Waiting To Try With U P Clomid

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fallout - December 23

I'm just curious how many of you girls are waiting to try with unprescribed clomid. My husband and I have a seven month old, so for obvious reasons, we're waiting to try. Can't have them too close together or it would just be a complete zoo! Ideally, we're waiting until our youngest is 2, but a minimum of a year if the baby fever consumes me too badly by then! That, and I hope to have a bunch of money saved up by then... So, is anyone else waiting, but planning on using unprescribed clomid in hopes of twins?


kriswill727 - December 28

I am! I've been addicted to this forum since my youngest was a month old. Now I'm ready to give it a shot but he's only 8 months so we've decided to wait for another 4to 8 months! I have severe baby fever now and really dont want to wait.


brev - December 29

We are waiting for about 6 more months. Our daughter is 13 months and I have been addictied to this site for almost a yr. My DH and I are very excited to try and see if we can get preggo with more than one baby. It would be amazing too. This will be our last baby. Since we have 5 kids. Can't wait to try.


nalaa83 - December 29

I am also addicted to this forum as well and would like to try unprescribed clomid my son is 3 yrs but I am currently applying for school and don't want to be side tracked. We are waiting for once I finish nursing or atleast half way done to start trying. I am soo baby fever I hope we can wait as well. What doses will you guys start off with? I want to try the smallest possible but I want twin girls or b/g twins =D


pinuccia - December 30

Hi girls!! I am ready to try with u/p clomid this month. My period should start next Jan 8th and I'm planning to take 50mg clomid from d3 to d6 or 7. I'm super excited and worried at the same time...I am really hoping to concive twins...boy and girl would be perfect but I will be happy with whatever it will be. I would love to meet some cicle buddies and share with you my experiences... PS_really sorry for my English but I'm italian : )


Celo - December 30

Hi ladies, I was waiting to try also. AF started yesterday and I'm trying to decide whether i should start today (2-6) or tomorrow (3-7). I am doing last minute planning and I'll let you know exactly what I'm doing. Any suggestions? I need cycle buddies please!!!!! Million sticky dust to all!


pinuccia - December 30

Celo, why don't you try 2-7? I think that is what I'm going to do. Where did you get your clomid? I got it from aclepsa dot com and the pills are orange...hope it's not something else ;) Please keep us updated on your progress and , as we say in italy, "in pecker of the stork!"


Celo - December 31

Hey Pinuccia, I only have enough clomid to last 5 days... I ordered mine from 33drugs dot com. and they came 2weeks later (from india). Same color as yours. I took my first dose last night. No real side effects to report so far. Does anyone know when I should start the mucinex?


pinuccia - December 31

Ok...I'm relive your pills came from India and look exactly like mine. I got 60 of them...hopefully I don't have to use them all... ; ) So you decided to do 2-6...I believe that earlier in the cycle helps to produce more eggs...good luck Celo!!! I will be starting in 7-8 days from now...sooo excited!!!


MarieFleur - January 6

Hi there, I started to take clomid on monday eve (jan 4). I got my period on monday morning. So i am taking 100mg clomid from day 1 till 5. Will tell you how it will go for me. It is my first period after my miscarriage 47 days ago. Hope that i can spot my egg in 2-3 weeks. Good luck to all of you!


pinuccia - January 6

Good luck to you Marie!!! Celo how are you? How is it going? You should be done taking clomid by now... I'm still waiting my period to start (hope tomorrow or day after)...


Celo - January 7

Hi Pinuccia, I've been posting my progress under the January thread. I am done with clomid and now unto opks. I did not notice any s/e while taking clomid. Now, I am parched at times, I feel hot at night then cold again (hot flashes?). I've felt dull activity inside my lady area and bd was a bit painful... I omitted preseed since these are our bd trials (wanted to gauge how lubricate/non lubricated I was naturally. Def. Using preseed when time comes. Pinuccia join us on the Jan. thread. The ladies there are ubber cool!


wanttohavetwins - January 13

I took unprescribed clomid and am 7 weeks 6 days pregnant with twins. I just found out a week ago. I am hoping that they will both be there at my 12 week ultrasound. I am so nervous about vanishing twin syndrom. Good luck to you.


MarieFleur - January 18

Hi there, I had such a pain yesterday (cd13), and today it is almost gone... I guess i was ovulating, cause my opk was very +++ on saturday and sunday. Could it be more than 1 follicle or just 1 big one? Hope someone can give me an answer. I took u/p clomid day 1-5 100 mg on the 4th of january. I ovulate on my own. Congrats "wanttohavetwins"!!! Hope everything will go well.


happidaz - January 19

MarieFleur, there's no way to know whether there's one or more follicles without an ultrasound. since you are taking clomid u/p, i'm a__suming an ultrasound is out of the picture. that's the case for me too. and we will just have to wait and see. i think i will be ovulating on jan 21st, cd 14 for me. baby dust to you.


comeau4oklahoma - January 19

hello to all.. I am about to order my clomid today. I am going my cycle shout be here about 3 weeks, so i hope it gets here in time. I am a little confused about the mucinex and fish oil thing though.. you can email me at walk underscore by undescore faith 84 at yahoo dot com. _


comeau4oklahoma - January 19

sorry about the word jamble, i am also a mom of a 4 yr old girl, 3 yr old girl, 2 yr old boy and 7 month old baby girl.. LOOOVVVEE them..



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