Wanting To Have Twins

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Clarissa Ann - August 2

Ok, I am 21 years old, I have a 3 year old son. My dad's mother had him, then a set of boy twins(not identical) then a set of triplets(not identical and one died at birth) My dad has a different dad then the twins. But they all have the same mother. I had a miscarriage when my son was a year old, they didnt do a D&C on me and i havent been able to get pregnant since.That was may of 2006. But i would like to increase my chances of having twins. Any help please?! Also one of my dads sisters had 2 kids, each single. Do i have any chances?


Niobe - October 10

I recently gave brth to twins and lost one my boy was born 6lb 15oz and the girl was born 4lb 7oz and she didnt make it (this was 7wks ago) the weird thing is that at my fisrt sono there were 3 sacs 2 babies since the lost I have been obessed with having twins my research has landed me here I would like to know how to take CLOMID UNPRESCRIBED and what else to take with it I have read you can take baby asprin or mucinex any one who has taking it can you plz give me detail info on how to take it what days and how long My fam history my grandmother had triplets that died in child hood my father has 3 or 4 sets of twin cant remeber he has too much kids to keep count.....lol I now have a 7year old boy and a 7 wk baby boy so yes a girl is wanted but heathy babies are better so if you can plz give me any info expiernce and success stories well be very welcomed to those who I know are going to judge shave it and dont waste your time and just go on and ignore my pain due to my loast it may sound selfish but this is my need if any one knows any way to conceive a girl is also welcomed but not very important TY and I will keep in touch ↓


Teddyfinch - October 10

niobe, i am so sorry for your loss. i can't even imagine how you feel. on to your question. you obviously want the easy way out to try and get to twins. why not concentrate on the little miracle you did have instead of pushing him aside to concentrate on having more? give yourself and your heart some time to heal and then start ttc without using meds that don't increase your multiple chances enough to outweigh the risks of it. and all of the questions you have asked are out there, so use google. i usually help women who are taking clomid u/p, but if you already tell people how to answer you, you can have fun finding out for yourself. and it's kind of hard to ignore you when you have posted the same post over and over and over again in multiple threads. there's a clomid post for goodness sake. oh yes, and you have no control over conceiving a girl. that's something that's done by the man. WHY DON'T SOME PEOPLE KNOW THESE SIMPLE FACTS OF CONCEIVING BABIES!!!???


Niobe - October 10

Teddyfinch I thank god every day that he give me my little boy so sorry if I'm borthering anyone with what some may think of begin selfish ..but have you ever had the feeling like you lost something or like your missing something the fact is that after giving birth there were some problems that I didnt want to go into details with ....but the doc said that it may make it hard for me to get pregnant again he was the one who first told me about clomid i was asking for UNPRESCRIBED clomid because he told me my insurance wouldnt cover it the reason why i want twins is also cause i may only be able to get pregnant 1 last time if i get twin then great if not then thats also ok but i always wanted to have 4 kids sorry if i came across as selfish its just that i got so happy and hopeful when i found this site and i wanted to be prepared for the future i plan on becoming prego again in 2 yrs .....so sorry agian to any one who thinks me selfish for wanting this


Jennbj - October 10

Teddyfinch, that came acrossed a little harsh. I've read replies from you before and this just doesn't sound like you. You are usually very polite and pleasant. I do agree that there is no way to determine boy/girl. But I do understand the pain that Niobe is going through having just recently lost my baby girl at 19 weeks pregnant. Niobe, I don't have any advice about the clomid but just wanted to say I'm sorry for what your going through. I do't think you are being selfish, I think that you are still dealing with grief of losing your little girl and the feeling of obsession is also a part of the grieving process. Clarissa, it's sound like based onyou family history you have a good chance of twins. Twins run rampant in my family too and I would love to have a set.


Teddyfinch - October 11

niobe: it didn't bother me at all. i just wish people would concentrate on the blessings they have. it always seems that a lot of women aren't happy with what they have and are unhappy for not having more. and yes, i have had that feeling. when i got pregnant, i got to be happy with it for 2 days. after my first ultrasound and seeing the sac and everything i bled and was told i had lost my baby. i had 2 eggs that cycle. for two weeks i was told i had miscarried until i insisted that i was still having the symptoms and was still getting positive pregnancy tests. so for two weeks i believed that i had lost the first baby i had ever been pregnant with after 7 years of trying. when i found out i was still pregnant, we figured out that i had lost the other one. it was more than likely twins. now, that is nothing compared to carrying a baby for a long time and then losing one at birth, i will admit that. i don't think i could imagine losing my baby now. it's just that what you wrote made you sound like you weren't happy and would only be if you could have more twins. i admit i over reacted, but to someone who had to wait to be prescribed the clomid it's a bit unfair to see someone taking matters into their own hands because when it doesn't work or if it hurts the person, they then want sympathy for the pain the medicine caused. but! you're not selfish for wanting another baby. not at all. i just get tired of seeing women say "oh i just want twins. i only want twins" because for those of us who have gone through hell just to have one, it's an eye-roller for us. also, i would check with your insurance about the clomid. a lot of insurance companies don't cover things from a reproductive endocrinologist, but they will from a gyno. makes sense, right? anyway, ask your insurance first because the doctor doesn't know these things. i'm sorry if i hurt your feelings or upset you. i wasn't trying to do so. and i'll send you some baby dust (maybe if i pa__s out enough, this porker will come early for me) and i hope you get what you wish for.


Teddyfinch - October 11

i forgot to say, niobe, if you do get it, feel free to ask me questions about it and i can tell you how i took it. it only took 3 cycles for me for it to work, but i can tell you the stuff my doc told me when she prescribed it for me.


itsMelissa81 - October 11

Hi everyone, my names is melissa i'm 27 and i been blessed with two beautiful girls ages5,and 6 months. I took clomid 50mg my last cycle days 3-7,and no luck. I read the ovalation calender wrong and had relations the wrong day ( talk about having a brain fart lol) Anyway I just started my 2nd cycle today (10-11-08) but instead of taking 50 mg i decided to increase my dosage to 150mg. I want twins so badly but i'll take whatever god decides to give me. Does anyone know if incresing my dosage will help me more in my quest to concieve my twins. also when do i take the musinex, baby asprin, and robotussin. would love to hear everyone thoughts.thanks


LindaS - October 11

WOWZA Itsmelissa! You sure jumped up in dosage/mgs, huh? Can you share what your reasons are for making such a drastic jump? I've only read that no matter what dosage you're on, you could possibly conceive multiples. In other words, 150mgs won't increase your risks of having multiples any more than 50mgs will. I finished my first round of u/p clomid, and I have O'd already. I think you should reconsider your move by gradually increasing your mg's instead of jumping to such a drastic amount as 150 for your second cycle on u/p clomid. I truly wish you all the best of luck, no matter what you decide! And, don't take offense to what I've written please, as my intentions are completely friendly in a helpful way. KUP!!


Niobe - October 12

I've been looking up some of the site to buy Clomid and it seems like their disappearing a few days ago i was on one named Mexmed4u I think and a few others now there gone does anyone know anymore and how reliable are they if they keep disappearing


Teddyfinch - October 13

*sigh* itsmelissa81: if you ovulate on your own, increasing the dosage does nothing but possibly cause cysts and decreases the amount of cervical mucus when you need it. for women who can ovulate on their own, clomid usually has the opposite effect of what it does for women who don't ovulate. now for your questions. for the mucinex, the suggested one to buy is the extended release tablets 600mg. look on the side of the box. the ONLY active ingredient should be guaifenisen. NO OTHER ACTIVE INGREDIENTS. that causes your mucus to become loose enough for the sperm to get to where they need to go. any other active ingredients will dry your mucus up and make conception even harder. take it starting the day after your last clomid pill and stop once you've ovulated. btw, clomid changes your ovulation date, so you'll need to keep track of that. ah yes and clomid, no matter the dosage, will only increase your chances by about 5%. the 10% theory isn't true. lindas: very true. increasing your dosage when it isn't needed to be increased will only increase your chances of hyper ovarian stimulation syndrome and cysts which can cause you to lose one or both of your ovaries. my suggestion is if you're ovulating with the 50mg, stay with it. it really isn't worth the risk. and because of my feelings towards u/p clomid users, i'm sure many don't listen, but i know someone who lost both her ovaries taking 25mg of clomid and she didn't even ovulate on her own.


LindaS - October 14

TeddyFinch, You are correct, and your information is valuable to each, if only they'll listen! I've read your posts and I know that you only have good intentions to offer each person that you reply to...even when you don't necessarily agree with their methods. I want you to know that I, for one, do appreciate your input. I am not intentionally trying to conceive multiples, however, I'll be happy with healthy and full term...no matter how many I get from using clomid. See, I have conceived twins and quads naturally, only I lost one of the twins by the 21 week u/s, and have one surviving child from that pregnancy...she's 6 years old. The quad pregnancy, along with many MANY others have been early losses. I have had a LPD for quite some time now, and have had irregular bleeding to the point of it lasting from 11 to 14 days now for longer than I care to think about(the problem is, only two or three days of this bleeding was actual AF, the rest is brown blood, mainly spotting for the majority of the days). I have been to my doc, and there is no explanation for any of the issues that my DH and I have faced so far. Clomid is my first step after natural remedies have not worked nor helped so far with sustaining our pregnancies. Oh, and my chances are increased as well since I am a fraternal twin myself, and my mother's grandfather is one of triplets.....all on mom's side here, and my own history increases my natural chances of conceving multiples...only my body has not carried multiples to term yet. I am well aware of the clomid s/e and I've researched and spoken with docs before deciding to take the clomid. I think by sharing my story, and by you sharing yours, it may help someone out there. We(DH and I) have been TTC and suffering losses for 18 months now. I am hoping that his is it and I'll never have to take clomid again to be honest! I'd love to be able to carry to term again. This is secondary infertility for me. Baby dust to all. I hope you are doing well TeddyFinch, and thank you for helping every one of us here!! You are a sweetheart with positive/friendly intentions :)


Teddyfinch - October 15

linda: i know exactly what you mean. all i was concerned with was healthy and then the number of babies would be a bonus. i just don't like seeing some women (i know not all do this) say they want multiples, they don't care what they have to do to get them. but i also don't want to see any ladies here get hurt. clomid can be bad stuff to some women. i try not to sound grouchy, but i'm 35 weeks with a little turkey that's 36 weeks big and i can't walk for long at all and i'm pretty much in pain all the time now, so unfortunately it carries onto that. i apologize for that but i hope you get what you wish for. i actually pray at night for the ladies that are ttc so here please take some of this baby dust and i hope you get your positive really soon! =)


itsMelissa81 - October 15

Thanks for input guys. I did in fact take 150mg. I checked with my doctor and he did say it was ok, and did also warn me of the risk. I'm hoping everything goes the way i would like it too. best of luck to everyone



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