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BECCA - December 13

Can you see a pregnancy as early as 2 weeks on an ultrasound? If so what would it look like?


BECCA - December 13



BECCA - December 13

Ok then . I have a positive pg test , but would only be at the most 1.5 weeks maybe two. I had a u/s the yesterday for my PCOS symtoms or so I thought... there were what looked like 2-3 little empty looking balck holes..... it would be to early though to see anything wouldnt it?


yas2000 - December 14

those black holes would be sacs are you sure they were there and are you sure of your lmp???cause you wont even be barely see the sacs at 3 weeks...so 1.5 weeks is just literally too early to see anything at all the egg would have just implanted into the uterous or still travelling to it...if you did see 2 sacs the black holse that you describe then yes you have two potential babies on the way providing it all goes well. and you defiantely have your dates wrong and are out by about 2 weeks...as hcg's don't get releaed enough in your system until the egg actually implants and hpt's do not pick it up necessarilty in the first 2 weeks. but did the tech say what those were.... realistically you should barely see anything up until 4 weeks...see sacs at 5 weeks and finally the embryo and if your lucky heartbeats by 6-6.5 weeks as well.. i would a__sume you are only about 4-5 weeks along now...andshould wait or a us at about 6-7 weeks to confirm these pregnancis but i woudl a__sume your tech would have rebooked ou and told you to come back....hope this helps....


TripletMom - December 14

2 weeks pregnant would be a now.. 5 weeks pregnant - very possible


TripletMom - December 14

I mean 2 weeks is too early


... - December 14

The black holes could be anything. Bladder, cysts, ovaries, pockets of blood...etc. Also, it is way to early to tell if there is a baby let alone twins.


tHANK YOU - December 14

Thank you . I took a pg test and it came back negative so it must have been somthing else . I am still waiting to hear the results from my doc today . Thanks again


andrea - December 28

i need answers to when i conceived?im 18 weeks 3days is it from july 11th or sept? please


sono tech - January 4

to-andrea if you are 18 wks 3 days. your date of conception was sept 9 or around that day. and your lmp was aug 25.


Linda - January 4

My ultrasound when they checked my ovaries, there were 3 black holes, they were cysts, i'm pretty sure the number of cysts correlated to the number of eggs released. They are totally different looking to the pcos cysts that look like a ring of pearls, these ones (the black holes) are bigger and not in string form HTH



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