Vanishing Twin

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beebee4mee - February 8

I would love to hear some input on this. I've read a couple of the older threads, but wondered if anyone has dealt with this lately. I have had multiple u/s since December for various reasons. Found out I was pg again 01/22/08 (3 previous m/c), high hcg but not abnormally so, and cramping more than just normal stretching. Had u/s on 01/28, at 5 wks gestational sac and 2mm bean, but can't tell more than that. Follow up with high risk dr on 01/31 at 5.3wks, another u/s, definitely gestational sac but not clearly defined (whatever that means). Follow up again in a week to see if I progressed or m/c again. Had another u/s yesterday, 02/07at 6.3 wks, now there are clearly visible two gestational sacs, but only one fetus with an irregular heartbeat. Dr. said it couldn't have been beating for long and we're hoping it will regulate itself. As for the other sac, it was just as big as the living one, but showed a little brighter around the edges than the other, and they didn't really look close but it didn't appear to have a baby in it. (Actually they pretty much ignored it, except for when I asked " WHAT'S THAT?) They think it is a Vanishing Twin. I go back in two weeks to see if living baby's h/b regulates itself, and if the other is really a vanishing twin. Who has been told this before, and then gone back and have the other twin be there? I'm not holding my breath, but twins were such a surprise and I would have been elated to have them both. I WANT them BOTH! :o(


sphinx - February 8

I conceived fraternal twins naturally. One of them had an identical twin, making triplets but one of the identicals "vanished." I, like you, had to ask what it was. I think they do this so you won't worry. I think in my case, they knew the 3rd baby would not develope further. Its sad because I still have the u/s picture of her. You can make out the head, brain, and body. It was too early for limbs. They said the chances of her developing were almost none. There was a split and it was likely a bad split. By the next scan she had vanished. I read that as many as 1 in 8 pregnancies start out as twins, meaning that vanishing twin syndrome is extremely common. If the baby does not progress then there is likely something wrong with it. Just try to focus on having a healthy pregnancy. If you conceived fraternal twins naturally then your chances of conceiving twins again are considerably higher so maybe next time you can have twins. I know its sad. My twins are now 15 months and I still think about the vanishing triplet but I can't dwell on it. I have to be a good mom to the twins. GL & congrats on your pregnancy. I hope it goes well.


beebee4mee - February 8

I m/c over Christmas, it was my third. I was waiting for my af, wanting to start some fert. meds, but my doctor was wanting to wait for a couple cycles first. In the mean time, I found out I was pg again. So this was completely natural, and I was and still am so excited. The thing is, I wanted so badly to just have one, and then there were two, and now one seems to be taken from me and the other even though it's early may have a problem. I guess I was hoping to hear some more stories about it being there later. Since there's two, I sooooo want them both! If it were one, I'd be completely satisfied with one. I've been through three miscarriages, I know the feeling of loss. I just am having a hard time letting this go, I'm still hoping I guess. At least until my next u/s in two weeks. Am I being hormonal and crazy to think that it could develop yet?


Jill.T. - February 8

I am going through the exact same thing. I was fertility drugs and am 6 weeks and just went for my first u/s at docs office. Found one sack with heartbeat, found 2 other sacks with no heartbeat. He seemed pretty certain that there was twins cause my levels are so high. I go back in three weeks to see. He blamed it on his u/s machine, he said it wasn't as good as the one at the hospital and it may be to early to see the heartbeat. I would love to have twins too, they are very common in our family


beebee4mee - February 11

Jill - Good luck!! I am seeing a high risk doctor, and their ultrasound machines are actually better than the hospitals, so I'm afraid that's not the problem in my case. We have twins on my father's side, but it hasn't happened for a couple generations. My grandmother is always teasing my cousins and I about who it was going to happen to. Guess it was me. I am still really hoping that the other twin will be there next week, but I don't think my chances are good. It couldn't possibly be so far behind the other one that you couldn't see anything in the sac, I don't think. So I think it just didn't develop properly. I keep telling myself that I won't be disappointed, but that's a lie, I already am. I wish I had never know about the twin, and could just be exstatic about the one. I am thrilled to be pregnant at all though, after having three previous misscariages. This feels just as bad, even if I do get to continue to carry the live twin.



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