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justafeeling - November 25

I had my first ultrasound yesterday (7wk). My doctor found the sac easily enough but took a long time to find the baby inside it because my uterus is 'facing backwards'. Does this mean it would be difficult to see if there is a second baby?


fertilityexpert - November 25

not at all. I do ultrasounds at a fertility clinic and you see all babies right away, and I see retroverted uterus all day long.


Kathy S - November 25

That may be so, but many obs and drs do miss them early on. I had a 6.5 week u/s done in lab w/technician...only saw one sac during scan. Had 2nd u/s 8 days later with ob...she saw one sac containing one baby w/ a heartbeat. At 12 weeks I had a 3rd scan by the same ob...she found the 2nd baby at that time. Hiding right behind the first. I have merely a tilted uterus. My 20 week u/s clearly shows two babies, two sacs, and everything on track. So it is possible to miss the early ones. I have also read many testimonies with similiar u/s results as well. So I know I am not a rarity. I had a gut feeling. Even asked at the 2nd u/s for the doc to make sure there was only one in there...she said yes I looked everywhere and there is only one. Oops! :-) Who knows really why or how they miss them early on, but obviously it does happen. So just relax and wait and see if later u/s reveal anything new. :-)


justafeeling - November 28

Thanks for the info,my next ultrasound will be at 11wks. Congrats Kathy S I'm so happy for you. Did you have any symptoms that made you suspect or was it just the intuition?


Kathy S - November 28

Thanks :-) I did notice that I was showing a lot more than my previous pgs and that I was more physically uncomfortable. I was feeling several months more pregnant than I was supposed to be. :-) Other than that, not much different really. Just an odd kinda scary feeling that there was more than one in there. Let us know how the 11 wk u/s goes. They can see a lot more then! :-) Good luck to you! And congrats on your little blessing too! :-)



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