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irishsweetie2003 - September 28

I just ordered Clomid (generic) online. I too have unusual periods and was told by the RE that I had immature eggs. My periods are funny, comming between 21-36 days apart, so she said clomid at 100mg would help increase my chances of developing healthy eggs. My insurance only covers the diagnosing and not the treatment of infertility. My RE gave me the best advise she could on what I would be taking to get PG, and told me that although she can't monitor me to watch the follicles, to test often for PG, and then if I have complications what so ever, to come in for testing. But because of my insurance, she couldn't do any thing else. The phamacy was rediculusly priced, and I found a place online that sold the same thing from the phamacy with out perscriptions. Most phamacies get their perscriptions over seas, and then they jack up their price for profit and to pay the taxes. The only reason why these drugs are not usually accepted unperscribed is because the government can't tax them..... Any how, my med will be here with in the next week or so.... I'll take them the second or thrid week of October. I'm looking to start a support group..... So those whole a religious and want to voice snotty remarks, have no buiness conversing with us. If you don't aprove, don't comment and go to a site that involves your lack of support. This is a support site for those who need it, and a place to get answers to our questions. If we wanted your opinions about what you think is wrong or right, we'd visit your hypacritical sites... I will bump out any one who has a non-productive negative thing to say to these ladies.... So, ladies, are you in on the support group? -100mg generic clomid -Mucinex 1 time in mourning -1 81mg asprin As perscribed by my DR


Jessicab3 - October 11

Hello everyone, newbie here too. I have been reading for hours on the u/p clomid topics. Last week I ordered clomid from Mexmeds.com and Sundrugstore.com I will let everyone know if they show up and if they look legit. I haven't decided what days to take it yet, but I am thinking 50 mg days 2-6. Any advice? I would love twins.


Jessicab3 - October 12

shebastacey, how did your 2nd cycle with clomid go? irishsweetie, who did you order your clomid through? Did it arrive yet? Any other u/p clomid users out there?


irishsweetie2003 - October 12

I got mine from qualitygeneric.com based out of Inda... I live in Sierra Vista AZ, so I a__sure you, I am lagit... Again, I haven't actually started taking the perscription yet, but will be if I don't get PG this cycle. I'm currently 9dpo and I usually get my period 12-14dpo... So, If I do, I will post an update on how the Clomid goes... If you are looking to produce more folicles, you take it bewtween 2-6 cd.. Just to produce a follicle of accurate maturity 3-7 or 4-8... All depends on what your OB says you need to do... On anouther site, I heard some one who got PG with quads, lost one during pregnacy and gave birth to tripplets... Highly unrecommended, but when taking clomid, absolutely possible. She took hers like I've been ordered to. days2-6... She wasn't under watch of an RE like I am... My RE wants me to produce more follicles that will mature earlier to allow me more eggs to have the opertunity to fertilize.... She doesn't think having a whole litter will be an issue due to my underdeveloped follicles now. I also use the ov watch that helps me to see the four fertile days prior to ovulation which are actually the days you get PG. LH strips and monitors only detect your surge 12-24 hours prior to ovulation... After ovulation, you only stand a 5% chance on that day for the 12 or so hours it's alive. I've done sooooo much research, and now I'm ready starting this comming up month... To start using my research to hopefully get pregnant.... Good luck to all...


morrisontina - October 14

wow that is cool small world just moved from Sierra Vista my self and I got on here today to research clomid a lil I have pcos and have had 2 miscarriages and want another baby would love twins


Jessicab3 - October 15

Thanks for all the info irish. I am about 7dpo today and will be starting clomid next cycle as well. Good luck to you and let me know how you do.


LuvHavinBabies - October 15

Hello. I am new here and seeking to have twins or triplets. I plan to try and concieve sometime next year. I am not to familiar with the abbreviations on this site so please bear with my questions. I am married and have two children (a boy and a girl, concieved naturally). I am very interested in clomid, however, I don't know how much to take. I read about everyone's struggle with unprescribed clomid and their success stories. I have very regular cycles and I don't have the money for IVF treatments or nor do I need them. Can anyone reccommend websites to buy clomid? Also, I have read about many women taking clomid 50mg on days 2-6. Is this during your cycle days or after? What is the Mucinex and St. Joseph's 81mg for? When should you take it? Thank you so much for your feedback (in advance) and baby dust to all!*~~~~*


LuvHavinBabies - October 15

I've been reading the side effects of the clomid takers and I am a bit worried. Have any of you had any of the symptoms?


Jessicab3 - October 16

Hi Luv...There's lots of great info on some of the clomid threads, you will have to take a look and do lots of research before making any decisions. Here is some of what I have learned. There is little to no scientific data on clomid use for ovulating women. I have heard some say it actually decreases your chances of getting pregnant because of the hostile CM (cervival mucus) side effect which could thicken or dry up preventing s____n from entering the uterus. That is why you hear mucinex or robitussin mentioned, many believe it helps thin out the CM. Others have had luck using pre-seed. It is believed that taking the clomid earlier cd (onset of menses) 1-5 or cd 2-6 will produce more follicles thus more eggs (but they may not mature) and later cd 3-7 or 5-9 to produce one mature egg. Thus it is reasoned if your body can already ovulate on your own and release a matured egg every month then if you take the clomid cd 1-5 or 2-6 you will produce more mature eggs. As for the aspirin, I have heard it benifits implantation by preventing blood clots at the implantation site which could prevent miscarraige and may a__sist with a thinner uterine lining another possible clomid side effect. I also recommend taking lots of folic acid. I read a study that showed 1000mcg of folic acid impoved multiple embryo implantation. I have also read that taking the clomid earlier may reduce side effect symptoms. Well that is some of what I have learned, but like I said do lots and lots of research before deciding anything.


LuvHavinBabies - October 16

I have been looking into this for qite sometime but some of these things are new to me, i.e. robitussin and mucinex. I will try to find more info on how to use them. Thank you so much for sharing your info with me. It's a tremedous help. I know that there are more of us out there who are just too confused or scared that they would be ridiculed for such thoughts. Also I have looked in to purchasing from QualityGenerics.com. Do you know much about there meds?


Jessicab3 - October 17

I don't know anything about qualitygeneric.com, I don't think irish has got her meds yet from them. There is always a risk when you buy online that they get stuck in customs or the company is a fraud and just steals your info. Try to find reviews on the company you order from. I have seen a lot of good reviews from mexmeds.com some said they took a long time, 3-5 weeks but some got thier meds in under 10 days. I ordered from them a week ago, haven't heard anything from them. I also ordered from sundrugstore.com, I got a ship notice about 6 days later and the clomid arrived only 4 days after that from India (I was suprised it arrived that fast) The meds look legit, they are sealed in foil packs with an exp. of 2010. Of course there is no info or directions that came with them. When I open them I will cross reference the tablets' appearance to databases online and make sure they match.


Georgia - October 17

so, did you conceive since I see no posts since Sept. 12???


LuvHavinBabies - October 17

Thank you for the info. I have done a bit of research and I believe that I will be purchasing from mexmeds4you.com. Let me know how things are going. Baby Dust x2 :)


Jessicab3 - October 19

I spent all morning cruising the net trying to find some scientific evidence that taking clomid earlier causes more follies. I can't find ANYTHING. Does anyone know where this theory came from? The only study I could find that compared clomid 1-5 to 5-9 actually showed more follicles in the 5-9 group although it did show a higher conception rate in the 1-5 group.


Jessicab3 - October 23

I've found a few more studies on start date comparisons but it still seems inconclusive to me. I think the theory that more follies are produced the earlier the start date came from a European study of which I found referenced several times but could not actually find the study. They apparently determined that cd 2-6 is optimal for an increased number of follicles.


Jessicab3 - October 23

I found two other studies on start date and follicle numbers. One which compared start dates of 2,3,4,5 & 7; they found a start date of 5 had the most follies. The other study compared a start date of 3 & 5; they found 3 had the highest number of follies.



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