Twins High Hcg Level

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ladu - October 8

Hello My HCG LEVEL IS 5000 AND I FINISH 6 WEEKS . Can i have a twins or not ? pls help


littlebaby2 - January 1

I am at 5 weeks and 4 level is 20,050. I have the same thoughts but my first us showed only 1 sac. My next us will be next week...we will see if there is another. maybe some women just have higher HCG levels?


Eugenia - February 2

Hey Gail, I know this is from 2005, but I too had that high number at 4 weeks, 1789 HCG, 15 dpo. I am know 19 weeks and they found 1 marker for down syndrome, an echogenic intracardiac focus. Was your baby born healthy????


catina82500 - April 6

Umm I have been reading your posts and I am concerned with my HCG because I have had two miscarriages within the last year (one was a partial molar pregnancy). I am once again pregnant. At 12dpo my hcg was 26. at 16 dpo my hcg level was 649.93. Is this normal?


mommy2two - April 6



flowerchild1045 - December 30

levels at 95,918 at 7-8 wks. normal?twins? something else?


miny234 - January 2

Hey everyone, My levels are crazy i am at 120,000 at 6 weeks, Doctors say normal high levels for 10 weeks are 120,000. We have a scan but they only have seen one baby, but doc kept asking 'your only 6 weeks/?' I cant stop reading all the forums, would love to hear back from someone that had high levels and everything was fine??


khovorka - November 9

Hello this is my first pregnancy. I'm apparently 6 weeks along but my HCG levels are 9264. I had an ultrasound yesterday and a pelvic ultrasound. They could't see much because she said it's too early. No heartbeat. The ultrasound tech said I need to come back next week to see more. Praying everything is okay. My symptoms have been sore b___sts, the odd twinge in my belly (but not uncomfortable by any means), tired a lot. If anyone has been in my shoes please share. Thank you. p.s. I'm getting another bloodtest today just to check my HCG levels. I'll report back later to inform.


Lilmommaks - November 12

Khovorka, At 5 weeks 0 days my levels were at 6,000. If they continued doubling every 2-3 days they would be over 20,00 by 6 weeks. I go in for a ultrasound at 6 weeks to see if there shows a heartbeat. I'm not sure if these levels are a good thing or not. All I know is that I've had 4 miscarriages in the past 3 years, so I'm trying to monitor everything closely. Keep me posted on your progress. My symptoms are sore b___sts, definitely have the pulling sensation in the belly, and very water cm.


carlabarla03 - November 20

Hi there! I hope someone can give me some input! I just found out I'm pregnant again after 2 consecutive miscarriages, Here are my HCG Results: 15 DPO:325 17 DPO:908 I've been having a stabbing pain on both sides of my lower abdomen for the last few days! Is it possible to have 2 little gummy bears in there???


Lilmommaks - November 20

KHOROVKA- How'd your follow up go? I went in for my first U/S at 6 weeks 0 days and we could see and hear the heartbeat through the v____al U/S machine. Hopefully everything is progressing for you. CARLABARLA03- I thought the same thing b/c my HCG was so high! At 17dpo I was 1350 and two days later over 3000. By 21 dpo I was at a little over 6,000. I went in for my first U/S and there was only one little bean. So thankful for this miracle. Keep me posted!


carlabarla03 - November 20

Thanks Lilmommaks :) Congrats on your little sweet pea!! I go for my first OB appointment tomorrow, but they're not doing an ultrasound, but I'm going to have a private unltrasound in a week, either way just excited to see my little miracle!!


khovorka - November 21

Hello Lilmommaks the U/S went great. I was shown my little one's heart beat. Funny cause when she gave me the photo to take home, my fiance and I can see another white blur in the upper part of the sac. There was no other heartbeat's the U/S tech mentioned. She said no there's only 1 baby in there and laughed. Which I found odd but that's fine we'll see when I go for my next one 3D U/S at about 14 weeks. Keep you posted :)


mindyalvy - November 29

Please help! This is my fourth pregnancy and this one seems different. My b___sts were sore days after we conceived, the dreams started within days, and I can't stay awake! I am only 18 days!!!! I had my HCG taken yesterday at 17 days and it was 1042 which according to the charts says I should be at 5 weeks already. My grandmother on my moms side had twins (one didn't make it) but it does run in my family. Could I possibly be carrying twins????


mindyalvy - November 29

have you found out if your carrying one or more yet???


Lilmommaks - November 29

Mindyalvy- my symptoms were very strong as well. With our first u/s they only saw one. I specifically asked the dr. who did the u/s herself, and she said there was one little bean there. She actually made me about 3 days farther along then I am. I chart everything and know exactly which day I ovulated, so I don't know how that works. She wants to see me two weeks after the last u/s which is this Friday just to make sure everything is developing well. Praying all is still healthy and in place. Keep us posted on what you find out.



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