Twins High Hcg Level

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McKinley - August 7

I know its hard to not know if there are 2 babies inside! Your high levels can only rea__sure you that you have at least one strong pregnancy. At this early in your pregnancy hormone levels have a huge variation. Many people have a blighted twin or vanishing twin and never know it. My hcg at 28 dpo was 60,000 and I had a blighted twin. Which is an extra sac that never formed. You could be on your way to having two. The only certain answer is u/s. Good Luck!!


Laura - August 8

My first pregnancy resulted in a complete molar with very high HCG levels. If your levels are extremely high you should insist on a sonogram as soon as possible so that a molar can be ruled out. I did not end up with cancer from the molar, but we did have to wait 12 months before trying again. We are now pregnant from IVF but I have not had a sonogram yet. Our HCG level are normal this time (1821 at 5 weeks). Good luck!


sarah - August 8

i just got my HCG levels at 32 days and they were 84,000 my doctor wants to wait a week for an ultrasound?


Ranae - August 11

I don't know about twins or not but I wanted to share my story. With both pregnancies I had very few symptoms--- only tender b___sts & sick to stomach off & on. My first pregnancy was ectopic. My second one, I was 9 weeks pregnant on August 2, 2005 and my HCG was 64,000. Note, on July 16th my HCG was only 16,000 so on August 2nd the doctor was concerned there was a problem b/c my HCG should not have leaped so high--even with twins. A doppler sonogram--internal & external as well as a second opinion revealed no heartbeat could be seen (all you could see was the sac & yolk--no little fetus). You should be able to see a heartbeat at 6 wks. The doctor ran more tests & stated I had a blighted ovum which is when the fetus does not develope inside the yolk. They were also concerned that I might have a ectopic pregnancy b/c ovary swollen, etc as well. Anyway, they did a D & C on Monday, August 8th (HCG was at 68,000) & pathology reports confirmed there was no fetal parts within the yolk so the fetus indeed did not develope (a blighted ovum). Today they checked my HCG level again to make sure it is dropping & it is down to 14,000. I have to continue to go in for quant_tative HCG every Thursday until it is down to zero--- and they are still watching the ovary & tube. If levels continue to drop & I have no pain they can rule out ectopic pregnancy too which means no laproscopy surgery. The problem will then just be considered a ruptured cyst. My point large of a HCG jump in a small amount of time can signal trouble & not necessarily twins. Just continue to follow-up on prenatal visits. Best of luck to all!


lisa - August 16

My hvg level is 39,450 at 6weeks and 2 days. I have a little stomach popping out. Do you think it is twins? They run in my family. Has this happen to anyone eles before?


Jessica - August 17

Lisa, I doubt it's twins. I think your HCG level would be higher. Your level is actually in the normal range of a single pregnancy. But, you never know. Have your doctor give you an ultra sound.


lisa - August 17

Jessica, Thank you for responding. I am getting an ultrasound on monday 8/22. So i will find out then. I had another hcg level taken today i'll find out tomorrow and see how high it got. I'll let you know.Thanks


4Faith - August 19

I'm wondering if I'm having twins too. At 6.3wks my hcg was 84,392. But I have felt soooooo much worse than with my previous 5 pregnancies (4 kids~one in heaven) And I just have this feeling it's twins. We'll see.


4 faith - August 19

Your level is very high. Have your dr do an ultrasound. I just had an ultrasound today and i only have one baby.I am only 7 weeks 4 days. Good luck


christy - August 22

I am 5 weeks pregant and had HCG levels drawn at 2 weeks. I started having some slight spotting. My first numbers were 149 and then 399 two days later and then three days later they jumped to 4244. My numbers a few days later jumped to 13,338. Today my numbers are only 25,254. There was only a two day difference between these last two numbers. Does this mean I am going to miscarry. I have an ultrasound on thursday.


Peggy - August 23

I had ivf and my hcg at day 12 (8/21) was 385 and day 14 is 800. The doctor said everything's going well, just wondering if it's twin? I'll have ultrasound next Tue 8/30


Jessica - August 24

Lisa, did you have your ultra sound yet? Peggy, those levels don't seem high enough to be multiples, but you never know.


Kylie N. - August 25

i think i am having twins but not for sure. I have history of twins in my family, i have gained 4 puonds in 2 weeks, i feel flutters in my stomach, & I am only 4 weeks along. I am always sooo tired. But my HCG level was only 565 on day 17. Do you think I am having twins? Please give me your thoughts, could use them!!! Thanks, Kylie N.


Melissa - August 25

Kylie - I guess anything is possible. I'm 34 weeks, 4 days with boy/girl twins. At 17 dpo, my hcg was 2880. Hope that helps.


Laurie - August 25

I am new to understanding this HCG level thing. I am preggos-approx 6.5 wks from my LMP and my HCG levels as of 2 days ago were 16200. What does that mean? My husband is an identical twin.


Peggy - August 30

Hi Laurie, I'm at 5 weeks 2 days and my HCG is 13,579. I just had ultrasound today and there are 2 sacs. I think there's a good chance you are having twins, as well. Read through the previous postings, there are a couple very good website posted that will help you understand HCG levels.



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