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crystaljude29617 - September 28

I can not figure out how to post a question so I am hoping someone will read this and answer my question. I just finished taking 100 mg of clomid days 3-7. This was the first time I have taken it. I had no side affects at all. I ordered over the phone through medsmex.com I am just wondering if I didnt get the real stuff. Shouldnt I have some side affects? If someone will please answer me you can email me at crystaljude29617 at yahoo dot com I am so confused right now. I am now on day 8. Should I start trying right away. I dont want to miss my chance. I am only doing this to try for twins. How do I check cervical mucus. I am not sure what it should look like. I have been taking robutussin. I started that this morning. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


crystaljude29617 - September 28



SoReady - September 28

crystal - My suggestion for you is to check out fertilityfriend dot com This website will educate you on everything dealing with fertility (BBT, cm, checking you cervix, OPK's, HPT's, etc.). Clomid tends to make people ovulate later then they normally would. Don't worry about not having any s/e cause you probably just one of the lucky ones. I took 100mg cd3-7 also and I didnt have any s/e. And I know that mine is realy because it is prescribed. Most people buy OPK's to help determine when they are O'ing. I highly recommend them! When do you normally O? I would think that if you start OPK testing on cd10 you should be able to catch your surge. May on cd10 start bd'ing every other day to be safe and then when you get a + OPK start doing it everyday until you get a -OPK. Check out that website that I posted up top because they can answer a whole lot of questions for you! Good Luck!


Krissy68 - September 28

SoReady - How are you doing? Thinking about you. Krissy


SoReady - September 29

Krissy - I ended up getting 5 + OPK's in a row and I have mo idea what that means. I will ask my OB about it when I go in for a pregnancy test. I decided to over ride my FF chart based off when I got the trigger shot so that means I am 5dpo. My temps have been really high for the last 3 days so I must have O'ed. But it is strange . . . this morning I woke up with a slight pain in the area of my left ovary. I hope that I dont have a cyst. So when are you testing?


laura_mae99 - September 29

SoReady- hey girl.. i got a weeks worth of "o"testing postive when me and hubby where trying before i got prego... my doc said she thinks i "o"twice... I also had pain on each side when i did... but it was before.. then i had pain after cus i (( thought i was cramping.. )) sure in enough i wasn't.... my body was just moving around down there for the baby...is what my doc said... so I'll keep ya in my prays... (( baby dust honey... )) i'll be so excited for u if u are...


SoReady - September 29

laura - Hey how are you doing? How far along are you now and do you know if you are having twins? If I did O twice, then i doubt that the 2nd one got fertilized because dh went out of town. Who knows maybe it could have. I have 5 +OPK's and I only cramped 2 days (Thurs & Fri) If the 2nd O was on Fri then I have a chance because we bd'ed on Thurs. I am so excited. I dont think that I can wait until the 8th to test. I bet that I breakl down and test on Sunday. lol


laura_mae99 - September 29

SoReady- yea girl... i have not clue yet.. i don't think so... cus we did it right before hubby left... for va... but could be! I wasn't on anything as u remmber i was weighting on my meds to come in. but i should know around 14 weeks when they do the ultra sounds. My grandmother was a twin... so i do have a chance... I would test early girl.. but i did test early with this pregnancy and it said NO for me... it didn't come out postive tell after my period didn't so... if u remmber i was kind of freaking out that i didn't have it but i had all that cramping... but i am almost 7 weeks know. Due date is may 23rd 2010


Lois4Kent - October 12

SoReady- Hi! So you may be preg now?! That's great! Who cares if you test early? That means twice the excitement, because you know you still could be preg if you get a negative. When I first fell pregnant with Jack, I got a negative because I tested too early. Even though we only had unprotected s_x once and weren't trying for a bubs, I still didn't believe the neg result, I just felt pregnant. Pay close attention to how you feel, because you may be able to tell before a test.


SoReady - October 12

Lois - For the last week I have felt prego. Everything tasted different and I couldnt handle strong smells. My tummy felt hard as a rock. But a blood test confirmed that I am not. :( Today is cd2 and I will be starting 150mg tomorrow. This will be my last cycle to try until March. I am excited and stressed about this cycle all at the same time. it is so good to hear from you. So how have you been? How is the baby? Is life wonderful?


Krissy68 - October 19

Hey girls I am back I have miss you all. I am sorry I have been MIA for 3 weeks. I do have a surgery date of Nov 24 and my balance is $150.00. Talk to you all tomorrow. Krissy


laura_mae99 - December 11

hey ya'll just wanted to check in with ya'll and see how ya'll are doing? still prego here with only one bean.. but i never had a chance to use the meds i got... LOL mybe for the next baby... anyone else prego yet? fill me in just thinking about ya'll


chingolly - December 14

Ok, so I am new to this site. I am curious about clomid. I have 4 kids and would like 2 more. Hubby on the other hand is only good with 1 more. I was thinking about taking clomid. I asked my Dr about it and he said NO! My girlfriend has some leftover from her infertility issues and said I could take it. Is this something that I could take without letting my Dr. know about it or is that information that he should know. I don't want to do anything dangerous or too shady and in the Dr. Office get in "trouble!" So can anyone help me out here? Thanks so much!! :)


chingolly - December 14

I am sorry, I should have introduced myself a little more. I live in AZ. I am excited to be part of this forum, and feel as though I have new friends just from reading all 25 pages of posts! As I said,I have 4 children. Oldest is almost 8 and youngest is 2. I am not going to try to get preggos anytime REAL soon however, I do want to know all my options as this will probably be my last pregnancy... :( I have struggled a little in reading the posts as I don't understand all the abbreviations, but hopefully I will catch on soon. I wish you all the best on your bbay journeys and look foward to learning from you and becoming better aquainted. :)


laura_mae99 - December 14

chingolly - hi girl... welcome... this post haven't been to busy... I am prego right know but didn't have the chance to use my meds before we got prego. I plan on useing them when we go for number 4. Hubby only wants 4 but i would love twins. Anyways, there are diffrent dos. of meds... it starts with 25mgs, 50mgs and then 100mgs of clomid.. and u can go all the way up to 150mgs to 200mg i think. But u really shouldn't go that high if u ovulate normal and have no proublem getting prego. cus u can twist your overy and cus some major proublems. I don't have any problems getting prego... so my plan was to take clomid on days 3-7. when u start u need to know when your period starts... cus thats day one... of your cycle!!!. so day one of heavy bleed... or blood red is the first day of your cycle!!! so i was goign to take clomid from days 3-7... from what i read that is the best time to produce more eggs for most woman. another mom on here took one pill 50mgs i belive on day one just to see what happens.. and she did 3-7 with the rest.. I think it was 100mgs and she got prego with twins. But for me I was goign to do the day one like she did just to see what happens... and then 50 or 100 mgs. I wasn't sure just yet... I think the first round... witch is your first try with meds... i was goign to try the 50 mgs then up it if we didn't get prego. but i wasn't goign to take more then 100mgs a day as it can cause some major issues... anyways... i hope that helps... i am on the cafemom group for clomid chicks and they have alot of info on there about clomid. I ended up ordering my clomid off the internet...


wanttohavetwins - January 13

I appoligize in advance for this being so long and really appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment. I took 50 mg of clomid for 3 months and got pregnant. The first month I took 100 mg on days 3-7. That dried my cervical mucus up to much so the 2nd month I only took 50 mg. The third month I increased my water intake and also took evening primerose oil three times a day untill ovulation. I got pregnant the third month. I am not sure if it was becaues of the evening primerose oil or not but it is supposed to help with cervical mucus. The clomid was causing me to have very little cervical mucus. The clomid was unprescribed. I ordered it from mexmeds. The only reason for taking clomid was becaues I wanted twins. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound at 4 weeks 6 days becaues I was having really bad pain in my overys. The ultrasound tech did not say anything about twins at my first ultrasound. They showed me the one sac that the baby was in. I had three cyst on my overys so that is what was causing all of my pain. They schduled me to come back to look at the cyst two weeks from that ultrasound. At exactly 6 weeks 6 days I had my 2nd ultrasound and to my surprise they found two sacs!!! Both babys had a healthy heart beat of 127 and 133. They both mesured exactly 6 weeks 6 days. I have alot of concerns and I feel like the doctor or nurses are not giving me the answers that I need so if anyone can please help me I would greatly appreciate it. My biggest concern is they told me that I have a chance of vanishing twin syndrom. That is where one of the twins vanishes. They did not tell me any statistics. I have read about it online and I am getting conflicting information. I have read that it happens from 5% of the time to as high as 30% of the time. Does anyone have any experiance with this and know what my chances are of carrying both twins? I know after 12 weeks everything is alot safer. I am only 7 weeks 6days today. I have another doctors appointment tommorow. They do not want to do another ultrasound untill 12 weeks. I feel like I might loose my mind if I have to wait that long to see if both of my babys are ok. I will be extremly heartbroken and disappointed if I loose one of them. The other thing is I have been extremly dizzy. I never experianced that with my two single pregnacys and I am wondering if that is normal. The nurse that I called at the doctors office said it is normal but I dont know if I trust her opinion about that. I have been so dizzy that at times I cant get out of bed. Well I know this is long but I needed to tell someone and my husband does not want me telling anyone in the family just yet. If you are reading this and have experiance with twins please comment. Thanks



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