Very High HCG Levels In Very Early Pregnancy

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Breaking_Heart - July 9

Hello, I was 6 weeks to date from my last period when I had an u/s that told me that I was only 5 weeks along and that I must have concieved later in my cycle that what is considered average. My HCG levels were at 5899 and then they went up to 12000 in only 2 days. I had my hcg level checked on wednesday and it was at 5899 and then on friday it was 12000 and I have been reading on the internet as a general guide that my levels are way higher than what is average for how far I am along. My breats are really sore I can't even touch them most of the time and I am so tired I fin dit hard to stay awake and I can't get rid of the feeling of "morning sickness". Does all this mean that I could be carrying more than one baby? I have twins in my family on my dads side that have always skipped a generation (meaning I will be the generation to have them) and my partner has them on both his mum and dad have lots of twins in their families.


Corona - July 9

The only real way to tell if you're having multiples is by u/s. High HCG levels don't mean a thing. Mine were low & I had twins. Mine were discovered at the 6week u/s & could be missed. HCG levels are supposed to at least double every 2 days, therefor having yours jump to 12000 in just 2 days is normal.


TripletMom - July 9

very high HCG levels in early pregnancy COULD be an indication of multiple pregnancy but isn't always indicative of one. High HCG levels could also be caused by a host of other things. That said, my HCG levels were 5500 at 5 weeks and then 2 days later they were at over 15,000 and then shot up to 117,000 in a week. My progesterone levels started off at 45 and tapered off at 68 and then we stopped checking because we knew it was a viable pregnancy


eyebeeablessing2u - July 13

Hi At 7 weeks my hcg level was 85576... at the time I had one u/s which showed 2 grains of rice but only one with a heartbeat.. the other looked more imbedded in the lining... i bled later on in the week after the us and lost the one twin.... so my numbers were high.... i was also 39 at the time and now one year later were are TTC#2....



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