Twins High Hcg Level

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Peggy - August 30

Hi Laurie, I'm at 5 weeks 2 days and my HCG is 13,579. I just had ultrasound today and there are 2 sacs. I think there's a good chance you are having twins, as well. Read through the previous postings, there are a couple very good website posted that will help you understand HCG levels.


Jessica - August 30

Laurie, I was 7wks 4 days and my HCG level was at 62,000. I had one sac, and a vanishing twin (one sac/egg never quite formed), I am currently 18 weeks along and my one baby is doing great. So you never know. The levels have such a big range. Get an ultra sound to verify!!!!!


Denise - September 1

wow that is very high. two weeks after conception with my twins my hcg was 499 and then doubled every other day. so yes that is very high. good luck to you.


Peggy - September 1

Hi guys, I'm a bit scared by the twin news, frankly speaking, we have 1 daughter who 's 2.5 years now and I was only thinking to have a 2nd. The thought of having twins at this pregnancy never crossed my mind and now I'm really worried. I'm pet_te, 5 feel tall and 100 lbs. When I had my daughter she was 6 lb 6 oz and my OB said it was just right "a little bigger she would not be able to come out". I can't imagine what I'll be like with 2 inside now. I'll have to say that these day my worries excceds the excitement. Any of you ever feel so? Thanks.


Mechell - September 3

I found out I was pregnant very early at only 2 weeks. When they tested my HCG count I was 18,000. The doctors tested me again a week later and it was 36,000. Because my stomach was much larger than a friend of mine who is also pregnant and way farther along, I thought there was a possibility of twins. Not only that, I recently miscarried with twins and a molar pregnancy without taking any fertility pills. This time, I took clomid. Just yesterday, I looked at my 20 week sonogram picture and noticed that there is a second baby sitting behind the first and kind of off to the side. Does sonograms show reflections or could this be a false positive?


Carri - September 4

At seven weeks my HCG level was 211,000. When I went in for my 12 week ultrasound the doctor told me he thought I was having twins. He was wrong! There is only one baby. He said sometimes HCG levels are high for no reason.


kj042706 - September 4

I am pretty much in the same boat. I am 7 weeks preg. and had a blood test 2 weeks ago anf the #'s were at 125, had another test done last week and the #'s increased alot, I am now at 12,598 the nurse and dr. were surprised by the number jumpin so drastically and think it is possible for me to be having multiples. He ordered an ultrasound for this wed. to see how many. I am also wondering what you all think. Compared to some of your #'s my don't seem that high but the increase is alot. Please give opinions I am a nervous wreck! Thanks.


tab - September 5

to those who know u r preg with twins, how soon after ov did u start feeling preg symptoms?


Melissa - September 6

To Tab - I felt preg. symptoms about 5 days after conception and tested positive at 10 dpo. Now 36 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins


Danielle - September 8

Hello.... I had my HCG level checked on Aug 31st and they were at 132.... 26 hours later, it was at 370 (so more than doubled) 6 days later (today) they were at 4467... I am only 2 weeks post conception.. Would you say these are high. They have definitely more than doubled. I had my ultrasound today so we know its not a blighted ovum or a molar pregnancy. Yet, we don't know if its twins or not, because its too early. Any thoughts?


Danielle - September 8

Whoops! 31st at 132 and the Sep. 2nd (46 hours later NOT 26) at 370... My correction. But, still high for almost 2 days apart. They thought it should only be about 264 if it doubled in 48 hours... Today they figured it to be at 2100 and it was at 4467.


tab - September 8

help me understand what u mean about conception, I know what u mean , but r u talking about from when u ov or when the egg met the sperm or implantation or all together? I ask, because I read that conception can take as little as 5 days. I am 7 dpo, as of right now, my uterus has been feeling full, my b___st are sore at the nipples, with or without my bra, especially without. I have been sick to my stomache off an on, I was trying to cook my son a hotdog and almost threw up from the smell. Should I be feeling this this early. I don't know if u read any of my other posts, but durring ov, I had extremely sharp pains from both my ov, it lasted for about 2 to 3 days, my husband and I bedded all those days, after that, for a couple of days I had mild cramps in my uterus, now, today, while I am up walking, sitting or lying down, my uterus feels full, a bit fuller than yesterday, and I am still having mild cramps. I know I am not crazy. That's why I am asking about preg symptoms. Whats ur opinion?


Danielle - September 9

tab_ I was talking about from ovulation.. they call that when you conceived.... you know, the day you have s_x... lol... ANyhow... here... I know my exact day. I conceived on Aug. 20/21 (that weekend) and on Aug 31st my HCG was already 132... and then 46 hours later they were 370... then 6 days later it was 4467 and seen it in the ultrasound. Yes, it can take up to "actually" 12 days for implantion. I also had pain from my left ovary around the time I conceived. (ovulated).. but one week later I was pos. on HPT and probably sooner. You should be able to test positive right now if you take one. If not today within the next couple days. Let us know what it says. Best of luck!!


tab - September 9

thanks danielle. :) If I continue to fell the way I am feeling, I will give in and test the coming friday, I told some of the girls I was going to wait it out, but the symptoms I am having r definitely there.Its not my mind. Did u pee often in the day time and at night? I am not one that use it a lot, I normally pee maybe twice a day or 3 times depending on how much I drink and not at all at night, but its been opposite, 2 to 3 times at night and 4 or 5 times a day.


tab - September 9



Danielle - September 9

tab_ they say that the frequent urination from pregnancy is due to your uterus expanding and putting pressure on your bladder. You don't usually get that for about a month or later. So, I don't think that would be related. The rest of your symtoms could be because your going to get your AF... but, let us know what the results say



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