Twins When Did You Start Showing

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april09 - September 4

This is my second pregnancy, first was a single baby and we are now expecting twins which was a surprise. For those of you pregnant with twins or who have had twins, when did you start showing? Was it your first pregnancy? Any other advice? Thanks!


ANAROSA - September 8

sorry for asking did you use clomid and how did you fealt the first weeks


april09 - September 9

I did not use clomid or anything else, twins were a total surprise for my husband and I. Breast tenderness, tiredness, and nausea seemed more pronounced early on with this pregnancy than with my first. The b___st tenderness and nausea are almost completely gone now (just within the last week or so) so I'm scared something is wrong.


woebketwin1 - September 10

I have 6 month old twin girls. I did not start really showing til about 6 months and then it seemed like I just exploded. The best advice I can give is to be sure and get lots of protein. I had a 16ounce protein shake with a banana EVERY morning and my twins were 8.1lbs and 6.15lbs at birth!!! Congrats on your twin pregnancy!!


drea - September 11

hi april, this is my 2nd pg also. I have a 2 yr old and am currently 36wks with twins (a total surpirse). I dont really remember exactly when I started showing with this pg, but it was definetly earlier. Maybe around 4-5 months. Right now everyone still tells me I dont look like I;m having twins, but they are both over 5 1/2 lbs and I've gained over 50lbs. My doctor tells me I have the perfect body type for twins. All I can say is to get as much rest as you can and drink as much water as you possibly can. It gets pretty hard at the end, especially of you have another lo at home to take care of.


april09 - September 11

Thank you woebketwin1 and drea for the advice, I really appreciate it. If anyone else has any advice please feel free to share. I'm still pretty shocked by the idea of twins but each day it turns more into excitement then I just get worried. I'm just hoping both babies are healthy then I know everything else will be just fine. I've never been so tired in my life but it seems to be getting better as the days go on. I have a wild 2 year old, crazy job, and a dh that is away during the week with work so rest is not really an option until the little on goes to bed. Needless to say I've put a few house chores on the back burner and some nights I'm in bed as soon as the little one is asleep!



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