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irishsweetie2003 - December 14

Unperscribed clomid *with perscription* This is the new name to my new topic line.... All are welcome..... Except hypacrits and people who have rottent hings to say.... I'll see ya there.


sphinx - December 14

rizzoh, I'm not sure what the e-gold card is. I paid with my visa card on the quality generics site but I have not received my medicine yet. I opted for standard shipping so who knows how long that will take.


jennifer_33106 - December 17

Hey Irish I am sorry to hear that. I was checkin in here on you from time to time. I know it dosent really help to hear but I have heard that after a m/c it is easier to get pregnant again. I pray you get your baby soon.


Irishsweetie2003 - December 18

Yeah, supposably because the cervix is so open, it allows more sperm to get through.... After my chemical pregnacy, I got PG the very next month. I wasn't on Clomid when I had the chemical pregnacy. I just think it's rotten luck right now, and then I should get PG again real soon. We're not actually trying real hard this month. We're having s_x when we want to, which is alot more often then when we were trying.LOL And I took the clomid to jump start my system. It's been difficulat though, especially when I had to hand over the tissue from the m/c for testing. I can't believe I actually got choked up over having to hand it over.... Probably just hormones working over time there. My beta tests are showing every thing dropping nicely and I already feel ovulation aproaching.... So if I don't get PG this month.... I'kll start my reginmin next month and go at it full force. Untill then, I'm ust going to focus on my connection with my husband... Be thankful for what I have.... and wait for the next round .....


rizzoh - December 19

Irish and spinx: thank you for getting back to me. I think I will try that siteif I need a next order. I won't worry about going through the e-gold.


irishsweetie2003 - December 19

Well, I'm ovulating... Did a strip test sense I'm not using my ovwatch..... Wasn't sure if I wanted to give it a go this month... I'm seriously considering it now..... So, sense I got a posative this mourning, I think I might get a dontation tonight and see what happens... I took the clomid this cycle from cd3-8 this time because I was making sure that my betas were dropping and I was truely miscarrying. So on the third day it was confirmed I had lost the fetus, actually it was just a gestational sack because the fetus never formed. I hear you're even more fertile after you miscarry.... Maybe this will be my chance.... Maybe this will be it....


sarah35 - December 19

irish--my fingers r crossed 4 u. i think i o'd yesterday but my only bd went bad cause he lost his place and im not sure how much i got?:-( will keep you all updated. baby dust 2u***********


luvmytwins - December 19

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share with you what worked for me. My Clomid was perscribed, but I have NEVER been monitored on ANY cycles....so who knows what "catagory" I fall in to, perscribed or unperscribed.....personally I could care less and don't think anyone should be judged weather you get your meds from a Dr. or not......it's your business. Anyways~ Okay it took me 5 years and 6 Dr., many cycles of 50mg. Then at 150mg I got pregnant, ended up with severe OHSS and a miscarriage. 6 months later, I took 100mg clomid days 2-6, and 1700 mg Metformin and got pregnant with my twin boys. Now we decided to try again and I took 100mg of Clomid days 1-5 and 1700mg of Metformin and am now pregnant with Triplets.....just found out today. I have PCOS. I have read that the earlier you take it the more eggs you produce and the later better quality and for me I wasen't ovulating when I would take it days 5-9 or 4-8. Good luck to all of you, I hope you get all the babies your hearts desire, I know I have been EXTREAMLY blessed!


Teddyfinch - December 19

lol we're not out to judge you. wait until someone bites on you before getting so defensive. i'm in the same boat. my doctor places blame on me for not knowing i needed day 21 bloodwork and she never calls me back so i'm pretty much unmonitored until my new doctor's appointment in january. maybe i will go for 3-7 because my doc will probably keep me on 50mg for another month.


luvmytwins - December 20

LOL, oh I see what your talking about. I wasen't talking about ME being judged, like I said I could care less. I was talking about people who take it unperscribed and then people who judge them. I think itswrong that they get judged for it.


irishsweetie2003 - December 20

luvmytwins : Congradualtions on your success, and here's a a healthy pregnacy *toast luv*. Don't worry, I think we chased those other girls off. sarah35: Sorry about the accident during BD.... I'm fortunate enough to have a true aimer.LOL Then I hold in all the dontation with the instead cup... I went ahead and BD last night, used my last packet of preeseed, and used my instead cup. I know this sounds horrible, but for the first time in years..... I have over flowing CM that was egg white which is prime for TTC..... I was dumb founded, and pray it all works.... Still merinating with my instead cup this mourning from last night.... So we'll see in two weeks.... Let me tell you... Those pee sticks are so tricky. Luckily I was testing twice a day. 1 mourning and one afternoon. I caught the surge and pos OPT yesturday mourning, and by night fall, it was negative.... So I know I ovulated yesturday for sure. But if I wasn't testing twice a day, I would've missed it completely. Teddyfinch: I would definately continue... I might even try increasing the dose on my own if I were you. You could be at this for a long time. Most people don't get results untill 100mg doses. That's why my Dr jump started me streight into 100mg.


sarah35 - December 20

LUVMYTWINS- how did you know you had severe OHSS--what were the signs and symptoms. Im on 150mg of clomid (crrently 3dpo) and im having cramping STILL.... possibly high BP a bit of nausea and that stomach cramping is right where my ovaries are--both sides across the bottom is still like someone kicked me-- not painfull just really sore. SHould i be concerned??? I want to ask my doc to do the Metaform/clomid combo.... but he always looks at me like im crazy for offering the "advice".... i like him alot as a gyno.ob BUT sometimes i think they need a kick in the pants Let me know, K. CONGRATS****** on the 3--holy cow woman, you are dearly in for it:-) envious though mostly. H&H 9mos


Teddyfinch - December 20

irish: yeah, i just don't know if i should move from 5-9 to 3-7. yesterday, i had the faintest amount of spotting but it's gone. i was so thrilled that maybe my period would start on its own, but nothing today. i feel like maybe i should give it until sunday. although just before i started this post, i felt like af was here a lot but when i ran to the bathroom, it was just cm. and it's so strange because it's stringy, but there can't be any way i'm ovulating right now. it's also not clear. ugh, i'm just going to start the progesterone on sunday. i'm tired of this waiting. stinky cd54.


sarah35 - December 21

IRISh** r u still marinating ?? LOL I bet if you are you smell fresh:-) just thinking of you.... <grin'n ear to ear>********************** baby dust to you CM queen*************************************************************


irishswetie2003 - December 21

Teddyfinch : I hear ya... You wanna stick to your ob's plan.... Sarah..... Actually, I'm surprisingly fresh.LOL You only get the fish smell if you let the air hit you and your donationand create bacteria. The instead cup in clean and sanitary. It doesn't allow air in or any thing out. It works great for me, but I've never had issues with fishy aromas ever.... So, maybe some people get that easier then others.... I got anouther dontation this mourning to top me off. Figured I should give one more for the road.. Feeling those real nice abdominal pains that I had last month.... So, we'll see.... This happened for like a day... After a couple days of more mild abdominal pain, but went away like "the next day". So, I'm guessing the egg is being released, or just been released... Well, time will tell if I caught it. I will be testing new years eve night or new years eve day....


sarah35 - December 21

IRISH, that reminded me of a question-how many days are you feeling the O cramps??? Mine must have lasted close to 5 days...just recently went away. How many days were you cramping??? What dosage where you on??? Im on 150 but im thinking i have over stimulation cause i really had a sore gut...like someone kicked me. good luck to you!!



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