Vitex And Other Natural Ways To Increase Chance Of Twins

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RaspberryT - July 8

Jill, Thanks for the address to SuSunWeed's web page. There were A LOT of great information on herbs and natural remedies to help with one's fertility and to maintain a good healthy pregnancy. If anyone who is interested in going the natural way, go to the site and do some reseach of your own. You won't be disappointed.


scelik - July 28

Hello anyone? I just saw this post today and was happy to know that there are others out there who is thinking like me. I am 35 and I have three children. My husband and I are going to try for our fourth child, but we are hoping for twins. Reading all the previous comments, i was wondering if vitex really helps and how much folic acid should be taken?


proudmommyandstepmommy - July 31

Hi, my name is Chelsea! I am 22 years old and I have been married for a little over a year. My husband and I have been together for a total of 4 and a half years. Together we have two daughters. They will be 3 and 1 next month. He also has a daughter from a previous relationship. She will be 6. We are not ttc right now but were not preventing it either. I would love to have a set of twins(preferably boys, but as long as they are healthy it doesn't really matter to me. Anyway I have been taking prenatal vitamens since april and started taking vitex at the end of june. I would like to hear success stories of using vitex. Thank you!


Aston Martin - August 23

Hello anyone. Name is Aston. I just saw this post and it was just what I needed. Currently, I have no children, had a myomectomy 3 months ago, and will (hopefully) pregnant by my 41st birthday this year. We have decieded that we are ready to have a child. In my family, twins has skipped a generation and family think that I maybe the one. I have a lot of work to do. From charting my cycles ( for the very first time) to hoping that we could have twin boys on the first try. So I need advice, friends, and support on this journey. From all the posts, I have great notes to start off with. Just need to time everything perfectly. Thank you for letting me share and spinkle babydust on everyone and a hopefully a BLIZZARD on me. LOL....thanks. Any advice is welcomed at anytime...


Aston Martin - August 23

What I meant was that twins has skipped a generation on my side of the family. My great-great grandma has 3 sets, skipped great-gma, grandmother has 1 set of identical twins, skipped my mom, and now my family thinks that it will be me. Im with the rest and want to try to concieve a child or twins naturally. thanks again...


leeann438 - September 23

Hello Lady's I am new to this site just found this site this morning. But I seen the post here and thought I would share what is going on with me, I am a Mother to 4 wonderful boys that I would not trade for anything but still desire a baby girl. After my #3 baby boy my periods just went wacky and weird but knew I still wanted more children I wanted a baby girl, so I went and seen a herd Doctor and he told me what I needed was Red clover I started taking the Red Clover and within 3 months I found out was was going to be welcoming another baby into the family long story short baby #4 was a boy a perfect baby boy. after him my periods just got worse and worse, I started to have my AF every two weeks the cramping was alsmost unbareable, the miagrains was ever worse my Doctor was not doing much of anything so I went back to seen the herb doctor he then suggest I start taking Wild yams or the vitrexs (because it had gotten so bad) at that time I did not know Wild yams would work against having a child at that time I was not trying to get pregnant I just wanted a releaf in my periods every 2 weeks was taking a toll on me, Well I took the wild yam for a month then stop it was helping but they wanted $25.00 a bottle I am a mother to 4 boys, so I went on and found the Vitrex for a much cheep price and started taking that Lady's I only took the Vitrex for 1 month I was taking 3 pills in the morning and 2 pills at night, Last week I started feeling so sick and the last straw was when my Mother kept saying I think she is pregnant and she is going to have twin hehe haha when in a Walmart I throw up all over there ale (so sorry walmart) But right then and there I bought a two pack HPt, I stop at a gas station went in and took the test, the test came back very very light so waiting till the next morning took another no I could not be pregnant I had only taken vitrex for a month But after takeing 4 HPT and all having a faint line yep I am pregnant, so I went to the Doctor they did there thing told me my due date was going to be May16 but what gets me now is when the Doctor felt my uterus she looked at me and said o my my your uterus is much bigger then being only 6weeks and 2 days I never thought about what she said in till the nurse came back in and said (we are firends) she was like haha Your uterus is big and your goign to a Ultra sound I ask her what that ment she was like one of 2 things, your farther along they what you thought or your having multiples Lady's I am still in shock I think, Twins would be amazing I know I have 4 kids already But I have a twin sister and honestly I can do it, But we shall see Oct 6th if there is more then one baby, I am praying god blesses me with twin girls, But I would suggest to anyone trying to have a child look in to the Vitrex I strongly beleive it help me in so many ways.... Good luck to everyone Have a great day..


Michellex2 - November 23

leeann438 - I saw your post was back in September, and I was wondering if you found out anything yet? I also took Vitex and I am waiting to see what happens this cycle.


donno - June 11

hi everyone so interested on this topic i too wanna have twin girls, already hav 2 boys


susanjones02 - July 10

I know this is a very old thread, but I wanted to share my experience with taking Vitex (and conceiving twins), as I think this is a very interesting topic and perhaps my story may be helpful to someone! 

I began taking Vitex around Spring of 2012 to help regulate my cycle. I took the tincture, made by Gaia Herbs. We began trying for baby #2 in the fall, and in December I learned I was pregnant. I went to my 8 week ultrasound in February and learned I was pregnant with twins. A total surprise as they do not run in my family (I later from my specialist that contrary to popular belief, twins only run on the mother's side. For example, if your mother and/or grandmother etc have a history of hyperovulation and/or have conceived twins as a result, you have an increased chance of hyperovulating - and conceiving twins - as well). 

I was really surprised and in disbelief and began researching what can increase your chance of conceiving twins, and came across an article that mentioned Vitex. I do not know for certain that the Vitex had anything to do with it, but I gave birth to two healthy baby boys the Summer of 2013. 

During my pregnancy, I learned from my specialist that anyone can naturally conceive twins, as any woman can ovulate multiple eggs, but she did say that is more common in older women, and I was only 23 at the time of conception. 

So I guess I will never know if the Vitex actually played a role in me conceiving twins, but it is interesting nonetheless, and maybe someday there will be actual studies done on this topic!

All the best to you mamas-to-be and those of you TTC! xxx



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