Unprescribed Clomid 2

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kimkhan - July 8

hi there first time posting here, im looking into purchasing clomid have 3 children been trying to concieve for a year and its not working:( im scared as i have no idea how to take clomid or even what to do i know about side affects and all that,is there someone who could help please?(would love twins}


waitingandpraying - July 12

I would go to your obgyn. If you have been trying for a year then they will most likely put you on clomid. I would be cautious ordering it on line because you really never know what you are getting. My doctor prescribed me clomid because after my son was stillborn at 22 weeks I was trying and over a year still not pregnant again. I started my first round of clomid in June and got a positive on June 29th on 50 mg taken cycle day 3-7. Yes there is some side effects on clomid such as headaches, severe cramps and hotflashes. Good luck to you


Leara - August 1

Sounds like you dont want to go to your Dr because you know you are ovulating and really just want clomid because you want to have twins. People get all grumpy if you only want clomid to get twins! It really isnt hard to get clomid. You go to your doctor, you say you have been trying for a year and dont think you are ovulating, they send you for a day 21 progesterone test, which if you want it to look like you arent ovulating then you change the dates of your period so that the day 21 test is actually done on one of the days before ovulation. So if you ovulate day 14 then do the 21day test on day 13 but tell the doctor that day 13 is day 21. SHock horror LIE. The results will come up as 'not ovulating' and chances are you will be prescribed clomid. Please DONT buy it online, you dont know what you are getting is actually clomid. You dont know whether or not you will have a bad effect from taking clomid, like hyperstimulation of the ovaries(this, although rare can be fatal) It is safer to be monitored. Even if you are fat and think the doctor wont prescribe it to you because you are fat, chances are they will, or there will be one you find who will. Just go to your Doctor.



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