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Krissy68 - September 4

Hey girls I just wanted to give a quick update. Not sure what is going on with this cycle. AF was suppose to show up yesterday and she didn't I took a hpt today with fmu and it was BFN around lunch time I went to the restroom and when I wipe it was very light pink slimy mucus not sure what to make of this so I went ahead and put on a tampon and pad and when I went not too long ago they both were clean. I will let you know. I did send in more money to the fertility doctor so now my balance is either $550.00 or $375.00. I hope you all have a nice holiday and I will talk to you all again on Tuesday. Krissy


laura_mae99 - September 11

just wanted to check in with ya'll... i just got my meds in... so i am really excited.. just weighting for my period to show up then we are starting up soon. I think mybe sunday... anyone else want to be buddies this month? I am doing 3-7 days on 100 mgs


divadivina2u - September 12

I will be doing the same laura, but in october ... good luck and baby dust!!!!


laura_mae99 - September 14

ok ya'll here we go... I should be starting any day know and getting ready to start clomid days 3-7 100mgs I am really hoping this works... know any thoughts on how many times we should TTC in the next couple of weeks after period goes away? I heard that colmid can make u "o" early... so i am just wondering... I told hubby he better get ready for some long nights... LOL but any advice would be great... we are trying for a boy... OH and girls.. yall are so going to laugh at us.. We alreayd picked out both a boys name and girls name... anyways, come keep me up to date on how yall are doing and fill me in.. just thinking about ya'll as well... Baby dust to alll


laura_mae99 - September 14

divadivina2u - we will be cycle buddies next month then if this month doesn't go good... baby dust...


Krissy68 - September 15

laura_mae99 - Good Luck to you and I am keeping everything cross for you. What cd are you on? I'm on cd12 and I got my bfp today on the opk so I am just playing it by ear. I think I had a m/c last month. I will talk to you soon. Krissy


laura_mae99 - September 15

Krissy68 - hey girl... good to here from ya. ok yet again i feel special cus i don't remmber what CD means... if i am right thats what day u are on... so i am on CD31 and should start my period any day know... so u think u m/c last month? oh my lord honey...


Krissy68 - September 16

laura_mae99 - How are you doing? You are way too funny and you got it that is what cd means. Yep I really do. I am okay just taking it one day at a time. I am on cd13 and I got another bfp on the opk so I will test one more day and see what it shows according to fertility friend I should ovulate between cd12-15. I will keep you posted. Have a nice evening. Krissy


have4want2more - September 17

Hi! Can I join....I'm Bobbie, I'm 34, and I'm a mom to two teenage daughters, and the new lucky stepmom to 2 boys. I'm really enjoying reading through all of your posts. I did clomid u/p 100 mg days 4-8 this month, I'm currently CD 13 and waiting to O. We're BD every other day, and I'd love to have twins. And DH doesn't know...he thinks we should wait a year or two...Good luck to you all, I'm so glad there is a nonjudgemental forum for us all.


laura_mae99 - September 17

ok ya'll u are going to laught... I am prego!!! the test i was taking where bad i think. went to the store today to get a EPT test.. and sure enough i am prego.. So i didn't even get to use my clomid... LOL


SoReady - September 18

laura - That is great! At least you didnt have to wait! Congrats!


Krissy68 - September 21

have4want2more - Welcome to the group. Good Luck to you this cycle and keep us posted. laura_mae99 - Girlfriend you are way too funny using outdated test and you stressing. Anyway Congratulation!!!! and I am very happy for you. Please rub your belly for me. SoReady - How are you doing? Here is a little update on me. Nothing I ovulated on cd14 and I am currently on cd18/4dpo and I should get AF on Oct 3 and I can test on Oct 4 and I will not test early I will wait it out. Also when my VIP on FF runs out I will not renew for a few months. I am not going to stress over if or when I am ovulating and what are my chances of conceiving. I did make another payment so my new balance will either be $450 or $275 I will keep you all updated on that. I hope you all have a very nice evening. Krissy


have4want2more - September 24

Hello...I hope you're all well today. I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about this cycle, (I'm 7 DPO) and wondered when the earliest I could test. I know FRER is the most sensitive, or at least that's what the research I've done seems to say. Just curious...thanks! Bobbie


Krissy68 - September 24

have4want2more - How are you you doing. I would try and test good luck to you. Krissy


dolphinluvr4 - September 25

any of you guys live in TX? i've been reading the forums & was wondering if anyone has gotten pregnant using Clomid & has pills left that i could have? I don't necessarily want twins am just having trouble conceiving & am not having a regular period


crystaljude29617 - September 28

I can not figure out how to post a question so I am hoping someone will read this and answer my question. I just finished taking 100 mg of clomid days 3-7. This was the first time I have taken it. I had no side affects at all. I ordered over the phone through medsmex.com I am just wondering if I didnt get the real stuff. Shouldnt I have some side affects? If someone will please answer me you can email me at crystaljude29617 at yahoo dot com I am so confused right now. I am now on day 8. Should I start trying right away. I dont want to miss my chance. I am only doing this to try for twins. How do I check cervical mucus. I am not sure what it should look like. I have been taking robutussin. I started that this morning. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks



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