Two Heartbeats On Both Sides Of The Belly

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Julie - March 20

My doctor found 2 heartbeats on both sides of my belly. Both heartbeats were strong. I am 17 weeks and my doctor said my uterus is measuring large. My docor said it was a 50 percent chance I was having twins. My ultrasound isn't until 2 weeks and I can't move it up. Has anyone had a similiar situation? What was the outcome? I'm going a little nutty...I can't wait to find out!


Michy - March 22

Why can't you have an US? The Dr can do it whenever. I simply asked mine to check it because I felt that I most likely was having it and my husband's family had me all freaked about having twins!..Dr did an US and it showed 2 babies-definitely not what I had expected but a blessing for sure! I don't know why your Dr didn't do an US after hearing 2 probable heartbeats, normally in that case they would do an US to confirm whether it's 1 or more babies. You may want to find out why your Dr didn't do an US in the first place..You want to have a Dr that will listen to you and be able to take you thru your pregnancy making you feel comfortable and knowlegeable about your baby or pregnancy. I'm a hands on type of patient I like to know exactly what's going on and all that. I'm in the medical field so that's probably why I'm the way I am. Good luck!


Julie - March 22

I live in Canada, the healthcare here is pretty slow....there is always a wait for things like US. Also my doctor wanted to wait unitl I was 19 weeks?? I have been calling everywhere trying to get an ultrasound at other places, but I need a referral. I can't stop thinking about it. These next two weeks are going to be very hard. I just want to know.


Mary - March 30

hearing two hb is deceiving as the placenta and umbilical cord both have a pulse not to mention amniotic fluid is very conductive so you can hear two different hb several places in your uterus. This is NOT a reliable way to diagnose twins. The u/s will tell you for sure.


Erin - May 27

Hi Julie! I am in the same boat as you. I live in St. Albert, Alberta. The states are different in the fact that a lot of the doctor's there have u/s machines in their offices and the nurses or doctor's perform them. We have to wait and have them done at a spearate clinic. (My doc just got a 3-d machine installed in his office so maybe I'll get to have more!!!) I am 15 weeks and went for an emergency u/s at 6 weeks for an impending misscarriage. Well, that's how we found out it was twins! I would think my next u/s will be in about 5 weeks....but I have an apointment on Wednesday the first. So, maybe he'll tell me my uterus is measuring huge!!! Good luck to you! Erin



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