Uterus Size With Twins

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CG - July 29

I went to doc at 13 weeks and he said my uterus was measuring almost 20 weeks. We know my due date is exact because of an early u/s. We thought we might have seen a possible second baby but doc brushed that idea off. Now, I'm just not sure because of me being so large already. I did somehow manage to gain 7 pounds in the first trimester but I don't know how because I was so nauseas. I have also noticed that I am extremely tired and cant manage to stay awake more than a couple of hours at a time. I also have been feeling movements since I was 10 and a half weeks. This is my sixth pregnancy and I "showed" earlier with the last two, but my uterus was never off from my due date before and the earliest I ever felt movement with my other babies was about 15 weeks. Any advice or stories anyone can share about twin pregnancies? Could I be pregnant with twins?


[email protected] - July 29

Hi CG, I'm in the same boat, please let me know what they tell you. I measured 27 and was 22wks, so I'm going tuesday to find out why? They know for sure I'm 22wks due to an early sonogram, I also measured myself at home "blind"and I came up with the same 27cm. Wish me luck....


CG - July 29

islandfun- I'm not sure when my doc will figure this out for me, but I am hoping I will have answers in the next two weeks or so. I am going to have my AFP triple screen done next week and that should give him some kind of idea if the levels are high. Let me know what happens with your u/s next week! Best wishes and good luck!!


Anne - July 29

Hey All- I found out at 9 weeks (via ultrasound) that I am having twins. But my doc figured I was because of the hyperemesis (severe morning sickness). I was hospitalized it was so bad. Plus all my lab tests showed doubled levels of everything. Only way to know for sure is ultrasound. You'd measure more than 5 weeks larger though. I'm 14 weeks and look about 6 months along.


Melissa - July 29

Hey girls, I tried asking the same question, but haven't really gotten a response. At both my 28 and 30 week check up, I measure 40 weeks. I am expecting boy/girl twins Oct. 3rd. How big can the uterus actually get to accomodate these babies?


CG - July 29

Anne- I am also now 14 weeks and look 6 months at least. I am actually measuring 7 to 8 weeks larger because I was actually 12w5d when my doc told me I was measuring about 20 weeks. I guess I will just have to wait and see but it's driving me insane! I just cant imagine how big I am going to get if I am already this big now. I am already uncomfortable which usually doesn't happen to me until my last couple of months. Then again this pregnancy is so totally different than my others. Thanks for responding!


to CG from islandfun28 - August 3

Well I went to my sonogram and they werent looking for another baby or anything, they measured my amnio and the baby again, wich I am now 24wks and baby mesured for 24wks, so thats good, but now I measure 30.5 I have to wait for answers until Mon aug8th, oh do I hate this wait, the lady said she couldn't tell me anything to talk to my dr. I was in shock bc the dr didnt even ask her to try and find fibroids, molar preg or a twin, just wanted a set of measurements. I wanted to tell the lady I had a whole other side of uterus on my left....which she only looked in my right side..anyways I'm devasted at the possibility that something is wrong with our baby and the wait is making it worse. Oh and by the way, my size is not due to weight gain, bc I've barely gained 10lbs, I gained 11lbs with my son and 13lbs with my daughter..both delivered at 36wks. Now I'm hoping my body wont go into labor when I measure 36.....


CG - August 3

Islandfun- I am sorry to hear that you still don't have any answers. I really hate this waiting game also. I did have my bloodwork done for the AFP triple screen today, so I am hoping this may give the doc some clue as to whats going on. If my levels are high, he will have to go down the list and rule everything out including a multiple pregnancy. Did you have this test done, and if you did, were your levels normal? I will have my results by the time I go back to the doc(also have appt on Monday the 8th). I will let you know how it goes, and let me know how your's goes as well. Good Luck!


[email protected] - August 4

TO CG: Thanks for your support I will let you know what I find out. My appt is in the afternoon (Central Time) I wish us both luck, I guess I should ask them to check my levels. If nothing comes out of that, I will end up paying for a detailed u/s on my own. I didn't want the triple screen bc no matter what I was having the baby and I didn't get it done with the other two, again I thought I only would have to deal with bad pre-term labor like before. I guess I can ask them to do it now so we can know better whats going on. I have read and heard about twins not showing up on u/s and some ppl didn't even gain that much weight with them, i wouldnt mind that but I would like to know if theres something we need to prepare for with this baby (medical related), since they dont have a NICU in this city, and they'll send the baby 1hr away. Stay in touch..and good luck to us all.


to CG from islandfun - August 8

Well went to my appt today. Still no answers, the baby is fine, my amio fluid level is good,but they see no reason for my uterus being 5cm over date. Now I will be getting it measured every 2wks at my dr appts. So I guess I'll be a regular from now till I have this baby. Oh by the way I'm 25wks, measuring 30.2 I don't know what to think anymore. Could it be twins??


CG to islandfun - August 9

I also went to the doc and he said my levels were normal but I am still measuring 7 weeks ahead of my due date. We are just a__suming for now that it's 1 baby since my AFP was normal. I have an u/s scheduled for the 26th of August. My doc is kind of confused as much as I am. This has been the weirdest pregnancy I've had(it is my sixth baby). Good luck and keep me posted!


to CG - September 7

HI I hope all is well. Well so far baby looks ok, still measuring big so I get checked every 2wks to make sure all is ok, I'm 29wks and I can feel I'm getting close to delivery day. Lots of sporadic contractions with pain...since I have high tolerance for pain I know it must be bad. We're trying to make it to 36......well keep me posted



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