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shebastacey - July 27

Hi Everyone, I took my first round of unprescribed Clomid starting on July 17th, cycle days 5 through 9. I was incredibly nervous but took 1 pill, 50 mg, for the 5 days. The only side effect I had was the occassional hot flash in the middle of the night. I took the pill at 10 pm and fell promptly asleep. So the pill did make me drowsy. This is my 2nd cycle TTC. I'm taking the un/p clomid 1) because I'm impatient and 36 years old and 2) I really would like twins. I already have 18 and 17 year old sons born when I was a dumb as a box of hammers. My oldest son is off to college this fall so I'm definitely having empty-nest syndrome. If I get pregnant, this will be my third (or fourth) baby/ies and my current husband's first. He's 41 years old. We've been married 9 years. This is part confessional and part informational as I have not told a soul what I'm doing. I ordered the clomid online from garagesale.com and from a Mexican pharmacy. I have enough clomid to take it for year, but of course I won't do that. I'll update you as I go along on this cycle. So far not much has happened. My CM has been fine. No headaches or any more hot flashes. Today is the first day I felt a slight and I mean slight twinge on my left side. I probably wouldn't have noticed it but I've been paying rapt attention to every little twitch since I've been TTCing since May. I'm also taking: Geritol Complete 800 mcg of extra Folic Acid Flaxeed Omega-3 Oil for baby's brain Vitamin D for baby's bones 81 mg Bayer low dose aspirin 600 mg Mucinex I will tell my BFF just in case I have medical emergency. BTW I tried the temping but my temperatures are all over the place. I am doing the Answer Daily ovulation tracker, but I haven't be doing it every day. The two days I took the test I didn't get a dark line only a really faint one. I did BD on the 12th, 13th, and 14th day of my cycle. Today is my husband's day off. Then we will BD on the 16th, 17th, 19th and 21st days of my cycle. I'll keep you posted.


crazybaby - July 28

hi where do you get clomid from im in england and would like some we cant get it here how do you know its real clomid


crazybaby - July 28

hi sorry just read where you got it from


shebastacey - July 29

I recommend getting the Clomid from freegaragesale.com. In their medical section most of sellers are women who got a BFP and have left over meds they no longer need.


donna1 - August 15

good luck


edpedrn - August 17

Keep us posted! I hope to TTC jan/feb 08, am reading all posts and keeping my options open. Baby dust to all!


shebastacey - August 19

Hi Everyone, This cycle was a bust. What I can tell you is the Clomid made my cycle longer taking it from CD 5-9. I'm usually 32 days but my period came on day 36. I did ovulate based on my temps, but I ovulated very late in my cycle on CD26. We stopped BDing on CD 21. Should have kept going. But I wasn't doing OPKs. But I will use OPKs this 2nd cycle on Clomid. I'm taking the 50 mg again but from CDs 2 - 6. I hope I O earlier than last cycle but just in case I'm going to BD every other day from CD10 to CD28. My husband is already psyching himself up for those two weeks. LOL. I still have not had an side effects from the Clomid. No headaches and 1 hot flash for the entire cycle.


bump - August 27



edpedrn - August 28

Shebastacey, than you for being so candid...your confessional/informational post makes us all closer to you. I'm sorry about your first cycle, I will be anxiously awaiting your next try. Thanks again! ***lots of baby dust to you***


CLOMID USER - August 29



shebastacey - August 30

Hi Everyone, Well I took the Clomid CD 2 - 6, I'm now on Cycle Day 14 but haven't Oed yet based on my temp and the Clearblue Digital OPK. So far I BDed on the CDs 9 and 12 and will BD today and every other day until the end of this cycle. My husband is thrilled. The more the better. LOL. I'm really feeling like this will be the cycle. I'm a bit leery of online pharmacies and always think I'm going to get busted by the fertility drug police but I receommend FreeGarageSale.com and mexmeds4you.com.


PreciousBaby19 - September 1

hiya..i would like to ask you a few quesitons..i'm sorry that this month was a bust...but i'm on cycle day 23 and i still haven't O'd yet..i'm not taking clomid..but i have a unusually long cycle since i lost my twins in april and then had a chemical pregnancy in may...i was only 9 weeks with the twins and 4 weeks or so with the one in may...i have just started tempinga nd swas woundering if you would like to chat..i'm finding it extremely difficult..i've ben ttc for like a year now and well....this is my first cycle with temping and would jsut like to talk along with you...if you wish..let me know and maybe we can set something up....let me know


redordead - September 5

Hello I am also new to this site, I am planning to take Clomid next year to hopefully conceive twins - selfish I know, but hubbie has said no more babies, I will be able to persuade him for one more but not two and I do not want three children. I know already that those who cannot have any will send responces, and I do understand how they feel, if I did not have bad pregnancies I would be a surogate mother as I would like to help. I have spent ages on the internet before I purchased my clomid. I researched the drawbacks twin rates and the problems a__sociated with twin births. I am well prepareed and I have just started charting my fertility read. I wish you all luck in ttc and will continue to read this forum to check how you are all doing!


shebastacey - September 12

Hi Everyone, Hi Precious Baby. I'm so sorry for your losses. The babycenter.com has a great board for those TTC after a loss. It's the most helpful and supportive board I have ever seen. Can't imagine what it would be like to try to conceive after a devasting loss. Nothing new on my end. I'm in the two week wait. I only started temping last cycle and believe my O date is on CD21, but on Clomid it was moved to CD23. This is only my 2nd cycle temping so I'm still getting the hang of it. If you are going to take unprescribed fertiltiy drugs be sure to temp, use OPKs ( I recommend First Response Easy-Read Ovulation Test) and keep a diary of your daily symptoms like bloating, ga__sy, pain, cramps, etc. This way you'll know if the Clomid is working from temping and OPKs and you have a complete description if something goes wrong and you have to go to the doctor. If the doctor is disappointed because you took u/p drugs F-em, tell them you're disappointed because they keep raising their rates every six months. That'll shut them up.


PreciousBaby19 - September 13

thankx you so much..i would like it if i could talk more with you..you seem very nice and very well informed..i would never take a drug without knowing what to do if something goes wrong..i believe i would need to know everything before taking it because it is such and expensive and i believe a bit dangerous...i am not wishing for another set of twins and i am not wishing for triplets..i'm wishing for one healthy baby...and i'm hoping that this is my month..this is a natural cycle i'm on now...i'm 10dpo and i ovulated on cycle day 25..i know..late..i have a longer cycle..its just very frustrating with a longer cycle because its so long tow ait to try again when you fail...anyway..i would love to talk more with you..do you have msn or an email?


rizzoh - September 20

Great site thank you for all the info you have shared. My husband and I would like to have twins and are on 150 mgs of clomid. Does anyone know if there is an additional spike in the LH level if two folicals are released?


irishsweetie2003 - September 28

I just ordered Clomid (generic) online. I too have unusual periods and was told by the RE that I had immature eggs. My periods are funny, comming between 21-36 days apart, so she said clomid at 100mg would help increase my chances of developing healthy eggs. My insurance only covers the diagnosing and not the treatment of infertility. My RE gave me the best advise she could on what I would be taking to get PG, and told me that although she can't monitor me to watch the follicles, to test often for PG, and then if I have complications what so ever, to come in for testing. But because of my insurance, she couldn't do any thing else. The phamacy was rediculusly priced, and I found a place online that sold the same thing from the phamacy with out perscriptions. Most phamacies get their perscriptions over seas, and then they jack up their price for profit and to pay the taxes. The only reason why these drugs are not usually accepted unperscribed is because the government can't tax them..... Any how, my med will be here with in the next week or so.... I'll take them the second or thrid week of October. I'm looking to start a support group..... So those whole a religious and want to voice snotty remarks, have no buiness conversing with us. If you don't aprove, don't comment and go to a site that involves your lack of support. This is a support site for those who need it, and a place to get answers to our questions. If we wanted your opinions about what you think is wrong or right, we'd visit your hypacritical sites... I will bump out any one who has a non-productive negative thing to say to these ladies.... So, ladies, are you in on the support group? -100mg generic clomid -Mucinex 1 time in mourning -1 81mg asprin As perscribed by my DR



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