Ultrasound Pic Not Sure What To Think

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maybe first time twins mother - November 4

hi ladies, i had an u/s done last mon, and i really think that by the pic there are two babies in there. i see one clear as day, and the other one i see the outline, and it is a completly differant direction than the other one, so i know that it couldnt be a reflection of some sort...so i dont know. i am only 8 and a half weeks now, but at the time of the u/s i was only 7 weeks along. my husband says that he thinks that the doctor would have noticed it, but she is a midwife, and really doesnt do u/s so early unless patients like myself who have miscarried more than once want one to be sure all is well. could she have missed it, and have any of you seen your u/s that early and saw anything that resembled what i am talking about? any help whatsoever would be fantastic! thanks so much!


multiplemom - November 4

I had many early ultrasounds and there was no Doubt what so ever that there was more than one baby, there are a lot of things that cold make it look like you have more than one in there. The midwife would have seen two heart beats at this point and that is hard to miss.


maybe first time - November 4

what else could i be seeing in there? honestly i am really not trying to be argumentative, but i would like to know what else i could be seeing...that would be wonderful...i like to be as educated on pregnancy as i can so that i can do what is best for the baby! thanks so much for responding. and congrats to you on your pregnancy and twins!!!!


Kathy S - November 5

In some cases, they are easy to spot. But not all! I had 1st u/s @ 6.5 weeks=they only saw 1 sac I had 2nd u/s @ 8 weeks=they saw one sac w/one baby in it and that baby had a heartbeat. I specifically asked the ob to make sure there was only one in there (I had that "gut" feeling)...she looked and saw nothing close to indicating another anything. At 12 weeks, I had some spotting so my ob had me come in to check on the baby...that 3rd u/s showed one baby. BUT---> when the baby did a good whole body kick you could just make out something behind it....so after a minute of searching....there was another baby directly behind the first! They do not look like to be identicals, but just happen to be laying one right behind the other. They clearly have seperate placentas. So despite what others may say....yes there can be more than one and just missed on the early u/s. Keep reading around the forums and you will see cases much later on finally finding another baby....one lady told about them finding triplets on her 3rf u/s at 20 some odd weeks!! Lots of factors can contribute....tilted uteruses make it hard for them to see everything, especially with the internal u/s wands....low lying uterus covered by a lot of pelvis bone....babies that somehow line up (like mine :)...and some identicals since they can share a placenta and a sac, so are harder to spot early on....and of course there is just human error, not all drs/obs/midwifes have the same experience and ability to read u/s early on, so they may miss clues others would pick up on. You will know more when you have later u/s's done. I hope it works out however you are hoping for! "God bless!"


maybe first time - November 5

hi kathy s...i really wish that i had a scanner so that i could scan the u/s and show it to someone lol...i REALLY have a strong feeling that there was two, BUT i could really just be seeing things as well. i am happy to know though that it just could have been overlooked, and that if there is in fact two of them, then i am not crazy for even thinking this lol...but again, i could be seeing things, and i am ready and willing to admit it, but i am still curious to know what else it could possibly be. thank you for wishing me the best no matter what, and i wish you the same, congrats on your twin babies! take care!


TripletMom - November 6

"maybe" - I would think that if there was a possibility that you were carrying more than one the midwife would tell you by now. I am sure you are not the first pregnant woman she has seen and/or done an U/S on. Also a another good indicator is how high your HCG levels are. Typically with multiple pregnancies, your HCG would be significantly higher than w/a singleton. Continued health!


maybe first time twins mother - November 9

thanks triplet mom...funny thing is though that with all of my other pregnancies, i didnt show positive results until i was around 7 weeks along, and this time, i was 2 weeks (or 4 however you look at it lol), and found out already...but since my last HCG test, just to make sure that it was doubling, (which it MORE than did), i havent had another one done because we did the u/s and my doctor figured that their wasnt really a point at that time. so i guess that she could have possibly missed it, the u/s was kind of rushed, and she was so excited to see the heartbeat since she thought i wasnt as far along as i turned out to be, but i dont know...i guess that i will just have to wait until next week for my dating u/s to be 100% sure, but thanks for taking the time out to chat with me. good luck to you with your triplets (a__suming your pregnant with 3 by the t_tle of you name!) and congrats!!!!!!!!


TripletMom - November 9

Maybe first time twin mom - Good luck! I believe in a woman's intuition. I too tested positive very early on and 2 sacs were seen at my 5 week ultrasound.... then 3 weeks later another LOL. Keep us posted! Sounds like if your HCG more than doubled, you have a good chance... example mine went from 5,000 at 5 weeks and then 2 days later it was up to 20,000, then up to 80,000 a couple days later...


maybe first time - November 10

WOW tripletmom...yours were really high! i was at 89 at 2 weeks lol...and then over 200 two days later...again, found out really early...and now i am not sure how they look since i have only had the two done, so who knows where i am at at this point, but again, i guess that i will just have to wait and see until next week...i dont know what to think really, but the u/s pic i have is so mind boggling to me. good luck to you with your babies...and keep me posted on your pregnancy...i am sure that at times it may be really hard with 3 in there...talk to you soon!


TripletMom - November 10

I'm sorry, my babies were born this summer. My pregnancy was uneventful. It was fun watching and feeling them all move around at the same time. They were born healthy and continue to thrive!!! Good luck at your dr.'s appt. and update with new info!!! Thanks!


maybe first time - November 10

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! how wonderful it must be to have them with you at home now. i am happy to hear that your pregnancy and delivery was uneventful and went well! i will keep you posted as well.


TripletMom - November 15

Hey "maybe", any word??


hi triplet mom! - November 18

lol...yes i found on on monday that there is only one! i think that it is so funny, because the 2nd circle that i saw that 'looked' like a 2nd little head is actually the yolk sac...this my dear is why i am not an obgyn lol...thanks for checking back in with me to see how everything is...i am just as happy that there is only one as i would be with two, and the fact the heartbeat was so good and strong is a bonus to me as well...i also got my due date, it is june 14th, i am so excited...now i just cant wait to find out what i am having...i have a strong feeling it is a girl, but 8-10 more weeks, and i will know for sure. take care of yourself, and your 3 little ones, and talk to you soon!


Hi Maybe - November 18

Well, glad to hear that you and baby are doing well! How exciting!!!.. I dont know about you, but I had a gut feeling about the s_xes of my babies and I was right.. so maybe you are too!!! Stay well!


ashley - December 3

you could be seeing your ovaries or your bladder they are all donw there



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