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Teddyfinch - November 26

irish: i know what you mean. i followed meg's post in the other forums and i was on pins and needles waiting lol. for me, though, i'll be happy even if af shows up because i'll know the clomid made me ovulate and that would be a start for me. my husband has always taught me to find the silver lining and dang it i'm gonna lol. i'll definitely keep you updated, though. i went to bed late last night but my mother called me this morning to pick my father up from work so i got a grand total of about 4 hours of sleep lol. i might crash here in a bit for another couple of hours but it's already so late. dh and i are ready for a baby, i'd say. we're not rich, but then again i've been told repeatedly that if you wait to have a baby until you can afford it, you'll never have one. and we're living pretty comfortably right now anyway. we live in an apartment, but we choose to. it's nice to tell the landlord a problem needs to be fixed and it doesn't cost extra. mat (dh) and i don't have any kids yet, and we sometimes talk about how we'd tell our parents. it would be hard because we want to tell them at the same time but his parents live in australia so we'd have to get them both on the phone at the same time i guess lol. and then after that i'll let my mother tell everyone. i'm not speaking to my aunts and uncles because when i had a renewal of vows with my hubby on our 1st anniversary (we got married in australia and were in the states for our 1 year so we did a ceremony so my family could be there) i sent out 60 invitations to family and friends, and the only people who showed up, other than mom, dad, sisters, mat and me, were his friends from work. none of my relatives could take the 30 seconds to call me and let me know they couldn't make it, so we sat there like idiots waiting for the family that never showed up. i was and still am p__sed because they all showed up to my big sisters wedding. so if they never know, i could care less lol. anyway, though, i'm so glad you're doing well. i'll keep praying for you and hopefully we'll be able to be partners in crime lol.


jennifer_33106 - November 26

The one who said that was me thank you adn it was a fake post. So kiss my rump! haha We talk about things other then pregnancy in order not to go crazy about it. Oh and I hear you are pregnant Irish so congrats to you! You should all make a part 2 to your thread here. This one is long. Actually Irish, I did have a problem with Fertility and took Clomid. I was under the inpression that you guys here were all taking it purely for multiples. I get offended and p__sed off when people do that because because I was one of the ones who needed it.


jennifer_33106 - November 26

impression* I caint spil fer nothun


irishsweetie2003 - November 26

jennifer_33106: Thank you g=for your well wishes... I too don't agree with people taking clomid to have twins, but they will do it... I like having a site like this to be open to evey one with questions... It helps so every one has a place to turn to, no matty why they are using the clomid. I remember a while a back, a girl came on here to ask about some strange sympthoms she was having... A girl came on here and hara__sed her saying she would go to jail for taking it unperscribed and fromt he internet... I convinced her to tell her Dr about the clomid... Turned out she had an hyperstimulated ovary and if she hadn't gotten the curage to tell the Dr about the clomid, he would've cut the ovary out of her even though it was perfectly healthy because he would've mistaken it for PCOS... Instead he was able to reverse the damage... It doesn't matter why people come on here to me, ust so long as they come on here.... I will probably start a new thread soon...


Dinks - November 26

Irish I think you should start a new thread, pehapes in trying to concieve and let me know where, I do it expect im not very good with these things!


irishsweetie2003 - November 26

Dinks: most likely I will very soon... Probaby after I get my beta levels as possibly an advocate for those considering or taking clomid.... Just so people have some one to talk to and to possibly give hope.... When I do, I'll post the site here for every one to fallow....


irishsweetie2003 - November 27

Well, the level only went up to a 603... It doubled, but took three days.... It's still with in range, but low and has me going back for more blood work tomarrow and yet anouther two day wait before I know any thing. I really hate this..... I'm going up, but the fear is that it's not quick enough or sufficient enough, and it might not be enough to sustain the prgnacy... Say a prayer....


Teddyfinch - November 28

ok so today is cd31 for me. i called my doc yesterday and she told me i was supposed to come in on cd21 for progesterone bloodwork. i let her know that no one had called me or let me know when i got the clomid so she's keeping me on 50mg for next month and bloodwork at day 21. she also told me that she will only have me on it for a max of 3 months, so pretty much let's hope 50 or 100 does it because if they don't, then i'm SOOL. i don't even think we have a reproductive endocrinologist in this town. anyway, she told me to not get excited until day 45-50 about us possibly being pregnant so i have to wait another 15-20 days before we should test. as if i'll be able to wait that long. but i dunno. i guess i do have pcos. i don't have a lot of facial hair, but i do get the occasional 4 or 5 whiskers before af gets here. i got 1 today, so i guess she's on her way, unless you can still get them and be preggy. anyone know about that? irish: i still have everything crossed for you. let us know how everything goes.


irishsweetie2003 - November 28

lol so you grow a mustache as a sign of AFLOL It's kewl.... Things aren't the greatest here either. The baby is in jepardy, and so could I. My betas are still very low, and I have abdominal pain. We're not sure what's going on, so we're running tons of tests. I'll keep you posted though. I do anouther beta tomarrow, and I have an apointment friday which is the day after tomarrow... Wish me luck...


ashgirl - November 28

Irish - I hope everything will be OK for you. I just got my Clomid in the mail today... finally. So, it took a while to arrive, but I should be able to start taking it next cycle. I have a questions for you ladies w/PCOS. Can is cause your cycles to be extra short? I've been all over the place since my ectopic/surgery, but I think my body shoudl have had plenty of time to adjust by now. My cycle this past month was only 24 days... when it used to be like clock work every 28 days.


Teddyfinch - November 28

lol i wouldn't say i get a mustache lol goofy. i just get a couple of whiskers under my chin lol. like near my neck. although dh does get jealous...lol jk! well we'll keep you and your beanie in our prayers. let us know how everything goes.


Dinks - November 30

Irish: I hope everything is okay for you. Sending you all the luck and hope in the world. Thinking positive is a great healer


irishsweetie2003 - November 30

I'm getting ready to go see the OB.... Today might be D-day. (Dicision Day). Don't know how the blood tests went yesturday. But I hope they've kicked into gear finally and I can progress now. But if not, then we have to find out what's wrong and why the hormones aren't moving along the way they need to. Although I have heard of pregnacies that went fine without doubeling, they were at least over 1,000 when they slowed to a crawl. in a day in a half my level only went from 603-622. Not really much progress. We've waited two days inbetween, so I'm going mad wondering what's going on. No cramping sense the emergency room, and I haven't bled at all through this whole thing. I can only hope for the best and prepair for the worst.


Dinks - December 3

Just to keep you guys updated on my progress, I think i may have started my first peroid in 2 years so very excited. Hopefully it means that i ovulated! If so this cycle has lasted about 40 days! I hope everyone is ok, keep us informed.


Teddyfinch - December 3

grats dinks and where's irish? i need to know what's been going on with her. i'm dyin here!


sarah35 - December 5

where did everyone go??? i know IRISH suggested a new site but i didnt see any posts regarding where the link was. Can anyone tell me--i miss chatting and listening to you all....



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