Twins In Both Sides Of My Family

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Naomi - October 25

i recently found out that there are twins on both sides of my family. I am only 15 weeks but everyone thinks i am either having twins or i am farther along than the doctor says i am anyone got any insight?


Miss - October 25

Hi Naomi :) I have some questions for you.... 1. Why do people say that you are having twins? 2. Has the dr. done a cervix check? 3. Have you had an U/S? 4. When was your last menstrual cycle? 5. The twins on your side of the family...are they fraternal? If fraternal twins do run on your side, it's entirely possible that you are having twins. Good luck and keep us posted! :)- Miss


Naomi - October 26

yes they are all fraternal twins. I go for an ultrasound on the 2nd. no cervix check. i look like i am about 6 months pregnant. my last menses was on the 14th of july for like 4 days which was strange but they are counting it as a period. plus i have felt movement just below my rib cage, which seems very bizare for 15 weeks.


Erin - October 26

Naomi, we'll have to keep up with each other. I'm 13 weeks along and popped out a week ago. I look like I'm much farther along and everyone is saying the same thing to me. I've also heard two heartbeats with my home doppler, but it isn't confirmed as a twin pg yet. I will be discussing it with my OB at my appt next Wednesday. Good luck to you!


Miss - October 26

How exciting that you will be finding out only next week! I know it seems like forever to wait...especially when you wanna know now! HAHA I would definitely ask your OB-GYN to do a cervical exam. I was measuring 12 weeks and was only 7 weeks preggo at the time which is why they ordered an early U/S for me and we saw 2 sacs right away. I'm very excited for you both and can't wait to hear whether you're having twins. Good luck!!!!! :)- Miss


naomi - November 3

Just an update the doctor only heard one heart beat but she says that i am big for how far along i am, she scheduled an ultrasound for the 11th to insure there is only one and what it is! will be sure to keep you all posted! Erin let me know how you made out!


Naomi - November 11

Well we are having one little Boy! oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!! This one makes 3 Collin is 8, Sean is 5, and this one is 18 weeks!


Miss - November 12

Naomi....Congratulations on your boy! And thank you for the update. I'm sorry it's not twins, but happy that he seems healthy. Good luck! :)- Miss


Ms E - November 13

I am 36 I have four kids. Ihave twins on both sides of my family.I'm 9 weeks I feel like I'm about 12 weeks. I wonder if I'm having twins.


kate - December 7

The father determines the s_x, the mother determines how many!So if you are a twin or sibling, on it is quite possible.Age has a factor too, the older you get the higher the chances for multiples.


HEATHER - December 7

Hi all! I am currently 24weeks carrying twin girls. I know in the first part of my pregnancy i felt movement early on I started showing quickly. These are my first and I am 30. and have both identical and ferternal twins on my mom side. So I think that anything is possible. Now can anyone tell me why times to go by so slow when your pregnant


Elaine - December 7

I agree Heather! Time goes by WAY too slow! I am very large for 15 weeks, that I am and twins run in my family also. I would love to have twins, although my husband is petrified. I want to know so badly, but the midwives that I see said there's nothing they would do anyway, so I have to wait another week for an exam. Time goes by SOOOO SLOWW!



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