 weeks so I’m really scared and confused I have another ultrasound next Monday.


samehere - April 18

I hate to say it doesn't sound good. High HCG levels can mean a lot of things and some are bad like a tubal or molar pregnancy. I sure hope your dates are just off and that everything turns out just fine.


LauraEssary - April 18

I have a friend on here that had the same issue.. her levels were strange but the did keep going up.. However she had a blighted ovum. :( hope thats not the case for you but it sure sounds possible.. Sorry :( keep us posted.


Corona - April 19

Lilith...we will all keep you in our thoughts. I can only speek from my experience & that's to say that at 7wks, my levels were in the normal range for a singleton however by u/s 2 heartbeats were seen & heard. As samehere stated, let's hope you have your dates wrong.


Lilith - April 19

Thank you for all your thoughts. I will keep you posted. I have no pain at all. i hope the dates are wrong. thank you for your support.


LauraEssary - April 23

bump ;)


Lilith - April 23

i had my ultrasound today... and i thought i give you all an update. WELLL it turns out that my dates were wrong. I'm only 4 weeks and I'm having trips. :) the u/s showed three sacs with fetal pole and all three have heart beats... one of them is not as high as the other ones,,, is 105 the other thwo are 158 and 165. thanks for everything!


Corona - April 23

If you believe in the old wives looks like you may be having 2 girls & a boy!!! Congrats & good luck!


Doonesburied - April 30

Hi! I am hoping that perhaps some of you more experienced Moms could help me out. I am pregnant for the first time, and went in today for an ultrasound because I am not sure of my conception dates. My doctor did a v____al ultrasound, and while she could see a very, very small something in my uterus "that could be a sac if I stare at it enough", she thought I was perhaps 3 weeks or so past conception and so maybe it's too early to tell. When I had the blood test, though, it came back with an hCG of 6000. I'm going back on Wednesday for a follow-up, but I am really scared now after speaking with a friend of mine who has been through fertility treatments. She said the number is way too high for nothing to be showing yet, unless something is wrong. Is this really true?? I mean, couldn't it be twins, or maybe even just a normal pregnancy? Or is that just too high to go along with an ultrasound that only shows something that _could_ be a sac (but it's too soon to tell)? I'm scared this could be a molar pregnancy, or tubal, even though I don't really have any risk factors for molar (I'm 34, no history of fertility problems or treatment, etc). I am so distressed. Can I please hear your thoughts? Thank you so much!


utwonderwoman - August 2

We just recently found out that we are expecting our first child. I had my HCG tested on Wednesday and it was 145,956 and my Progesterone was 12.7. I had it tested yesterday and it was 152,083. We guestimate that we are most likely 4-6 weeks along. Do these number's seem high? My dr kind of laughed it off like they were great but considering how early I am, I worry about a molar pregnancy. I go in for my first U/S tomorrow. My stomach has pooched out like severe PMS bloating. I have nausea, dizzyness, and fatigue, but none of the symptoms are extreme. Do these HCG numbers seem horribly high????


kkrulitski - October 5

well i had my hcg levels tested on october 2 and 4 and today the 5th i got my results back... i am 7 weeks along and went from 119000 to 134000 on those two visits, the reason i checked was because i was having light spotting... the clinic doctor i saw to get my results was just at a walk in clinic and he said it seemed fine, i havent had any morning sickness involving more than a pa__s of nausea ones or twice and my b___sts are not nearly as sore as they were a week ago... so thats why i had to find out if i was miscarrying or not.... still too much time til im out of the woods but i thought id share my story


ladu - October 8

Hello My HCG LEVEL IS 5000 AND I FINISH 6 WEEKS . Can i have a twins or not ? pls help



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