Vitex And Other Natural Ways To Increase Chance Of Twins

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Jill - September 30

Hi ladies, I am hoping we can have nice discussions about natural ways to increae the chance of twins. I have done alot of research on vitex and it is all positive. Are there any other suggestions. I would love to learn about the baths and folic acid. Also does anyone know aything about reflexology???


Jill - September 30

I am responding to my own question, just to provide a very helpful link to anyone that is intersted in learning about vitex. This is a great site that had a lot of info about vitex, it does not talk about twins, but about all the positives of this herb. I hope you find it helpful . Also in my research I have learned that vitex is ofter given to nursing mothers to increase milk supply, I guess that means it is safe to use while nursing. Good lcuk to everyone!


To Jill - September 30

You and I are in the same boat...I am also interested in using other methods, aside from a prescribed drug (unless if it's absolutely medically necessary) to achieve goal of conceiving twins. In particular, I am interested in combining methods of natural ways to conceive twins as well as maybe a gender determination method to see if I could swing my luck for at least one baby with the gender I would hope for. I have done a small amount of research on folic acid, and it seems that at one point, researchers believed there to be a link between high folic acid consumption and multiple birthing. However, recent studies show that there is NOT a correlation. But either way, it helps us to have a healthy baby! I don't know about reflexology...that might be my next research topic. I could begin by consulting a family friend who's done accupuncture for over 20 years. If you don't mind Jill, would you mind sharing a little more about yourself -- age, any children, how long you've been TTC? THANKS!!!


Jill - September 30

Thanks for the reply. I am 28 years old and I have a 5 year old daughter and a 14 month old son. I have 3 sisters and no brothers so when we used so gender selection tricks to try and conceive a boy and it worked! I have not started ttc yet. We are waiting until November. I want to take the vitex for at least one cycle. I will also probably try for another boy this time. Have you heard about the natal lunar phase and epsom salt baths?? I am going to start researching those next. I am just trying to swing the odds in my favor. What about you? do you have any children are ypu ttc? Thanks.


twins n' girls - September 30

Hi Jill, Thanks for responding. I am 24 years old, have been married for 3 years. We've not been purposely trying to conceive, but haven't been trying to prevent it either. I tend to get very stressed by nature, plus my job (financial a___lyst) puts me into 60 hour work weeks. My doc thinks these all have effects on how I haven't yet conceived. However, everything seems to be healthy and normal. We have always wanted 2 girls, total, because on my husband's side, there are NO girls. All the cousins are males, his brother has a little boy...serious outruling of testosterone. :) Everyone's also hoping we'll have girls. I have hoped to conceive twin girls to help complete my family plan. My mom lives with me permanently and has agreed to provide full support in taking care of my children. Btw, what were some of the things you did that helped you conceive your little boy? I have visited the smart stork sight about how you can ATTEMPT to have twins by calculating your ovulation days somehow...course you have to pay to get more information. Have not heard anything about the epsom salt baths except from Kimi from another thread on this site. Well, stay in touch, and hopefully more people will have suggestions for us!!


Jill - September 30

Your family sounds like the exact opposite of mine...I did alot of research on how to get a boy. I found alot of differnent internet sites that contained free information. The basic theory is that male sprems thrive in an alkaline environment and female in an acidic. There are difernent things you can do to change your environment ( I did not do a diet, which I am sure you will read about, I did a douche with baking soda and water, I found the recipe on the internet). I will look for the sites I went on and let you know. There were about 10 of us who tried this at the school I used to work at and all but 1 of us got the s_x that we wanted, so I am a believer! Have you concidered the herbal supplement vitex, not only does it increase chance for twins, but fertility in general and it is great for pms....sounds like there is no negatives. From what I have read about vitex, it is slow working, so the longer you take it the better it will work. It is very inexpensive too. I got mine for $10. Good luck, if I find those sites I will post them for you!


A. - September 30

This is really interesting -- I'm 29 weeks pregnant with b/b twins. I was not trying to conceive when I got pregnant and I have no other children. I am 24 years old. However, I had been taking folic acid since 2002 because of some blood problems I had back then, and I have regularly taken epsom salt baths for years. Also, I was eating an organic diet with a lot of raw nuts and dried fruits(don't know if that had anything to do with it)...I was also taking cayenne pepper and bilberry extract(for heart and eye health, but who knows LOL) as well as omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. The only "drugs" I took in moderate amounts ever were ibuprofin for bad mentrual pain and an occasional cup of coffee(coffee is a natural uterine stimulant, and IMO should NOT be taken neither decaf nor reg during the first trimester). I was practising yoga and accupressure at least a couple of times per week. My paternal great great grandmother had 3 sets of twins, so I may have a genetic factor as well. HTH


to jill - September 30

Hey, thanks for info - anything you find would be appreciated! It is also very rea__suring to hear that of the 10 people that you know who've tried gender selection and 9 were successful! I have definitely been reading up on vitex and agree with you that I haven't read or heard of anything negative about this supplement...I certainly would feel comfortable approaching my doc with the idea of using vitex vs. any other unprescribed drug or what not. I have also read on other postings from other websites that vitex is suppose to have similar effects as that of clomid, obviously including higher chances of twinning, regulation of cycles, etc. The wild yams theory seems interesting, but I'm not sure if I'd take that idea any further. I think the theory behind that is that an African tribe with a high twinning rate seems to consume a large amount of wild yams (including the skin). Perhaps true, perhaps not. Well, I'll keep reasearching on the topic!! :)


Jill - September 30

I have found a site for you to look at. It describes the shettles method which is what we used There are other sites that will give you even more specifics, but this is a great place to start. To A. Congratualtions on your twins!!! I have seen a couple of differnt places where an organic diet was mentioned in connection with twins. I have recently switched to an all organic diet simply becuase I feel it is healthier lifestyle for my family. You sound like you lead a very healthy lifestyle, I am sure that probably contributes in some way. I try to also, my husband is a chiropractor, I wish there was a twin adjustment. Keep us posted on your progress. I am going to start epsom salt baths, there are detoxifying if nothing else it will improve general health! Thanks for sharing with us!


Hi Girls - September 30

There is a graet site that I like to visit for gender selection techniques:


macksmom03 - October 3

Hi ladies, just wondering if anyone knows how much folic acid it too much? I am currently taking 1200mcg. I have 400 in my multi and 800 seperate. I starting taking vitex 500 also. I am going to be 40 in a few weeks and have a 17yr old daughter and a 2 1/2yr old daughter. My husband and I would love to have twins as I am only going to do the pregnancy thing one more time. I have no problems with fertility so I don't need clomid but I figured something natural wouldn't hurt to increase my chances, plus with my age.....who knows. Good luck to everyone!


Leslie - October 3

Hello, I am also trying to boost my chances of naturally conceiving twins. What I have read so far about Vitex is that it stimulates the release of the Luetenizing Hormone and inhibits ( stops) the release of the Follicle Stimulating Hormone. To me this would mean that the chances would decrease with using this herb. It makes sense that I have also read that using drug Clomid ( which is a Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and Vitex should not be taken together because they cancel eachother out. Anyways, I have read of one person online that did take sitz baths and fell pregnant with twin girls. I am seriously considering Vitex but I wonder if I'm lessening my chances to become pregnant with twins because it does not release the FSH naturally. Anyways, I'm so confused. Could anyone tell me if I have this straight or not. Thanks for your input.


twins n' girls - October 4

Hey, in response to Leslie's posting, I decided to do more research on vitex and any links it may have to boosting the chances of twinning. Unfortunately, most sites online that say vitex may have a connection to twin births are by word of mouth on discussion boards like the one we are on now. Whether those ladies have obtained their facts from doctors or maybe success stories of a few fortunate women who happen to be on vitex and conceived twins, it hard to determine. But in terms of any information posted by medical professionals or supporting evidence that vitex does in indeed have similiar results as clomid, I have yet to find online. Of course, we need to keep in mind that the desire to have twins/multiples is something that has probably become more obvious in recent years. Like I say before, what we do know is that vitex is suppose to help with regulation of cycles and improving the reproductive environment to enhance the chances of conceiving. Surely there that's a +++ for those of us who may already be ovulating normally and need an extra boost to help conceive!


Jill - October 4

I have also been doing research on vitex. It is very complicated, but I have read that it does slighty reduce fsh increase slightly the progesterone, and in responce to that the body will detect that there is not enough estrogen and produce more. Clomid works by directly binding to the estrogen and therefore the estrogen never binds to the receptors which fools the body into thinking there is not enough estrogen and it makes more. I believe that is what happens It is so confusing, I have a BS in BIology and I dragged out my physiology books to research female reproductive system and then I researched vitex and clomid. But like it has been said, there are no negatives in taking vitex it is safe and provides many other wonderful benefits. I have also started taking evening primorse oil. This is good for reproductionin general. It makes very good condtions for the sperm and can help them live longer. It also is a very good supplement in general. The wild yam is my next research! I just read a post on the WANT TWINS thread from someone who took vitex and folic acid and is now pregnant with twins. Her story is very encouraging. Good Luck ladies!!


Leslie - October 4

A big thanks to everyone who has contributed the info! It has helped alot! :o)


Rachel - October 15

I have Three Girls And trying for a boy But i am thinking twin boys would be nice


Leslie - October 16

Hi Rachel...I am taking the natural route to boost chances of twins..and I would LOVE to have twin boys as we already have two girls.... Have you read up on the Shettles Method yet?? I have several friends who have used this method and got exactly what they wanted. My husband would like only one more pregnancy as we are a military family and will be moving around alot in the future. He would absolutely love twins. If we don't have twins next time around, I will see about talking him into one more boy providing the 3rd is a boy. What has made you want twins????? I currently take care of identical twin boys and they are soooooo cute. Just that they're boys are cute and being identical makes them even more cute! So I am hoping and praying for twin boys myself. We will be trying in about 6 it's a long ways away, but I have gathered so much useful information about trying for twins naturally. Thanks and goodluck Ladies! :o)



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