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cindydee - July 7

Alright, so this is my second time having a child. I came late on deciding on whether i wanted to keep this child so i postponed on seeing a doctor. By the time I had my first ultrasound i was 19 wks pregnant. They only detected one fetus but when I went to see my doctor, they said my child weighed about 2.73 pounds at this time. Which I think is ALOT! I'm a very pet_te woman 4'10. Also I have not yet heard my baby's heartbeat yet because my obstetrician is booked till next week. Could this just be a very large baby or twins?


freebird - July 7

If I had to guess i would say it's more likely one large baby. It would be really tough for a baby to hide at 19 weeks. Also, I think they way they estimate the size of the baby is by measuring certain body parts so I guess if they told you the baby is 2.73 pounds that's probably based on the measurements they took of the baby they saw. Is it possible that you're farther along that you think you are?


cindydee - July 7

thank you free bird, yes I thought of that as well, but then wouldn't the notice that during the ultrasound? thank you for ur response though


twins4us - July 10

cindy could you have misunderstood your Dr.? average weight for babies at 19 weeks 9.7oz......your baby is WAY bigger than that. 2.75lbs is the average weight of a baby who is 29 weeks. At 19 weeks it is close to impossible to miss twins as twins don't shadow each other 100% of the time so the tech in the course of a 45 min sono would have seen two heads, too many limbs for one baby, two placentas and or umbilical cords and two hb.


cindydee - July 13

twins4us I know... Nope's i'm pretty sure my doctor said 2.73 pounds... my husband and I were shocked? perhaps I am farther along then they think?


freebird - July 17

I would definitely ask the doc to verify the weight and also how far along you may be. At my las u/s at 23 weeks my twins were weighing 1.5lbs each and the doctor thought that was an excellent weight. At 20 weeks they were under a pound which was also on the high end of normal. twins develop at the same rate as singletons, they tend to be smaller at birth though because they're born early so often.



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