Vaginal Pregnancy With Twins

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Dawn - April 18

I'm 20 wks pregnant with twin girls. Most everyone I have talked to that have twins(including my mother) has said they had a c-section. I was wondering how many women out there have actually had a va___al delivery.


jb - April 19

Hi Dawn, I talked to my Dr. about this at our last appointment. He said that it really depends on the position of baby A. If this baby is breach then you will have a c-sec. If it is face down then they will let you try v____al. Are you having fraternal or identical twins????


A - April 19

I am a fraternal twin and my mother had us with a normal delivery. My dad is also a twin and his mother had them naturally. My mother-in-law also had my twin sister-in-laws naturally. Everyone that I know of has had them v____ally with the exception of my cousin who had a C-section because the babies were entangled in the cord.


Jena - April 19

My doctor just told me the same thing that jb said: that if the first baby is positioned well and ready to come out head-first, then they will go ahead and proceed with a v____al birth. i guess you will be streched out (sorry, gross) enough after one baby comes out that if the second one is breech, it's less of a problem than if you are having just one baby. i too, hope to deliver my twins v____ally!


Dawn - April 19

I'm having fraternal. Ohhhh I hope they are positioned head down! I really don't want to have surgery. I've heard the recovery is aweful. My mother actually had to go back in the hospital a week and a half later because her stomach reopened! GROSS!!!!!


lisa - April 21

i also had fraternal twins and delivered then v____al. mine were not both head down...A was and B was not but they turned him after i delivered baby B. good luck!


jessie - April 24

my mom and my twin and i v____al. i was breach, but they turned me after my sister came out. it CAN be done...just find a doctor who will commit to making your v____al delivery a success.


Charlotte - May 16

I have twins who are now 13, but I had a v____al delivery. Twin B was born breach, but since Twin A was born the right way, it worked out fine.



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