Want Twins Does SO Know

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o7sugar - December 19

Ok, so this maybe a question that's a little off. I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who wants twins, and there husband may or may not know? Are you doing certain things that your husband may not be aware of to increase your chances? The reason I ask is: I would love to have twins. My husband says he only wants to children at most, (we already have a son), but if we were to have twins, he's ok with that. I want to start a diet rich in Ghana / Nigerian yams to increase the chances of me conceiving twins. Now the only part of this that makes me just a little nervous is that identical twins are in my family, one set on my dads side, and one set on my moms side. There is also a fraternal set on each side of my parents as well. So I could end up with 1 or more than 2. Just want to know if anyone else out there is "scheming". Thanks!


rockybluelady - December 25

Well...I can't say the idea hasn't crossed my mind (shhhh). Dh's mom is a fraternal twin and my great aunt on my mom's side had 2 sets of twins. Oh yeah, dh's mom also became pg with twins but lost them at 4 months. Our odds are heightened because of this, but at the same time there's only so much we can do. Have you tried clomid? I'll be starting that next cycle if I'm not pg now. Be prepared to get lectured at by some people. I'll just ignore them and quit reading what they post the instant I sense a lecture coming.


MammaMuma - December 26

DH knows I want twins, and hes fine with that. He said we can have babies 'til my uterus falls out if I want. I think he suspects I'll quit after four...


lisajanelle - December 26

i am definitely scheming! i actually had identical twins with my second pregnancy but sadly one of my little ones was stillborn. hubby doesn't want more kids at all, but to be hones he didn't want kids to begin with but is head over heals with the girls we have. so i know he would be find (in the end) with another (or hopefully 2!). i am thinking of ordering clomid but not sure which website to trust getting unprescribed clomid. i dont' want to end up with something either useless or potentially dangerous. any reputable webistes that people know of?! i would only take it for one cycle and figure if it works in one cycle it was meant to be, and if not, then not meant to be.


rockybluelady - December 27

I'm sorry to hear about your twin baby that didn't make it lisa. I'll be starting clomid next cycle to be safe at 50 mgs although I'm tempted beyond words to start at 100, but I'll stick to the 50. There are many sites online, so it's probably a toss-up considering which one is the most trustworthy. We shall see what happens. Dh knows that I'll be taking clomid and has no problem with having twins, but I'm hoping it happens!!


trajanw3 - December 27

My husbad only wants to have two children, and we already have a 6 year old boy, I would love to have twins. I just got pregnant with clomid, so I know there is a chance of me having twins. I have my first ultrasound in 3 days. I’m so excited, and hope that I will have twins. Wish me good luck.


rockybluelady - December 28

Congratulations tranjanw3 on your pregnancy!! Please keep us updated! How many mgs and what days were you taking clomid?


trajanw3 - December 28

I started taking 50 mg clomid in June and got pregnant after my second cycle with clomid. When I went for my first ultrasound at 7 weeks in September there was no fetal pole or heartbeat. I had a D&C done on September 28. I started taking clomid again with my November cycle and got pregnant right away. As of today I’m six weeks. I will go for my ultrasound on Tuesday and I’m starting to get scared and worried that something went wrong again and that there will be no fetal pole and heartbeat.


rockybluelady - December 30

I understand your concern trajan as I have had 3 mcs myself. With one of them I also had to have a d&c so I can certainly relate. I'll look forward to hearing about how your u/s went with your new pregnancy.


crystaljude29617 - April 6

Did you try clomid? Did you get pregnant with twins? I will be trying soon. I would love to talk to you more about this.


SoReady - April 6

Hi Ladies, It sounds like I am in a simlar boat as some of you. I have a 2yr son and I want another baby. When I got prego my husband said that if it were a girl we could have a second baby but if it were a boy that was the only baby that he wanted to have. Since then he has bounced back in forth between not wanting anymore and maybe wanting 1 more. Last night we got into an arguement about having another baby and he said he was done. So what do I do? I have already seen my OB and she is prescribing me clomid for my irregular cycles. I want twins so bad because I had 3 other siblings and I thought it was great! My husband is an only child so he doesnt know that bond that siblings have; therfore he doesnt know what our son will be missing if he is an only child. I am thinking about scheming! Here is what I am thinking: 1.) Twins run in my fathers side of the family. My grandmother was a twin and she had 2 sets of twins. 2.)I am thinking about taking 100mg of clomid on cd3-7. Do you think I have a shot at getting twins? My husband is a great father and he loves our son! I have no doubt that he would continue to be a great father if we had more children. I think that if I got prego without him knowing that we were tring, he would initially be shocked but he would come around shortly. I have never mentioned twins to my husband because I know for sure that if he knew that I was aiming for twins there is no way he would be willing to have another baby. I have started a thread under general pregnancy called "How to convince him to have another baby" if anyone would like to discuss this further with me. Sorry if I have been rambling. Please tell me what yall think and has anyone schemed or is scheming. I might need some tips!


Mzwest83 - April 8

Oh I should also add. I have 3 kids already. A 10, 9 and 1 year old girls. We had 3 mc trying to have my youngest little girl.Doctor gave my clomid at 50 to help. Second cycle worked and we have bella. I went to my doctor at the beggining of the year and got my rx. I started filling it right away. So i will take 100mg instead of 50mg. My hubby was a go but now is thinking it will be better to wait 9-10 years. I dont think so!! I have thought about refusing to BD unless he is trying to have a baby.


SoReady - April 9

What method are you refering to? I dont think that I have ever heard of it. If I refused to bd my husband would just take care of it himself. That wouldnt work for me. lol


Mzwest83 - April 9

My husband will prob try the same thing.I should not have said method its just what she did. She took 100mg days 3-7, and progesterone cream on day 14 on. I am also going to get preseed. Is anyone trying for a certain s_x? I want a boy since I have three girls but will be happy either way. I am close to my AF and am feeling kinda sick to my stomach and really gasy sorry if TMI. Would it be wrong of me if I was pregnant to be slightly disappointed that I have no chance of twins?


Mzwest83 - April 9

Oh sorry I am not using any type of birthcontrol but the pull out method. Does your husband want another child? Mine last night said he now wants to wait. I am really p__sed about it because we were picking out names and cribs 2 weeks ago!


SoReady - April 9

Mzwest - I dont think that it would be wrong of you to be disappointed. We cant help the way that we feel. I asked my OB about the progesterone cream and she said that there is no merit to it. I would try it if I were you because it cant hurt. I am really wanting a little girl because I already have a son. If you are going for a boy then it is best to use preseed and bd as close to O'ing as you can. Male sperm swim faster then female sperm so this should increase your chances. My husband and are have been using the pull out method since our son was born. He is on the fence about wanting another baby. Last night he was saying that he doesnt know if he could go through all the baby phases again and I just had a melt down. My emotions are all over the place now. I know my husband could handle another baby. He is a great father and he is wonderful with kids. I think that he is just doubting his self, and I am starting to wonder if I am gonna be able to sway him my way. So many people in our family has told me that I just need to have an "accident" but I dont know if I can do it. I dont mind "accidently" having twins but getting prego is gonna be the problem. Even when I get him drunk, he is smart enough to pull out. Do you have any suggestions?


Mzwest83 - April 9

My husband and I do the pull out method to. Hasnt failed yet! (eyes rolling) He even did it a few times when we were trying to have Bella saying he forgot. DH said he would be happy with a accident. I think he just doesnt want to plan anything. I was thinking about how to accidently get prego with the pull out method. ( I wish now we just used condoms) The only things I could think of was ( I hate even thinkg about it. it makes me feel bad) Being on top when he is ready and acting like I am in the moment and refuse to move.Or as bad as it is trying to find a way to collect some of his seeds ( Like on clean up cloth or where ever he does it) and go to the bath room and do a turkey baster kinda thing. I really dont want to do the last one though!!! Do you have any thoughts



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