Vitex And Other Natural Ways To Increase Chance Of Twins

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Leslie - October 16

Hi Rachel...I am taking the natural route to boost chances of twins..and I would LOVE to have twin boys as we already have two girls.... Have you read up on the Shettles Method yet?? I have several friends who have used this method and got exactly what they wanted. My husband would like only one more pregnancy as we are a military family and will be moving around alot in the future. He would absolutely love twins. If we don't have twins next time around, I will see about talking him into one more boy providing the 3rd is a boy. What has made you want twins????? I currently take care of identical twin boys and they are soooooo cute. Just that they're boys are cute and being identical makes them even more cute! So I am hoping and praying for twin boys myself. We will be trying in about 6 it's a long ways away, but I have gathered so much useful information about trying for twins naturally. Thanks and goodluck Ladies! :o)


also - October 25

Wild yams are also supposed to be an aphrodisiac due to the estrogen so that can't hurt the process any!!! Good luck!


penny01 - June 30

Hi Jill, I also have been researching the twin there. Have you heard of SMARTSTORK. its a website I found to be very interesting for conceiving twins naturally and conception in general. interestingly its says that vitex is excellent for a single pregnancy as it balances hormones but not for twins as it does not increase hypovulation, which is needed to have two eggs released for potential twin fertilisation. There is also a reflexology section as well and diet management, douches, other supplements etc etc. there was so much info in this site. You have to pay (but well worth the small amount of money). Have a read, best website I have found yet. Goodluck. perhaps we will both end up with twins!!


prin12 - July 12

penny- would you be willing to share a little more detail for those of us whose husbands won't let us spend the money...heehee. I'd love twins, but haven't found anything helpful on smartstork yet.


monica_p - July 9

HI, I am a 26 ( almost 27) yr old mother of one (2yr old boy). I am wanting to get pregnant for the third time. I did get pregnant this last fall and miscarried in Nov. So, we would like to have a set of twins naturally. Twins does run on on both side of my family. But, mainly on my mother's. My mother's aunt had a set of twins, my uncle had a set of twins, and 2 of my cousins had twins. I have read briefly about some of the natural ways, like the sitz baths, yams, folic acid and about the vitez suppliment. Is there anything else that could help? I am on a semi-organic diet and I eat lots of veggies and fruits. Please, provide me with more helpful tips. Thanks.


Kelly07 - August 2

I have been looking forever to find out info about having twins I guess Im just not looking in the right places haha. I have one little girl and we want twins really bad preferrably boys. Twins run in his side of the family his gram is an identical twin and my sis got pregnant with twins but lost one so I guess it runs in my side also. I just wanted to thank you for all the info if it werent for all of you I wouldnt no what to look for so I can use all the info you have! thanks


Rochy - August 6

Hi Everyone, Your research is excellent! I am 30 years old & want to conceive twins badly but I was wondering I am currently taking the pill as I don't want to fall until after Christmas - will this affect anything I do preparing for it (vitex) also just to get really technical I would love twin boys as I already have a little princess but my dream is to have identical boys. I don't suppose anyone has heard a magic way for this to happen?


kimmie-anne - August 13

hi all im 5 weeks pregnant and really want twins mt dad is an identical twin and just wondering if ne1 knows wether taking vitex wile pregnant will increase my chances just a little?


samehere - August 13

Identical twins are not hereditary so your dad being an identical twin won't help your chances. Your chance is the same as everyone which is less than 1% for identicals and about 1-3% chance for fraternals.


kendra.marie - September 19

i want twins also. i dont care one boy one girl, both girls, both boys i want what do i need to do. please help thaks :\


kendra.marie - September 19

yes im almost nineteen & has no worries to me which means it should have none to you as well.


ErinCO - March 5

Just looked at SmartStork and I would NEVER use them. Check out this quote on their site: "Many people believe that the man is solely responsible for the s_x of a baby because his sperm carries either an X or a Y chromosome. This is a Myth, it is not true….yet so many people believe it. It is in fact…. the conditions within the womans' body, and many other factors that determine the s_x of your baby." A site that would try to perpetuate such wrong information would NEVER get my money. As it turns out, it IS the sperm that decides the gender. What they actually mean, and should accurately describe, is that the "conditions within the woman's body" help determine WHICH sperm reach the egg. The woman's body has no way of determining the s_x of the baby! This is just wrong information. It really angers me when sites perpetuate such bad information as fact!


HAPPY - March 31

oh gud luck xx


sterlinberlin05 - April 1

I've read a lot ab out vitex and most facts say it helps regulate hormones which in turn would make you ovulate regularly, but I've still been taking them! And I've heard a lot about soy isoflavones. Apparently if they are taken like clomid for a five day period it is suppose to work almost exactly like it. Also for ttc twins read up on licorice root, evening primerose, dairy and beef, red raspberry leaf tea, ummm there's some more but I can't think. I know there's a lot about wild yams but I'm pretty sure there's only one kind that will work for hyperovulation and it's grown in africa. good luck!


ellebelle - April 16

Just be very careful. I thought I'd be slick and tell my doctor all of the right answers to get my hands on Clomid. I wanted twins since I'm 40 and newly married. The clomid wreaked havoc on my body. I conceived but miscarried at 7 weeks. I was pretty normal until I started taking the clomid and now I don't think I'll ever have a normal cycle or have a pregnancy without being scared to death. Use caution when trying to get one over on mother nature. It may not work out like you want. Anything that unnaturally tweaks your hormones to stimulate multiple eggs or to determine s_x is a risk. Don't make the same mistake I did. Sometimes it's best to cross your fingers and just be happy with one healthy baby of either s_x.


RaspberryT - July 8

Jill, Thanks for the address to SuSunWeed's web page. There were A LOT of great information on herbs and natural remedies to help with one's fertility and to maintain a good healthy pregnancy. If anyone who is interested in going the natural way, go to the site and do some reseach of your own. You won't be disappointed.



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