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sarah35 - December 5

where did everyone go??? i know IRISH suggested a new site but i didnt see any posts regarding where the link was. Can anyone tell me--i miss chatting and listening to you all....


irishsweetie2003 - December 5

I'm still in limbo here. Dr's are beside them selves not knowing what is going on. I will keep every one updated... Have anouther ultrasound tomarrow and more blood work. Hopefully this set will give us a better insight. Sorry I haven't posted lately, but being in and out of emergency rooms for spotting, and no explanation of what's going on, has be sort of out of it. Congradulations Dinks on your first period in 2 years. So, it looks like the clomid is working, give it two more cycles and if you don't start regulating more, then increase it so it can help you ovulate sooner. Definately invest in some thing other then the pee strips.... Might help you better in finding out if you are ovulating and when you ovulate.


hope-31 - December 5

irish,clearly i have much better things to do since i am not on this everyday to hear you talk.i never pointed a finger at anyone specifacally and if you have a rx then more power to you i speak only to people who do not have rx and take it just to have 2,3,or4 babies.geez dont get your undies in a bunch.


Teddyfinch - December 6

psssst! she's not on here every day either. she's been in the hospital trying to not lose her baby. how far back does your reply refer to?


hope-31 - December 6

its a post from 11/26.i hope all is well with her and the baby.i didnt know she was pregnant again.i only read where she got pregnant and m/c .i was just stating that i never did say she specifally didnt have a script,just defending myself and clarifying. : )


irishsweetie2003 - December 7

Dear Ladies, It looks like I'm loosing my baby. After a hopeful ultra sound and seeing a gestational sac, I started heavily bleeding and severe contracting today. I'm in alot of pain, both physical and emotional. I really wish I had a happy ending for you ladies. My Dr did say it had nothing to do with Clomid, that I should be able to start all over agan in a month or so. I'll keep in contact with all you ladies. It ain't over till the fat lady sings. I'll be d__ned if I do all this in vain. I will be back to try to concieve again. I will prbably start a newer post in a month or so when I start my clomid, untill then.... This is where I will stay to support the people who need some one to talk to.... No ill will Hope-31. I hope you find happiness, and I pray you understand this forum better, and don't think that we're a bunch of druggies taking major risks and trying to skip medical treatment. We wish nothing bad for you, so please... Just wish us all the best of luck, because right about now...... Negativity is the last thing I want to hear.... I have enough pain with out hearing some one wanting to snap at me for listening to these poor girls who have no place else to turn..... Ladies, I'm still here with my ear... Even if it's not every day. I will try to post and listen as often as possible....


hope-31 - December 7

so sorry for your loss.i do not wish anyone il will,never have and never will.everyone is ent_tled to their opinion and that was mine. it was never directed to you.it was just a thought to those who take it just to get a lot of babies and their have been people who have said that and never showed anything to back them selves up like any form of fertility problems etc.. i hope to hear soon that you are expecting as do i hope to be expecting and we can chat about our fat bellies. i do believe it will happen for us,for all of us.


sarah35 - December 7

IRISH- truly sorry for your loss. you will be in my thoughts. talk soon when you are feeling more up to it.


Dinks - December 9

Irish: Im sorry to hear that things aren't all well. Things never seem to go to plan do they! I am hoping that there is rhyme and reason to it all. I am very confused with my body at the moment, I started bleeding, but it was only a small amount ( and sorry TMI coming) and very dark looking, it seemed like old blood. It only lasted a few days. I would have thought that because i havent had anything for 2 years that it would have been loads and lasted ages. I dont think im up to taking clomid yet, but then Im worried that if I dont take it soon I wont get another period. I cant cope with the thought of those bloody headaches again, i guess it is never mean't to be easy. I hope that there is some good news out there to inspire me to take the clomid again!


irishsweetie2003 - December 10

Well ladies, I'm healing s well as can be exspected. This month will be my month of healing. My husband has been a great support system and is ready to do his job when his duty calls. So am I.... well, some what.... It still hurts, remembering looking at the sack that was supposed to hold my baby that I was so excited and hopeful about. But, I just have to realize that it's not like I can't get pregnant again, and being that I didn't have a DC... I can start trying sooner then most women. So after my first period, I will back to taking my clomid again. Thank you ladies for all your continued support.... Dinks: I think that might've been your first period.... It's not going to be a gushing mess sense it's been so long. I hope you started your next round of clomid already... Keep on your system and keep jump starting it untill you either get PG or your body starts to flow on it's own. Hope 31: I hope our whole room will be full of fat bellies soon. I don't look at this loss as a complete failer, after all..... The clomid did work. I did get pregnant. So, I can get pregnant, and it's not like a lost a whole baby. It was a sack which meant that there wasn't a baby inside, which meant that it wasn't a baby at all so although I was pregnant, my body realized there wasn't a baby and let it go... I guess I would've been a complete disaster if I had actually seen a baby or heard a baby, but there wasn't any thig but a sack. If any thing, I should be proud that my body held onto some thing like that for so long. If it held on to nothing but a sack for that long. Immagine what it will do with a real baby. So, I'm ready come next month to start trying again... Still it's hard, but not as hard as it could be.


sphinx - December 10

Irish, I have a question for you... did you get pregnant from the clomid on quality generics website? I need to get a different medication and I'm considering getting it there because I ran out of refills and I don't want to have to pay for the doctor visit plus the meds. I just wanted to be sure that they are real meds. so, did you got regular side effects and everything, too? I'm sorry about your pregnancy loss. But the positive side is that you know you can get pregnant.


irishsweetie2003 - December 10

sphinx: Yes I ordered the drugs from quality generics online. It took two weeks to come from India. Yes, this recent pregnacy was done while on clomid.... The clomid is not the reason I misscarried, but a chromosonal defect caused from being on birthcontrol for sooooo many years.... The birth control retards you eggs and it takes a few cycles of ovulating and releasing an egg to get rid of the bad ones. Although I was ovulating, I wasn't releasing an egg because of the birthcontrol I had been on was still telling my body to not release an egg. So recently (obviously) my body has started to release eggs. The first fertilied egg died with in days of finding out it implanted. This one lasted 8 weeks and created a nice gestaqtional sack, but no baby. I believe that this next cycle after I get a period will be the start of a more posative time and the next shot will be three times the charm.... On clomid, I had the normal side effects... I got warm flashes, not really hot because I always feel cold.LOL I had some foggy headedness, some mild constant head aches, and then my favorite...... Major ovulation pain, but ended as soon as I finished ovulating. So I know it helped me release an egg.... So, yes... quality generics is where I got it from, and when you do get it from there. They will ask you a bunch of questions to see if you qualify for it. For a 6 month supply, it was $44 including shipping for 100mg.


sphinx - December 12

Thanks for all your info Irish! I'm not looking to buy Clomid tho. I need a different perscription. Oddly enough, they approved me without any questions... I a__sume because I already had a prescription for the drug I needed (but it was expired.) I figured if your Clomid was real then the medicine I need will probably be real, too. I ordered the medicine I needed and it was about $114 for a one month supply but when I buy it here its about twice as much, plus I need a doctor visit to get the script refilled. Thanks again for sharing and good luck with your baby-making.


rizzoh - December 14

Irish and Spinxs: Hello I am not new here but newer to this thread. I was wondering if you had gotten and e-gold account or bought directly from Quality Generics. Any input would be appreciated.


irishsweetie2003 - December 14

I bought directly fromthe company.. There's anouther company that is pretty good that's located out of mexico. I found anouther sit at mexmeds4you. They've worked for some people on line..... As for me, I'm taking clomid again.... I figured that even though I'm not trying, it will jump start my cycle so I have a regular period. If I get PG, well so be it... But I'm just going to feel it... No ov watch.... Just good old fationed feling for ovulaton (which wasn't hard last month) and using last month's journal t track how long after my last pill did I hit my fertile day. If I get Pg then more power to me, but if I don't that's kewl.... I just don't wanna waste a cycle... They say you're even more fertile after a m/c and the Dr's said I was early enough, that the m/c didn't casue enough damage enough to have to wait for any amount of time. The just said no s_x for a week after the m/c.... So, here we are.... I'm starting a new forum, and once I do, I will post the t_tle here...


irishsweetie2003 - December 14

Unperscribed clomid *with perscription* This is the new name to my new topic line.... All are welcome..... Except hypacrits and people who have rottent hings to say.... I'll see ya there.



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