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trippedup_dad - May 19

Has anybody heard of the Vanishing Twin Syndrome? I read about it in a twin pregnancy book. Essentially, this is where a woman is originally diagnosed as having twins only to find out later that one did not fully develop. The disappearing twin simply vanishes with no discomfort or realization. At 8 weeks my wife had an ultrasound there it was revealed that two eggs could be seen thus, meaning we were having twins. A was apparently a few days older than B. My wife is now approximately 11 weeks into her pregnancy. Yesterday we had a second ultrasound in order to hear the heartbeat. However, we only heard one heartbeat. The individual performing the ultrasound advised us that at this stage sometimes you can’t hear the heartbeat so we shouldn’t become alarmed. However, we keep hearing so many stories about people being originally diagnosed with twins only to find out the opposite later.


sarahbaby11 - May 19

vanishing twin is what they named when a women is carrying two babies and then one seem to disappear. it happens more often then you think. most often in cases where two babies are diagnosed early. they say after 8 weeks you can tell the number of babies you are carrying. i would ask for another ultrasound to be done. even if they can't hearbeart they should be able to see either one or teo babies.


MelissaSLP - May 20

I wouldn't get too freaked out yet. First, it is still early to be HEARING hb's. They are so small at that stage that they can right on top of each other too. Most OB's I believe will check with u/s to make sure they are both doing well. Mind did u/s in his office just to check their hb's b/c it's so hard to differentiate the two. Don't worry until you SEE something to tell you otherwise. Good luck and congrats on your twins!


trippedup_dad - May 22

Thank you.



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